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Duovac Star
"Silver Bullet"

  • New Duovac 2014/15 Model
  • Super Powerful 806 Airwatt
  • "True" Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy to Install
  • Disposable Bag or Bagless
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • New Style Circuit Board
  • Anti-bacteria Filter
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • No Rusting | No Denting
  • Anti Corrosion Paint
  • Extra Large Capacity
  • Avg. Lifespan: 30 Years
  • Ultra Quiet Design
  • Ametek All Metal Motor
  • Trouble Free Technology

Best Bang for Your Buck

"DuoVac Star"
Sale: $699.99

Top Selling Central Vacuums On The Market!!!

ThinkVacuums Sale of the Month
Save up to 30% OFF of MSRP

On select DuoVac, CanaVac and Drainvac Central Vacuums

canavac package

Special Combo: Central Vacuum & Attachments

MSRP: $1449.95
Sale Price

*Please specify if Direct Connect or Pigtail.
Power Nozzle now in Onyx Black Color
canavac package

Special Combo: Central Vacuum & Attachments

MSRP: $1250.95
Sale Price

*Please specify if Direct Connect or Pigtail.
Power Nozzle now in Onyx Black Color

WallyFlex Auxiliary Hose
Central Vacuum Product of the Year

Great for: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms, the Garage, etc. (For use with an existing central vacuum)

NEW WallyFlex Flexible Wall-Mounted Auxiliary Hose

(Awarded Product of The Year by VDTA)

This is a must have item! Quick no hassle cleaning made simple!

The WallyFlex hose stretches from 2ft all the way to 13ft / 4m. Easily mount the WallyFlex to any wall! Now you don't have to lug around that oversized hose to every room!

Central vacuum sales and specials for February

FlipBUS Central Vacuum Cleaning Balls

The FlipBUS Central Vacuum Cleaning Balls, also known as just "FlipBUS", are reusable cleaning balls for your central vacuum piping system. Simply send them through your central vacuum hose and they will do the rest of the work by removing any and all residues.
Learn more about central vacuum cleaning balls

Sale Price

 NEW   Vacuum Bumpers for Central Vacuum & Household Attachments
VacuBumper is universal to any household or central vacuum attachment

Learn why people are buying the vacubumper.

Powerhead & Floor Brush
Vacuum Bumpers

Vacuum Bumpers

Vacuum Bumpers

View Larger Image

Small Vacuum-Head Bumper
Length: 23" to 27" - Width: 2.5"

Part # VH42SM

Price $19.95
Canister Bumper

Length: 35"

View Larger Image

Part #

Price $24.95

View Larger Image

Small Upright Vac Bumper
Length: 32" - Width: 3"

Part # UB-11SM

Price $24.95

View Larger Image

Medium Vacuum-Head Bumper
Length: 26" - Width: 3"

Part # VH-66MD

Price $24.95
Canister Bumper

Length: 42"

View Larger Image

Part #

Price $26.95

View Larger Image

Standard Upright Vac Bumper
Length: 36" - Width: 3.5"

Part # UB-04STD

Price $26.95

View Larger Image

Large Vacuum-Head Bumper
Length: 32" - Width:3"

Part # VH59LG

Price $24.95

View Larger Image
Dyson® Upright Vac Bumper
Custom Fit for Dyson®

Part # UB-03DYN

Price $26.95
"Protect your baseboards, furniture, walls and vacuum with VacuBumperTM"


Turbocat EX Plus
Air Driven Turbo Nozzle, No Electrical Hose Needed,
3 Year Warranty
Was $109.00
Sale Price: $98.50

91-21 Deluxe Muffler Kit
Reduce the noise  of your central vacuum by 6 Decibels.
We highly recommend this muffler
on every central vacuum made.
Click here for installation instructions.
Our Most Popular Seller - Now in White
Was $24.95
Sale Price: $14.95

Set of 2 Plastic Extension Wands
19" Each, Friction Fit Great for High Ceilings
Was $14.95
Sale Price: $9.00


Basic Space Saver Retractable Hose
Basic 5 foot hose magically extends to 20 feet. Easy to store, kink-free design, 1 1/4" inner hose diameter.

Was $47.95
Sale Price: $37.95


Dusting Brush
Soft bristles for draperies and other delicate fabrics.
Available in White & Black

Was $3.95
Sale Price: $3.50
White Black  

TopDog Grooming Dual Brush Kit

This specially designed brush separates, lifts and removes shedding fur from your pet's coat. Contains 2 brush types,
for long and short hair breeds.

Was $29.95
Sale Price: $18.00


Ceiling Fan Brush
Attaches to your vacuum for easy cleaning
of fan blades. Cleans top and bottom at the same
time while keeping the fan steady.

Was $19.95
Sale Price: $9.00


TopVac Petite Pet Groomer
This specially designed brush separates, lifts and removes shedding fur from your pet's coat. Contains 2 brush types,
for short hair breeds.

Was $27.95
Sale Price: $15.00



Mini Electric Stair and Upholstery Tool

Mini Electric Stair and Upholstery Tool
Click for larger image

The Mini Electric Stair and Upholstery Tool is great for stairs and steps, as well as couches, auto upholstery, and for deep cleaning dirt, sand, and pet hair from your carpeting.

  • Powerful German made motor requires zero maintenance

  • Constructed of super strong lightweight ABS plastic, matte textured, color: black

  • 6" wide, Chevron-shaped self-cleaning brush roller

  • 180-degree smooth swivel neck

  • Large dirt channel, sealed bearings and cogged geared belt prevent clogging

  • Automatic safety shutoff in case anything should jam the brush roller.

  • Very quiet operation

  • 11" cord easily hooks into any electric hose, button lock design ensures it's secured

  • 5 Year Warranty on Parts / 10 Year Warranty on Motor

Optional Cord Management
Sale Price: $8.50
Mini Electric Stair and Upholstery Tool
Mini Electric Stair
& Upholstery Tool

Sale Price:

Regularly $99.95

Allergy DustMite and Flea Control for Your
Home and Central Vacuums

Central Vacuum Dustmite and Flea Control

Click for more information

For maximum allergen relief, DustMite and Flea Control is a specially formulated borate compound that mixes easily in water and provides long lasting control over dust mites. DustMite and Flea Control can be applied in several ways:

  • Mix with water in a spray bottle and spray the inside of your central vacuum canister and/or filters & bags, as well as any portable vacuum
  • For small areas like an upholstered chair, just mix one cup DustMite and Flea Control to a half gallon of water and apply with a spray bottle.
  • For larger areas mix and apply by pump sprayer.
  • Or you can deep clean by adding DustMite and Flea Control to carpet steamers when deep cleaning carpets and upholstery.
  • DustMite and Flea Control is clear and odorless,
    has a neutral pH, and will not stain lightly colored fabrics.
  • University tests show one remarkable result is the long term effectiveness DustMite and Flea Control has on lowering the dust mite populations. The numbers of dustmites detected in these efficiency studies were extremely low in week 2 and almost non-existent by week 8.

DustMite and Flea Control is also Environmental Protection Agency Registered.

Sale Price: $17.95 - 4oz Bag

Mini TurboPro - Metallic Candy Apple Red

TurbPro deluxe stair upholstery tool for central vacuums

TurbPro deluxe stair upholstery tool for central vacuumsThe true deep cleaning power of the deluxe Mini TurboPro can be seen instantly operating with its high speed turbine driven brush, rotating at a very powerful speed makes it perfect for pet owners trying to vacuum up pet dander and hair. With the new Mini Pro Stair and Upholstery Tool you are guaranteed outstanding performance. Extra-long lasting geared belt provides maximum durability and reliability. Strategically placed bristles on the brush roller allows for ultimate grooming on carpeted surfaces and upholstery. The Mini TurboPro is air driven and it requires no electricity to operate.

Sale Price: $49.00

Central Vacuum Deodorizer

Central Vacuum DeodorizerFeather Lite
Click for larger image

Eliminates & Freshens:
Carpets • Central Vacuums • Pet Odors • Car Interiors • Tobacco Odors •
Mold and Mildew Odors • Fireplace Odors • Cooking Odors • And Much More!

Fresh and Clean Scent!

75% Lighter than the leading brands
Sprinkle on carpet or rug by shaking container gently from side to side
No need to completely cover the carpet
Non Toxic and Safe for All Central Vacuums
For extra freshness, use each time you vacuum
Environmentally Friendly
Long Lasting Fragrance
Sale Price: $9.49 Regularly $16.95

InterVac Cabinet Vac

Made in the USA! Made In The USA! Made in the USA!

The InterVac wall or cabinet mounted central vacuum system can easily be installed with or without pipe fittings and eliminates the need to provide storage space for an upright or canister vacuum.

By centrally locating the vacuum unit, one InterVac along with the standard accessory kit can clean a 1200 square foot area with ease. Need to clean more space? We have you covered, by simply adding additional vacuum units you can increase the square footage, so every inch of the surroundings are dirt and allergen free. Need to free up space in your RV or boat? InterVac has the answer. Our accessory kit comes standard with a 40 foot stretch hose that shrinks to just 8 feet for easy storage. Just hang your InterVac in the closet and take it with you to your next RV or boat!

6 Year Warranty - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

InterVac Cabinet Vacuum System with Attachments
Click for more information


Made in the USA! Made In The USA! Made in the USA!

Powerful & Compact - Saves valuable garage space

GarageVac Vacuum Cleaner

Click for more information

MSRP: $279.95

Sale Price: $249.50
Choose Color:
40' Stretch Hose, shrinks to just 8'
HEPA Filtration - 5 Layers of Filtration
Easy to Install - Takes just 5 minutes!
Portable - Can easily fit in boats, RV's, and more
Tool Caddy - Keeps all your accessories organized
Includes aluminum telescopic wand, upholstery brush, crevice tool, bare floor tool, and elongated dust brush

Replacement Bags - 5 Pack
Price: $15.75
1 Gallon Capacity / Disposable Dust-Free Paper Bag
High Quality ABS Material, Weighs only 9 pounds
1,350 Watts / 100 CFMs / 400 AirWatts / 12 Amps / 120v
6 Year Warranty - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Compact Central Vacuum System

The All New Central Vacuum Vroom!
Click here for more information

Introducing the Vroom!
Vroom Your Room With Ease
The Vroom is perfect for quickly cleaning small areas with dry messes, especially in high-traffic. Fits easily in cabinets, drawers, and tight spaces and hooks into your existing central vacuum system.

Vroom! 18'
Sale Price

Vroom 24'
Sale Price

QuickBroom - Quick Clean-Up Kit
"Why Drag A Hose Out Every Time ?"

QuickBroom - Why drag a hose out every time?
Click Here For Larger View

Our Most
Popular Seller

Quick Clean-Up Kit

great alternative to a standard broom and dustpan, and makes cleanups quick and easy on any hard surface floor.

The QuickBroom Quick Clean-Up kit

Space Saving
Extendable Slinky Hose
Easy-grip, 360º swivel handle
Deluxe bare floor brush
Two-piece, lightweight wand set
Fits All Central Vacuums
5 Ft. - 20 Ft . Hose
Sale Price
QuickBroom Deluxe With Telescopic Pipe
6 Ft. - 30 Ft . Hose
Sale Price

Central Vacuum Twister
The Ultimate XXL Wide Floor Brush

Central Vacuum Twisters' extra-extra-large 16" cleaning path.
Click here for more information

Central Vacuum Twister
Highly maneuverable floor brush for wood,
tile, and other high quality bare floors.
The Crème de la Crème of floor brushes.
Made in Germany, known for their outstanding engineering excellence


16" Twister
Price $89.00

12" Twister
Price $79.00

Emergency Motor/Fire Safety Valve
Prevent Motor Burn Outs - A Must Have For All Central Vacuums

The Original Red Motor Fire Safety Valve

Safety Valve opens when excessive buildup of heat and pressure occur The Original
Red Motor/Fire Safety Valve

Easy to Install!
The Motor Safety Valve is an air relief system designed to protect your motor from damage caused by blockage. When a blockage occurs, the valve will open to allow air flow to the motor, preventing a motor burn out or further damage.

Don't Be Fooled By Other Cheap Imitations!

Sale Price

HammerHead III
Wood Dust Mop Tool

The Hammerhead III, Click for more information

Click here for more information

Hammerhead III

The all new ultra wide 19 inch Hammerhead III Dust Mop Tool. This new tool will clean, dust and shine your floors with one simple motion. With it's sleek, low profile design you can easily get under furniture for faster cleaning.
Hammerhead III
Price $29.95

Replacement brush head

Replacement Head
Price $13.95


Maintain Your Vacuum Unit

Tornado Power vacuum maintenance cloths help keep your central vacuum smelling freshTornado Power Maintenance Cloths - Pack of 6

Maintenance Cloths

Tornado Power Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths by are the do-it-yourself solution for central vacuum system care. These handy cloths are the ultimate way to reduce odors and restore your system to peak efficiency.

Best Value 25-Pack


Sale Price $17.95
Price $6.75

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