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Sanitaire SC6045 Floor Machine

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Sanitaire SC6045 Commercial Upright Floor Cleaner

Sanitiare SC6045

Sanitaire SC 6045 Floor Machine is a very well reviewed machine. Sanitaire 6045 floor machines provide superior strength and high performance. They are built to last. All Sanitaire Floor Machines have chrome plated steel construction. They also feature 50 foot cords and safety shut off switches. The twin Capacitors allow for use on carpets and bare floors. This model is ideal for use in Healthcare, Education, Hotels, Food Service, Government, and Building Services settings.

Features and Specifications :

  • Powerful 1.5 hp motor / 14.9 amps / 1500 brush rpm
  • Capacitors : Not available
  • Machine Size / brush size : 20 inch
  • Gearbox : Belt
  • Cord Length : 50'
  • Sound level at operator : 60dB
  • Package weight : 115 lbs.
  • Chrome plated steel construction
  • Exclusive quick-connect handle for UPS shipping
  • Built-in safety shut off
  • Twin- or triple-idler planetary gear drive
  • 50-foot power cord
  • Heavy-duty wrap around bumper
  • UL listed for commercial use
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Product Weight - 95 Lbs
  • Product Dimensions - 20" Dia. x 46" H
  • Package Dimensions - 31" L x 21" W x 21" H
  • Color - Rich Red, Dark Grey & Chrome
  • Pad driver included.

Great For Use In
Restaurants & Food Services - Car Dealerships - Hotels/Motels - Golf Clubhouses
Hospitals/Medical Clinics - Veterinary Clinics - Marinas - Warehouses
Car & Truck Rental Shops - Schools - Retail Stores - Theaters

Sanitaire 6045 is a superior reviewed machine for cleaning floor surfaces. Our floor machine assortment ranges from a 1/2 horsepower, lightweight compact to a 1500 RMP burnisher. Designed with coated steel plate housings, these durable high performance machines are built to last. The exclusive, quick connect handle on all of the models reduces the package size by 40% allowing for convenient ground shipping. This provides savings in both shipping and inventory costs. Additional features include a 50' cord, safety shut-off switch and multi-speed motors.


Sanitaire SC6045 Floor Machines

Sanitaire Floor Machine SC6045
Sanitaire / Eureka SC6045
Commercial Upright Floor Machine

Sanitaire SC6045 Commercial Upright Floor Cleaner

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Sanitaire SC6045 Brushes, Pads & Pad Drivers

Genuine Sanitaire brushes and pads are manufactured specifically for scrubbing, stripping and polishing with your durable Sanitaire floor machine. Using high quality Sanitaire brushes and pads will guarantee the best performance, and only genuine Sanitaire parts will extend the life of your Sanitaire floor machine.

Sanitaire Pad Driver Sanitaire Scrub Pad Sanitaire Strip Pad Sanitaire Polish Pad
Pad Driver
Locks on to floor machine utilizing appropriate clutch plate. Holds various polishing pads in place during operation.

19" Diameter
Scrub Pad (Red)
19" Scrub Pad
Pack of 5
Strip Pad (Black)
19" Strip Pad

Pack of 5

Polish Pad (Beige)
Attaches to pad driver.
Used to buff and polish.
Pack of 5

19" Diameter

Price: $104.49

Price: $49.95

Price: $49.95

Price: $49.95

Sanitaire Polish Brush Sanitaire Poly Brush Sanitaire Nylon Brush Sanitaire Grit Brush
Polish Brush
Used for general scrubbing of most hard surfaces. Low cost alternative to Nylon in situations that call for less frequent use.

19" Diameter
Poly Brush
Combination of Tampico and Palmyra. Used primarily in hard surface polishing.

19" Diameter
Nylon Brush
The best quality brush for carpets. Provides long life and offers excellent resistance to many chemicals.
Do not use with acid.

19" Diameter
Grit Brush
An aggressive and long life brush used for stripping heavily soiled floors and concrete.

19" Diameter

Used For:

 - Raised Disk Tile
 - Marble
 - Linoleum
 - Vinyl

Used For:

 - Carpet Scrubbing
 - Marble

Used For:

 - Soiled Concrete
 - Vinyl / Ceramic Tile
 - Terrazzo / Linoleum
 - No-Slip Epoxy Finish

Used For:

 - Unsealed Concrete
 - Sealed Concrete
 - Terrazzo

Price: $104.49

Price: $105.49

Price: $182.99

Price: $329.99


Basic Floor Care Procedures

Stripping - Typically performed as little as possible due to the cost and labor intensive nature of the process. Stripping is performed to prepare the floor for a new finish when the floor will no longer hold a shine through regular maintenance. Stripping involves the complete removal of a floor finish utilizing harsh chemicals and aggressive (black or brown) stripping pads prior to applying several coats of new finish and sealer. Common equipment used are a low speed floor machine, wet/dry vacuum or automatic scrubber.
Spray Buffing - A maintenance procedure to maintain a scuff free shiny finish. The janitor applies a light mist of cleaning and finish solution in front of the floor machine. Utilizing a red of tan polishing pad, this process cleans the floor, removes scuff marks, and restores shine to the surface. Common equipment used are a 175 or 350 RPM floor machine.
Scrubbing - A more aggressive maintenance procedure that removes dirt, scuff marks, and a portion of the floor finish utilizing a more aggressive pad (blue) prior to applying a restorative finish. The type of pad, detergent, water temperature and speed of the machine determine how much of the old finish is removed. Common equipment used are a 175 or 350 RPM floor machine, depending on how many coats of finish need to be removed.
Polishing - A non-aggressive maintenance procedure utilizing a soft brush or pad (tan or lighter) to remove soil and restore the shine to a finished floor. Common equipment used are 175 or 1,500 RPM floor machine.
Burnishing - The most popular maintenance procedure. Burnishing utilizing a soft pad (tan or lighter) on a high speed floor machine to clean and polish a floor that is in good condition. This process results in a better looking floor for longer periods. This reduces costs by extending the periods between most costly scrubbing and stripping. Common equipment used is a 1,500 RPM floor machine.
Finishing / Refinishing - Finishing seals fill the pours of the surface, provide a shine and protect the surface from dirt and stains. A new finish is typically applied with several thin coats.

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