Powerstar Testimonials

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The Powerstar Utopia Star you helped me select is a awesome power unit..

Thank you to the staff at Thinkvacuums.com for helping me to configure a exceptional Central Vac System! Your website has a perfect layout, information and terminology to be able to make a quick easy comparison of all the power units and thus to make a well informed choice.

Also, I was glad to find common ground on the philosophy that buying the most powerful unit was not overkill, especially as it is not that much more money anyway. I have seen some systems installed lately in new houses that just have terrible suction and perform terribly, as someone was trying to save only a few hundred dollars. The demo units in some of the central vacuum stores that were in the 500 airwatt range were a joke as far as the suction was concerned. I'm glad I found your site and wasn't conned into wasting my money and especially my time.

The Powerstar Utopia Star you helped me select is a awesome power unit with a long peace of mind warranty. When the unit first came and I tested it, it was incredible!! The force of the suction into the main unit is best described as "VIOLENT"!! It was hard to believe so much suction could be created into a 2" pipe!! The 1,110 airwatts, 246 cfm's and the 133" waterlift are in their own league. The little extra work to get the 220V power source to the unit were totally worth it. Most of all I appreciated your access to answer installation questions, even trivial ones that were of small detail. Long after other online vendors were closed, Thinkvacuums.com staff would take calls into the evening which is the time that I had to install my system.

Thanks very much for all the friendly cooperation and assistance, it made all the difference in configuring a outstanding system and installing it a good experience.

Great job and regards
Sand Flats, IL