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Central Vacuum Power Heads

Compare the Top Power Heads of 2016 for Central Vacuum Systems

When you purchase a central vacuum power head, quality is foremost when you make this buying decision. You not only want something that's going to deep clean and get all the dirt out of your carpeting, but you also want a central vacuum power head that requires very little maintenance and does not need to be repaired often.

The quality of components used in a
central vacuum power head can determine the longevity, ease of use, and overall customer satisfaction for many years to come. It is literally the second most important choice you should make if you have carpeting. The power of a central vacuum is the first decision when choosing a vacuum system for your home. Have a Power Head question? Call us at 1.800.322.2965.

Compare The Best Central Vacuum Power Heads of 2016

Performance, durability, and design. Simply put: you get what you pay for.

Best rated power heads in the United States

Stock #

New Deluxe
Centec LED
Whisper Drive
Pro ET-1
Pro ET-2
Premiere 850
12/14" Series
Sale Price
100% Best Pricing through
MSRP: $249.95
Sale Price

MSRP: $299.95
Sale Price

MSRP: $369.95
Sale Price

MSRP: $399.95
Sale Price

Sale Price
$219.00 - Prm 850
$185.00 - EBK 340
$184.00 - EBK 360

Sale Price
$229.00 - 12"
$249.00 - 14"

Overall Rating System

Very Good Better Best Best Better Better
China/USA China/
Germany/USA Germany/USA Germany/USA
Replace Every
6-12 Months
Replace Every
6-12 Months
Lifetime Belt
Zero Maintenance
Lifetime Belt
Zero Maintenance
Replace Every
12-24 Months
Replace Every
3 Years
1 Year Limited 2 Year Limited True Lifetime
(No Fault)
True Lifetime
(No Fault)
2 Year Limited 3 Year Limited
Deep Dirt Cleaning Good Good Extreme Power Extreme Power Good Good
5 Year Limited 2 Year Limited 15 Year
"No Fault"
15 Year
"No Fault"
5 Year Limited
Premier 850 only
3 Year Limited
Brushroller Steel Wood ABS True Balance ABS True Balance ABS ABS
13" Wide 13.75" Wide 12.5" Wide 15" Wide 14" Wide 12" or 14" Wide
Weight 4.8 lbs 4.04 lbs 5.5 lbs 5.8 lbs 6.1 lbs 6 lbs
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Manual
LED Sensor
LED/Smart Logic
LED/Smart Logic
Automatic EBK340
Manual EBK360
Frieze Friendly
Noise Level Medium Quiet Technology Quiet Technology Quiet Technology Medium Low - Medium
Lifetime Belt
No No Yes Yes No No
Swivel Neck No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motor Safety Reset Button Yes Yes Yes Yes No Safety Logic
Protection  Bumper Yes - Don't forget to order your VacuBumper Yes - Don't forget to order your VacuBumper Yes - Don't forget to order your VacuBumper Yes - Don't forget to order your VacuBumper Yes - Don't forget to order your VacuBumper Yes - Don't forget to order your VacuBumper
Free Lifetime
No No Yes Yes No No
Headlight Yes Yes No No Yes No
Extension Pipes Included Yes No Bonus Central Vac Adaptor & Metal Telescopic Pipes Bonus Central Vac Adaptor & Metal Telescopic Pipes Yes Premier 850
No EBK360
Great Value Quality Components Best Seller Best Seller Super Quality Commercial
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VacuBumperThe most popular accessory for your new central vacuum power head!    
Protect your new power head/furniture & baseboards

Helps prevent nicks, dents, chips or scratches that vacuum cleaners cause on furniture, baseboards, walls, and chair legs. This protective cushioned bumper keeps your power head and home looking new. A must for every power head.

Once Considered A Luxury For The Rich And Famous,
Central Vacuum Power Heads Are Now A Luxury Everyone Can Afford.

Central Vacuum Power Head

A central vacuum power head is designed for carpeting/rugs and minor bare floor use. Typically, a central vacuum power head is an electric powered carpet attachment. Used for deeper cleaning, an electric carpet attachment has the ability to perform with a higher RPM brush roller speed due to it being driven by an electric motor. Electricity that runs through the central vacuum hose supplies power to a vacuum attachment motor. When in operation, the motor drives a belt system which is connected to a revolving deep cleaning brush roller.

This brush roller revolves at a very high RPM to dig down deep in carpeting which beats and sweeps your carpet fibers, pulling out not only sand but dust, hair, allergy laden particles, etc. Central vacuum power head will not only make the cleaning easier for you but it also could make your carpeting last longer, saving your money and time. Most central vacuum carpet heads are very low profile in design, to get under furniture, beds, chairs and coffee tables without moving these items. Cleaning with a central vacuum power head not only cleans your house but also cleans the air, disposing of the dirt in your central vacuum canister which is outside of your environment making it a green enhanced product for your home.

Learn more about a central vacuum power head.


The New Deluxe 925 Plus Electric Power Head

The new generation of power heads coming out of Asia is very impressive. The New Deluxe 925 Plus (only in metallic silver) central vacuum power head is covered under a 5 Year Motor Warranty and has become one of the fastest selling central vacuum power heads on the market. The Deluxe 925 power head is the perfect starter electric power nozzle and is suitable for vacuuming all carpeted/rug surfaces. With a unique bottom plate design the Deluxe 925 will adjust automatically to the proper height of your particular carpeting. Using a heavy-duty steel brush roller with sealed bearings and new geared belt provides durability and hassle free maintenance. If you’re in the market for a powerful and affordable central vacuum carpet attachment this is a great value and one of our best sellers. This brand new power nozzle now comes with a more powerful motor, geared non slip belt and better warranty shown here in the new metallic silver color.

Lindhaus Electric Power Head

This fine Italian electric power head by Lindhaus can hold its own when it comes to quality, durability and deep cleaning ability. This power nozzle cleaning width is either 12 or 14 inches wide. This power head is covered under a 3 Year Motor Warranty. The Lindhaus power nozzle is an excellent value. With a manual height adjustment feature the Lindhaus will adjust perfectly to the proper setting of either low, medium, high, or now it's capable of doing the new frieze type carpeting. Great for pet hair and is suitable for vacuuming all carpeted surfaces. Rock solid durability and hassle free maintenance is crafted into every Italian built Lindhaus electric power head. Smart designed logic board with indicator lights will actually tell you if you're not set to the proper height adjustment. The chevron style brush roller sweeps the dirt from the edges towards the center of the cleaning path. Making this a more thorough deep clean. This machine can be used for residential or could also be considered commercial grade rated. User friendly and low profile.

Wessel-Werk Premier 850/EBK360 Electric Power Head

The Wessel-Werk Premier 850/360 is one of the most prestigious power heads available on the market today. The Premiere Wessel-Werk German engineered power nozzle is covered under a 5 Year Motor Warranty on the Premier 850 and a 2 year motor warranty on the Ebk360. You have either a choice of automatic height adjustment, which we prefer at Thinkvacuums, or the manual height adjustment on the Ebk360. The Premier Wessel-Werk power head is the perfect investment when shopping for a quality electric power nozzle. With a unique bottom plate design, both are suitable for vacuuming all carpeted surfaces as well as bare floors.

This is precision German engineering at its finest. This is not a disposable throwaway power nozzle. We at Thinkvacuums do believe in quality and we are very impressed over this power nozzle and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants that real deep clean or has pets. It's one of the best power nozzles you can buy. The Premier 850s Heavy-Duty roller with sealed bearings and geared belt technology provides durability and quick and easy maintenance. The Ebk360 by Wessel-Werk has a very good brush roller also. Both have a bright illuminating headlight which helps you navigate in dark areas or around furniture better than most power nozzles featured here, the LED performance indicator lights and lots of other features make this an excellent buy at an affordable price.

This is the second most popular power nozzle we sell. The Wessel-Werk Premier 850 is engineered with a German made motor, and the EBK360 power head uses a China made motor. Thinkvacuums.com recommend the Premier 850 over the EBK360. The Premier 850 auto height adjustment does come with 2 free wands included (shown above to the right), and the EBK360 manual adjustment does not come with any extension pipes, you must order than separately (bottom image)


Made in Germany, known for their outstanding engineering excellenceConsidered the best power nozzle in the world - 5 Star Rated for Excellence
What the Swiss do for watches, the Germans do for precision engineering.

Sebo Pro ET-1 and Pro ET-2 carpet nozzle is the Crème de la Crème when it comes to precision German Engineering. To be quite honest, there is nothing like this on the market that's been invented to this day. Not only does it clean so deep, but literally pulls out so much more hair, dirt, dust, allergens, and other microscopic particles out of your carpeting and is 15% more powerful than it's closest competitor. Very little if any maintenance is required on this prestigious Sebo Pro ET-1 or Sebo Pro ET-2 power head for years to come. Even the belt is warrantied for life and will never break under any condition. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people have purchased this power nozzle and we have yet to get one complaint nor warranty issue ever on this power head.

ThinkVacuums.com is the #1 Sebo Dealer in America for the 5th year in a row.

The motor of the Sebo Pro ET-1 and Sebo ET-2 is covered under an incredible 15 Year Motor Warranty and is considered the best in the industry, we at Thinkvacuums.com not only stand behind the product and cover the warranty but we will also offer an unprecedented "Free Maintenance for Life" on this product forever, simply put we will service the vacuum as long as you have it at no charge, this is only through Thinkvacuums.com.

2014 SEBO Number 1 National Dealer PlaqueThe Sebo Pro ET-1/ ET-2 power head is the King of all electric power nozzles and is suitable for vacuuming all types of carpeted surfaces or rugs. This power head also features a special on/off switch built right on to the power nozzle, when shut off it will enable you to clean all of your bare floors including bare floors such as wood, tile, and marble. Again, another first in the industry. With a unique L shaped design the Sebo Pro ET-1/ ET-2 will maneuver around furniture, walls, moldings and other obstacles with great ease. Four level manual height adjustments via rotary dial allow you to set the Sebo Pro ET-1/ET-2 to the proper height of your surface and if it's not adjusted properly it will let you know. This power head features a heavy-duty brush roller. Both the Sebo Pro ET-1 and Sebo Pro ET-2 comes in three vibrant colors - red, white and black.

This is clearly our best seller and absolutely has no complaints with 100% customer satisfaction. We've been in the vacuum industry for over 50 years and have never come across something with this engineering feat. With a host of other features and benefits this is a high recommendation choice among builders as well as homeowners that want to get their carpets really clean. These 2 power nozzles can be purchased in either black, white, or red. Both come with a complimentary deluxe telescopic wand and adaptor. This month only when you purchase the Pro ET-2 in any color you will receive a $49.95 value TurboPro Deluxe Stair Cleaning and Upholstery Tool absolutely free. This is a limited offering get it while supplies last.

Here's some more information about Sebo Power Heads Designed to vacuum carpets and hard floors - Sebo power heads are recognized worldwide and the most reliable and best designed on the market. They are virtually maintenance free and feature warning systems and automatic shut off capabilities designed tro protect the machine and assure optimum performance. Brush roller removal is quick and easy, so it can be cleaned or replaced if the bristles are worn, ensuring consistently effective brush agitation. They also offer electronic overload protection that extends belt life by shutting off power if an obstruction jams the brush roller. And do not worry about pet clean up. All Sebo power heads easily remove pet hair, dander, allergy-laden particles and dirt from deep within the carpet fibers. Gets rid of dust mites and their eggs.

Cen-tec Whisper Drive Electric Power Head

The Cen-tec Whisper Drive LED (aka QuietDrive) Power head has been called one of the finest designed sleek looking, of course quiet, low profile design and powerful which make the Cen-tec Whisper Drive LED a customer’s choice pick. Complete with LED performance light indicators the Cen-tec Whisper Drive LED lets you know when the area is clean. Red when dirt is still there, Green when area is clean. It's extremely easy to push and pull and with a extra wide cleaning path you can get the cleaning job done in 20% less time, manual height adjustment will firmly set the carpet height to the desired rug surface. It features a quick release swivel neck and with premium craftsmanship the Cen-tec Whisper Drive LED cleans deeper and performs above most nozzles on the market today. Another customer favorite. (Remember to order extra belts when ordering this power head). This power head is covered under a limited 2 year motor warranty. We at Thinkvacuums have sold this power nozzle for years

In conclusion

Dust MiteAre you concerned about your family's health? Do allergies play a factor in your day to day life? Do you really know if you're getting your carpets or rugs really cleaned deep down? A central vacuum power head is the only way your carpets/rugs will get that deep clean everyone wants. Are you looking for that well groomed look with a nap that stands up as if you just installed your carpe style=ting, for the first time. Power heads do all the cleaning for you, they all beat or vibrate dirt and dust particles from your carpeting, loosen up any debris, sand or hair, germs or allergens, dust mites and even pet dander and any other unwanted debris. A central vacuum power head shares the same characteristics of a full size or portable vacuum cleaner but without the hassle of cords, noise, and re-circulating dirt in the air.

A central vacuum power head also can get under most furniture, couches, beds, etc with ease due to its shape, size, and low profile. If you are looking for the best power head in the central vacuum industry and you want total deep cleaning but yet easy to push and pull, you also are wanting to get a power head that doesn't break down every 6 months to a year or has to be maintained or up-kept every 6 to 12 months. Key features to an electric power head would be low profile, free maintenance, large and easy to push wheels, quiet operation, sealed bearings, zero maintenance motor, zero belt replacement, rugged construction, and motor safety protection shut off. A carpet nozzle that does both rugs and bare floors, non marking wheels, state of the art technology, something that has a lifespan of over 15 years.

This is our professional opinion here at Thinkvacuums.com regarding the best electric power head in the central vacuum industry. Heck, even the owner Robert owns this particular power nozzle in his own home, it must be that good.
You will not be disappointed in the Sebo Pro ET-1 or Sebo Pro ET-2. It even comes with a 30/60/90 day 100% money back satisfaction no questions asked guarantee. When choosing a quality central vacuum carpet head you will find that you're picking up more dirt and debris than previous methods you've used before. This gets your house a total clean and dust free and allergen free environment. Happy vacuuming.

Simply put, the old adage is you get what you pay for.
However quality doesn't always cost more, it pays to buy it right the first time.

Sebo Et-2

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