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Nutone VX475 - Bagged Filtration VX series Central Vacuum


The Nutone VX475 central vacuum is an extremely quiet and powerful unit designed to keep your home clean with many added benefits. With 475 air-watts of suction power it will perform very well in homes up to 3,000 square feet. The Nutone VX 475 features internal sound suppression and is very quiet to operate. If space is a consideration, the VX475 will be an ideal choice. Its smaller size allows for easy installation in even the smallest corners. With a front facing door, full bag removal is simple with the EasySnap bag. The Anti Microbial protection in the Nutone VX475 helps protect against bacteria better then before. The VX475 has a left or right handed intake port that will help make new or refitted systems easier to install. This unit comes with a reliable 2 year factory warranty.


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Nutone VX475 Features and Specifications :

  • Powerful new motor cleans better then conventional vacuums

  • Filtration - Hepa Filtration and Anti-Microbial protection that traps bacteria better

  • Accurate bag-full lights that feature a "bag-full" indicator and auto shut down

  • Simplified bag removal and filter changing with easy snap bag change

  • Convenient installation with optional venting

  • Powerful 2.2 HP / 475 Air Watt / 114 cfm motor 2 Stage Motor

  • Square Footage - up to 4,000

  • Water Lift - 90

  • Voltage 120 with Utility Inlet included

  • Utility Valve with Power Unit - Yes

  • Recommended Circuit Amps - 20

  • UL Listed - Yes

  • Housing - Corrosion Resistant, Flame Retardant, Engineered, Thermoplastic

  • Dirt Capacity - 6 Gallons

  • This VX475 Nutone Central Vacuum is the Bagged version of this model which will hold 6 Gallons. The VX475C is a bagless system that holds 4 Gallons.

  • Sound suppression system included


The Nutone VX475 has a convenient, sleek, wall hugging design that's sure to accommodate any decor. This series of Nutone VX Central vacuums are far quieter then other older technology used in older central vacuum design. The Nutone VX475 is more powerful and convenient then previous central vacuum systems that came before it. There is a status light on the hose handle and on the power unit to give you indication remotely that the bag or pail are full and need to be emptied. The Nutone VX475 Central Vacuum motor was designed for deep cleaning, that works far better then conventional vacuums. The filtration system within the Nutone VX475 is state of the art. It will exhaust the dust to the exterior of your home and keep the allergens and bacteria away from your home and family.

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