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Whisper-Drive III by Centec

VacuBumperPower Nozzle Only
List Price $299.95
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Include VacuBumper


Don't forget to order spare belts!
Pack of 2 Spare Belts

2016 Award Winning Design
With a series of lights the dirt sensor lets you know
when the area is clean. Red means dirt is still passing though the wand, green means the area is clean of dirt.

The QuietDrive

LED lights let you know if the area's still dirty or not

Whisper Drive III

 Wide Brushroller

With a brushroll that is wider than the wheel base, the Whisper-Drive III makes getting up against baseboards and walls easier than with models whose wheels track directly behind.

New and Improved for 2008!

Old gear system New "V" Technology Gear System
4 level height adjustment matches the brush to the surface

Four level height adjustment matches the brush to the surface being cleaned  for best results.

Oversized wheels glide over transition areas

The large, non-marking oversized wheels
on the CT-16DX glide over transition areas were carpet
and hard floors meet.

Easy to use quick-release wand

Easy Quick Release
Quick wand release permits
 the user to release the wand from the brush for hard floor
use or edge cleaning
on baseboards.



More Things To Know...

No, You're Not Dreaming
Cen-Tec's new line of Whisper-Drive III electric brushes are the quietest brushes on the market. That's not an accident. Years of testing and research went into the design of a "belt system" that makes Whisper-Drive III electric brushes significantly quieter.

The Secret To Quieter Brushes
What makes Whisper-Drive III belts less noisy that traditional "geared belt" systems is the superior "V" shape of the belt profile. It's the same "serpentine" shape that allows your car to run more smoothly - with less noise and longer life.

Form Follows Function
"V" belt profiles have another big advantage: the gripping "force" or "pull"  between the motor and the agitator is "inline" with the direction that the brushroller is turning. With a brush that is always in contact with the motor: it's easy to achieve a smooth transfer of power from the motor to the brush. On the other hand, in systems where the belt designs require the constant intermeshing of belts and gears, repetitive engagement create mechanical and vibrational noise that's only magnified as RPM's rise. That's noise!

The Right Kind of Pull
In cleaning, like politics, it helps to have the right kind of pull. The "V" construction of Whisper-Drive III belts have a contact surface area with the motor pully and the agitator that is significantly greater than traditional geared belts. More surface area contact translates into better grip and mechanics for transferring power to the brush; the kind positive drive you'll appreciate when moving the powerhead from commercial grade carpet to heavier plush.

Belt Life
Engineered to exceed the life of traditional "geared" belts, the Whisper-Drive III "V" is impregnated with mylar fibers for a belt that won't stretch or fatigue over time or heavy use.