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Sanitaire C2094 Commercial Vacuum

The Sanitaire C2094 commercial vacuum features micron filtration and a 12-inch cleaning path. The Eureka C2094-G Upright Vacuum Cleanerchrome plated steel brush roll and 6-level height adjustment of the Sanitaire C2094 help thoroughly clean all types of carpet. SanitaireC2094 has a headlight that shows up the hidden dirt and an extra long power cord lets you clean further.

Features Specifications :

  • Powerful Motor (7 amp / 840 watt / 145 cfm)
  • Filtration : Allergen Micron filter .This filter retains 100% of dust mites, grass pollen and ragweed plus particles 15 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.
  • Dirt Capacity : Not available
  • Don't forget to order your VacuBumper (See Below)
  • Cleaning path : Not available
  • Cord : Extra Long 50 Ft. Power Cord. With an extra long cord you can clean more of your home without having to plug your vacuum into multiple power outlets.
  • Decibel level : Not available
  • Brushroll : Vibra Groomer I® Brush Roller. This is a unique brushroll cleaning action that vibrates out deeply embedded dirt.
  • 6 Level Height Adjustment. The multi-position height adjustment allows you to control the level of brushroll contact and adjust to multiple carpet height and floor surfaces providing optimal cleaning performance.
  • Bright Headlight. The headlight illuminates areas behind and under furniture so you can completely remove all dirt and debris from dark areas.
  • Lifetime Lubricated Motor
  • 16 lb Weight - Easy push
  • 45" Cleaner Height
  • Yellow Poly Hood
  • 2 YEAR Warranty

Sanitaire C2094 Commercial Vacuum

Sanitaire C2094
Sanitaire Commercial C2094
Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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Eureka C2094-G Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Discontinued Model

Sanitaire C2094 Maintenance Box

Sanitaire C2094 Maintenance Box
One Year Supply

  • 12 - Pack F & G Bags
  • 1 - 12" Metal Brush Roller
  • 6 Commercial Round Belts

Eureka Maintenance Box

Sale Price



VacuBumper™ for Sanitaire C2904
A Must Have For This Model

Your furniture's best friend.
Resolve the everyday problem of household damage caused by vacuum cleaners. VacuBumper™ prevents the nicks, dents and scratches on baseboards, furniture, walls, and even the vacuum itself!

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Bumper It!


Made in the USA

Normally $39.95
Sale Price


Little Powerhouse Utility Vacuum

Little Powerhouse

Super Strong Little Powerhouse
Utility Vacuum With Attachments

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Little Powerhouse



Sanitaire C2904 Spare Parts!
Click here for even more spare parts!

Brush Roller
Replacement 12" Metal Brush Roller For Sanitaire C2094
We Highly Recommend Changing The Brush Roller Once A Year To Maintain Optimal Performance. Order now and
avoid paying shipping later!

Eureka Replacement Brush Roller

Eureka C2094-G Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Price $28.25

Replacement Belts
Belts for Sanitaire C2094 - 6 Pack

Eureka Replacement Belts - Pack of 6

Eureka C2094-G Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Price $12.95

Replacement Belts
Belts for Sanitaire C2094 - 24 Pack

Eureka Replacement Belts - Pack of 24

Eureka C2094-G Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Price $44.95

Vacuum Bags
Eureka Commercial Sanitaire C2094 Bags - 12 Pack
(1 Year Supply)

Eureka FG Bags

Eureka C2094-G Upright Vacuum Cleaner


12" Magnet - Picks up paper clips, metal objects

Eureka Magnet

Price $19.49
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