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Central Vacuum Motors for Dustcare
Genuine Ametek-Lamb Replacement Central Vacuum Motors

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**Important Notice**

Find a motor or carbon brushes for your Dustcare central vacuum.  Locate the central vacuum motor number
listed in the chart below to find a replacement motor for
Dustcare vacuums.  Contact us at 1.800.322.2965
if you have any questions or need help selecting a new motor for your
Dustcare central vacuum.


* Rule #1, Remember to keep your old motor gasket when ordering a new replacement motor for your central vacuum!
These brand new genuine Ametek Lamb motors are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer and will be coded and dated.

* In most cases, motors will arrive in 3-5 business days. In the rare event that your central vacuum motor needs to be
special-ordered, it may take longer. If so, we will call you with an estimated arrival time.
These items are non-returnable and are not covered under our 30 day return policy.

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Genuine Ametek Lamb Motors
& Carbon Brushes
*When purchasing a new motor, we highly recommend buying a spare set of carbon brushes too.
*We recommend changing your motor carbon brush every 2-3 years.

Complete Motor Motor Carbon Brushes Only Hayden motor relay board
Model Motor Number


Motor Carbon
Brushes Only
Motor Relay
Board Only
Dustcare 2000
Dustcare 2000C
Dustcare 3000
Dustcare 3000C
Lamb #116336-01  

$19.95 (Set of 2)
Dustcare 3000
Dustcare 3000C
Motor #17-8513-02  

Dustcare 4000 Lamb #116354 Ametek Motor Model: 116354

$19.95 (Set of 2)
Dustcare DCC1 Lamb #116119 Ametek Motor Model: 116119

$19.95 (Set of 2)

Please Call Us

Dustcare DCC3
Dustcare DCC4
Lamb #117500-12 Ametek Motor Model: 117500

$19.95 (Set of 2)
Dustcare DCC5 Lamb #117507 Ametek Motor Model: 117507

$19.95 (Set of 2)

Please Call Us

Dustcare DCC6
"New Style - Plastic"
Lamb #119992  

$19.95 (Set of 2)
Dustcare DCC6
"Old Style - Metal"
Lamb #116765
Three fan stages. Ball/Ball Bearing. 1500W

$19.95 (Set of 2)
If you can't find the model number you're looking for, click here to view all available motors.

Call us any time!

Replacement Motor Gaskets

These gaskets fit any make or model motor.
Compression Type
Non-Compression Type
Foam/Sponge Compression Type Gasket Rubber Non-compression Type Gasket
Click for larger images.
Foam, spongy material Hard rubber material
4.5in. Diameter Outside
3.25in. Diameter Inside
3/8in. Height
3.5in. Diameter Outside
2.5in. Diameter Inside
.25in. Height
Sale Price: $9.95
Sale Price $8.95

This gasket is only for 5.7in Diameter Motors

Full Fan Motor Gasket

Full Fan Motor Gasket Full Fan Motor Gasket

Click to enlarge images.

- 5.7in Diameter Outside
- 2.25in Diameter Inside
- 1.5in Height
- Durable Rubber Material

Sale Price $21.95
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