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Wondering how to replace a central vacuum motor? Don't worry... we've made selecting the right motor for your central vacuum system easy! Either select from the list of manufacturers below or locate your Central Vacuum Motors by motor number here. If you are still having troubles locating the right central vacuum motor for your system, give us a call today at 1.800.322.2965!

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Central Vacuum Motor

Think of your central vacuum cleaner as a human body. Now think of the role of the heart in the human body and its many ramifications within the body. The motor plays the same role within a vacuum cleaner. Central vacuum motors have their own ramifications or rather components. These include the field coils, the bearings, the armature, the fan blades which create the airflow and so on. Now, to continue with the analogy, think of the replacement of a central vacuum motor as a heart transplant because both these operations are only successful in certain conditions.

Can you repair a central vacuum motor?

Not all central vacuum motors can be replaced or repaired. Once they die, some of them remain dead. These are the so-called throw-away vacuum motors. Others, on the other hand, can be brought back to life and, of course, they are preferable. The match is mainly determined by the model number of the central vacuum cleaner and the lamb number, but in fact, it depends on the size of the motor, its voltage and other such technical details. Naturally, there is no point in keeping a central vacuum cleaner once it has exceeded its life expectancy, so a full replacement is recommended in such situations.

Learn about sizes of central vacuum motors.

Almost all central vacuum cleaners in North America use Lamb Ametek motors, so it is almost as if vacuum manufacturers had a favorite toy in terms of motors. This motor manufacturer has been leading the market for over fifty years now. In fact, there are four main toys vacuum manufacturers get to play with. Number one is the bypass motor, which does not transport the air pulled in through the electrical part, but through the fan blades. The three-stage 5.2-inch models create an impressive suction power, but they also have a cooling fan in the upper part for protection purposes. A larger toy is the 7.2-inch motor, which is one of the best models in the world. This motor can be used with filtered units, being designed to fight small dust particles, and it is also very durable. The peripheral motor is smaller, but just as efficient. It is called a peripheral motor because the air is exhausted around the sides and it is used by the less expensive vacuum models. Last but not least, there are through-flow motors, whose airflow is really impressive, but which overheat very quickly because the cooling of the motor is ensured by the air pulled in by the vacuum cleaner.

In conclusion, learning about central vacuum motors.

The last few years have brought a massive wave of motors made in different parts of the world. Many manufacturers sell central vacuum motors made in China, for instance. The downside here is that there are no track records with these motors, so this approach does not promise to deliver long-lasting results. This context makes the Lamb Ametek motors really safe to play with, so to speak. Safety is extremely important when it comes to central vacuum motors, no matter who manufactures them, because every central vacuum cleaner needs a good and long-lasting heart to work its wonders. So choose carefully and play safe!


We can help you find a new central vacuum motor, determine if you need to replace the motor or the entire central vacuum system.  Contact our technical support team 1800.322.2965

Do you have a broken or bad central vacuum motor?  If so you have come to the right place to replace your central vacuum motor.

* Rule #1, Remember to keep your old motor gasket when ordering a new replacement motor for your central vacuum!
These brand new genuine Ametek Lamb motors are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer and will be coded and dated.

* In most cases, motors will arrive in 3-5 business days. In the rare event that your central vacuum motor needs to be
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Replacement Carbon Brushes

Common Replacement Carbon Brushes
For Ametek Lamb Central Vacuum Motors

Replacement Carbon Brushes
Carbon Brush for 116765
Carbon Brushes
Model 116765-00
Set of 2 - 33423-1
Price $19.95
Carbon Brush for 117502
Carbon Brushes
Model 117502-12
Set of 2 - 33450-2
Price $19.95
Carbon Brush for 117500
Carbon Brushes
Model 117500-12-12
Set of 2 - 33450-3
Price $19.95
Carbon Brush for 117549
Carbon Brushes
Model 117549-12
Set of 2 - 33450-2
Price $19.95
Carbon Brush for 115334

Carbon Brushes
Model 115334-00
Set of 2 - 33415-4
Price $19.95

Carbon Brush for 117512
Carbon Brushes
Model 117512-12
Set of 2
Price $19.95
Carbon Brush for 116336

Carbon Brushes
Model 116336-01
Set of 2 - 33326-1
Price $19.95

Carbon Brush 117123

Carbon Brushes
Model 117123-00
Set of 2 - 33423-12
Price $19.95


Central Vacuum Motors are the heart of your central vacuum system. A motor consist of many parts such as, an armature, field coils, fan blades, bearings, etc. Central vacuum motors create suction power through the motion of fan blades. These blades turn which draws in air flow to create suction. When the machine is connected to PVC pipes throughout the home it will cause the suction to pick up dirt and debris and carry it back to the central vacuum canister for disposal. When buying a replacement central vacuum motors there are a few things to keep in mind. If you need to find out by a professional person more about central vacuum motors, relays, and parts, please don't hesitate to call us! 1-800-322-2965


These are brand new Ametek Lamb motors and are for sale as replacement motors for your central vacuum. Certain central vacuum motors are designed to be replaced or serviced, others are meant to be discarded, disposable or otherwise known as throw-a-way motors. When shopping for a replacement motor you'll need to locate the model number of your vacuum unit as well as the lamb number. Depending on the age of your machine you may want to consider replacing the entire central vacuum instead of doing repair work. Motors vary in size, stages, and voltage so make sure to have accurate information when purchasing a new central vacuum motor! Please refer to the "Top 10 Reasons to Replace Your Unit Instead of Your motor."


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