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Miele Quickstep Vacuum Cleaner Onboard tools of the Miele Quickstep Vacuum Manual speed control of the Miele Quickstep Vacuum Cleaner Bag replacement is easy with the Miele Quickstep Stick Vacuum

Miele Quickstep Swing H1 Upright Vacuum

Our Price: $199.00

MSRP: $245.00 You Save: $46.00


Miele Quickstep Upright Vacuum:

The design of the Miele Swing H1 Quickstep upright vacuum cleaner is compact and lightweight, which is exactly how an upright vacuum cleaner should be designed. Swing H1 only weighs 9 pounds making it the lightest Miele vacuum. Moreover, it is very durable for it features an ABS plastic casing and eye-catching with its mango red color.

Most stick vacuums are very fragile and cannot withstand any impact. However, this ABS casing protects the vacuum for years.

Item Number: 41AAO033USA

Miele Swing H1 Quickstep

Our Price: $199.00

Add Additional Power Nozzle?

Yes please, also add
Miele Type K/K Dustbags

"Must Have" items to properly maintain your Miele Vacuum

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  • Must Have!
    Miele Swing H1 Quickstep Maintenance Box
    Price: $90.85
  • Extra Bags
    Miele K style vacuum bags for Swing H1 Quickstep
  • Allergy Filter
    Allergy S-Class HEPA Filter
    Price: $49.95
  • Odor Control
    Miele air clean filter for Miele Swing H1 Quickstep
    Price: $10.45
  • Deodorizer
    Canister Vacuum Deodorizer
    Price: $9.49

Mango Red Miele Swing H1 Quickstep

Miele Swing H1 Stick Vacuum

Also known as the Universal Upright vacuum cleaner, the Miele Swing H1 Quickstep Upright vacuum is the vacuum everyone dreams to have when they need to clean small areas. This appliance cleans small spaces impeccably and in the shortest time for it is both powerful and can be configured in numerous ways for its performance to be enhanced. It can clean an apartment on its own or second a larger vacuum, but its performance will be equally flawless in both situations.

Miele Swing H1 Stick controls

The favorite surfaces of the Miele Swing H1 Quickstep Upright vacuum are low pile carpets and bare floors and this is due to the high-power two-speed motor it features which produces an impressive airflow. The switch from one type of surface to another can be made very easily via a lever which engages the SBD 470-3 combination tool. High pile carpets can also be tackled with a powerbrush. The vacuum cleaner can be held in one hand while cleaning above floor level if the telescopic handle it features is removed. The telescopic wand can be regulated for additional comfort, which is another big plus of this product. A crevice tool and an upholstery one can be fitted for detail cleaning, the two tools being held by a vario clip caddy mounted on the telescopic wand. The cord is 28 feet long, so the cleaning radius of the appliance is large enough to ease any cleaning job.

The design of the Miele Swing H1 upright vacuum cleaner does not disappoint in any way. It is compact and lightweight, which is exactly how an upright vacuum cleaner should be designed. It weighs 9 pounds and therefore it is the lightest of all the stick vacuums manufactured by Miele. Moreover, it is very durable for it features an ABS plastic casing and eye-catching with its mango red color. Most stick vacuums are very fragile and cannot withstand any impact. However, this ABS casing protects the vacuum for years.

The Miele Swing H1 Quickstep Upright vacuum may be small, but its filtration performance is great. The Air Clean filter it features does a very good job and if that is not enough, a HEPA filter can be added for the efficiency rate to rise to 99.99%. This is actually the efficiency rate Miele has accustomed their customers to. The dust bag on the Quickstep upright vacuum has a maximum storage capacity of 2.6 quarts, which is not at all bad for an upright model.

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More benefits for the Miele H1 Swing Quickstep

Last but not least, the compactness, durability, power and convenience of the Quickstep vacuum are available for a very attractive price. Miele’s big achievement from this point of view is that they did not have to make any compromises to set a low price for this product. The only thing they did was to offer the HEPA filter as an optional accessory.

All in all, the Miele Swing H1 Quickstep Upright vacuum is an investment worth making because it offers high performance in a small package regardless of the surface it cleans. Eye-catching and cost effective, it has all the features an upright vacuum needs to reach the heart of consumers.

Versatile Performance Without Compromise

Immer Besser Miele Badge

From ceramic tiles to flagstone, cork to bamboo, Miele’s Universal Upright vacuum cleaner is ideal for light, quick cleaning tasks on a wide range of smooth floor surfaces, as well as low- to medium-pile carpeting. Unlike many stick vacuum cleaners, the Universal Upright provides ample pickup power, capturing fine particulates and debris easily and efficiently.

Whether you opt for the Air Clean or certified HEPA Filter, this convenient upright makes for an excellent companion cleaner to your full-size vacuum. Its modular design lets you configure it several different ways, and its compact, lightweight body allows for easy storage in any closet or on boats, RV s or anywhere else you’ll need a handy vacuum.

Multiple Configurations - Endless Cleaning Applications

With a simple press of a clip, Miele’s Universal Upright can be transformed into several convenient configurations. By positioning the canister high on the suction tube, it’s easy to reach under beds, coffee tables and other low furniture. By removing the tube completely, it becomes a handheld that’s ideal for cleaning stair crevices, upholstery and sofa cushions. No matter how it’s configured, this versatile upright remains exceptionally lightweight, so you can transport it easily between your home and your car, camper or boat.

Miele Quickstep Vacuum Specs

Max/min speed control Yes
Powerful 1000-watt Miele-Made Vortex Motor™ Yes
2.6 Quart IntensiveClean Plus™ FilterBag™ Yes
Air Clean Filter Standard
Active Air Clean Filter Optional
Active HEPA Filter Optional
Height-adjustable, telescopic wand Yes
FiberTeQ Combination Floor Tool SBD 470-3 Yes
Upholstery and crevice tool with onboard caddy Yes
Socket for Electric Powerbrush connection Yes
Quick cable release Yes
Anti-slip stopper Yes
Modular design Yes
Miele Swing H1 Quickstep Mango Red


What The Warranty Covers And For What Period The Coverage Extends

Miele, Inc. (hereinafter "Miele") warrants to the original purchaser of this product, living in the United States of America, who purchased their vacuum from a Miele authorized distributor or dealer:

  1. a. That this product, including all of its Miele authorized parts is free of defects in material and workmanship.
  2. That this product, if found to be defective within the stated warranty period, will be repaired free of charge to the consumer (both parts and labor) by an authorized Miele service agent.
  3. The warranty period for vacuum cleaners and accessories, excluding vacuum cleaner motors, and vacuum cleaner casings (body), is one (1) year from the date of purchase.
  4. For vacuum cleaner casings (body), the warranty period will be as follows:
    - The structural integrity of the vacuum cleaner casing (body) will be covered for seven (7) years from the date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship on the S2xxx, S4xxx, S5xxxx, S6xxx, S7xxx, S8xxx and S160 product series.
  5. For vacuum cleaner motors, the warranty period will be as follows:
    - Vacuum motors will be covered for seven (7) years from the date of purchase on the S2xxx, S4xxx, S5xxx, S6xxx, S7xxx, S8xxx and S160 product series.

Vacuum cleaners used for commercial purposes, except for their motors, will be warranted for a period of six (6) months from the date of purchase. The motors of commercially used upright vacuums will be warranted for one (1) year and the motors of all other commercially used vacuum cleaners will be warranted for two (2) years. Thereafter this Limited Warranty shall be null and void.

This warranty only applies while the product remains within the United States, and shall be null and void in any other US territories, possessions, or foreign countries.

What is not covered by this Warranty

This warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by or resulting from re - pairs, service or alterations to the product or any of its parts or accessories which have been performed by service centers or repairmen not authorized by Miele, or damage or defects caused by negligence, accident, abuse, misuse, improper or abnormal usage or maintenance of the product, its parts or accessories. Ordinary wear and tear or cosmetic damage (scuffs, scratches, gauges, dents, etc.) shall not be considered a defect in materials or workmanship.

Exclusion of Other Warranties

Except for the limited warranty provided herein, Miele disclaims any and all other express warranties with respect to the product. Any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose is limited in its duration to the term of the limited warranty provided herein.

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.

Limitation of Liability for Special, Incidental or Consequential Damages

Miele will assume no liability, or other obligation with respect to any personal injury or property damage resulting from the use of a vacuum cleaner, or its accesso - ries, replacement parts, etc., which has not been purchased from, or serviced by an Authorized Miele Dealer. Any purchaser who obtains a vacuum cleaner, acces - sories, replacement parts, etc., from someone other than an Authorized Miele dea- ler proceeds at their own risk.

Miele specifically disclaims any and all liability, whether directly or by way of in- demnity, for special incidental, consequential or other damages, whether based on breach of contract, tort, strict or product liability, or any other legal theory.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you.

Special State Laws

This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may have other rights, which vary, from state to state.


For service under this Limited Warranty, or for information you may need about the product, please contact Miele at the US address listed on the back of this booklet, or visit us at MieleUSA.com.

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