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Sanitaire Extractors and Heated Extractors

From spot to wide area carpet cleaning; We have a carpet cleaner for any need.
High performance machines built to last.

Sanitaire SC6075, Sanitaire SC6085, Sanitaire SC6088,
Sanitaire SC6092 Sanitaire SC6095

Sanitaire Carpet Extractor SC6075 Sanitaire Carpet Extractor SC6085 Sanitaire Heated Carpet Extractor SC6088 Sanitaire Carpet Extractor SC6092 Sanitaire Carpet Extractor SC6095

Sanitaire Air Movers/Air Blowers and
Wet/Dry Machines

Sanitaire Air Blower SC6053, Sanitaire Air Blower SC6054, Sanitaire Air Blower SC6055,
Sanitaire SC6060
, Sanitaire SC6065

Sanitaire Air Mover SC6053 Sanitaire Air Mover SC6054 Sanitaire Air Mover SC6055 Sanitaire Wet/Dry Machine SC6060 Sanitaire Wet/Dry Machine SC6065

Sanitaire Backpacks and Specialty Vacuums

Sanitaire SC412, Sanitaire SC420, Sanitaire SC530,
Sanitaire SC535, Sanitaire SC6093

Sanitaire SC412 Sanitaire SC420 Sanitaire SC530 Sanitaire SC535 Sanitaire Wide Area Vacuum SC6093

Sanitaire Scrubbers and Sanitaire Sweepers

Sanitaire SC6200A, Sanitaire SC6210, Sanitaire SC6220,
Sanitaire Hand Sweeper SC430A, Sanitaire Wide Sweeper SC435A

Sanitaire SC6200 Sanitaire SC6210 Sanitaire SC6220 Sanitaire Manual Sweeper SC430 Sanitaire Wide Sweeper SC435

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CRI Letter

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Sanitaire vacuums have been a mainstay in the commercial industry for over 30 years, a heritage at Electrolux we are quite proud of. Recognized for superb cleaning, long life, durability and innovation we have earned our stripes.

In the mid 70's when are red line was launched, the commercial cleaning industry was still relatively small. At the time most hotels, businesses, schools and healthcare facilities were independently managed by on-site cleaning crews. However, in the 80's when commercial cleaning services began to expand their reach, the Sanitaire brand was there to help cleaning crews save time by providing top cleaning performance and durable cleaners. Innovative features such as switch out parts allowed crews to maintain products without taking them in for service. As a result, the elimination of downtime and ease of maintenance helped us to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack early on.

Through the years Sanitaire has brought you a number of products and key features that have enabled you to grow your business by offering the latest n commercial cleaning products.

1976 - Sanitaire introduced a chrome steel round brush roll.

1979 - Sanitaire developed a dirt cup to replace filter bags.

1982 - Sanitaire introduced a Quick-Kleen Fan Chamber

1986 - Sanitaire introduced Micron Filtration on upright models.

2000 - Sanitaire introduced Sealed True HEPA filtration on upright models.

2003 - The Sanitaire line expands beyond vacuums to include floor machines, air movers and more!

2006 - Sanitaire introduced a line of CRI Green Label approved vacuums.

And finally in 2007 - Sanitaire by Electrolux! We are very excited to announce the introduction of the Sanitaire by Electrolux brand to the vacuum dealer store channel. The brand you've known and trusted for over 30 years, now backed by the Electrolux brand name!


Sanitaire Innovation...
Recently, the Sanitaire brand was rated #1 in quality, value and ease of maintenance.
Every Sanitaire vacuum is backed by a network of over 1,500 service centers across the United States.
Every Sanitaire machine is backed by a network of over 1,500 service centers across the United States!
Sanitaire knows the unique cleaning challenges faced by building service contractors - because we asked them! We regularly conduct research with end users, equipment decision makers and distributors to find out what they need most in a commercial machine. That's why our full line of durable, hardworking machines are engineered with a wide range of features designed to simplify maintenance, lower operating cost and reduce downtime. From our all-new cutting-edge DuraLux dual-motor vacuum to our heavy-duty stain extractors and air movers, ever Sanitaire machine is designed for high performance and long life.

Sanitaire's Quick Kleen vacuum models have a convenient removable chamber for quick access to the impeller fan. This allows you to change or service the fan in high-usage machines without removing the motor, greatly reducing downtime.

Going GreenMany of Sanitaire's vacuum models for building service contractors have earned the CRI Green Label of approval. This label signifies that these superior machines have passes stringent testing for cleaning and filtration.

Arm & Hammer Filter Bag Systems eliminate odors and control dust.Sanitaire's exclusive ARM & HAMMER filter bag system eliminates odors caused by mold, bacteria and fungi while capturing fine, allergen-size particles, leaving office areas smelling fresh and clean.

Sanitaire's quiet-operating floor machines keep bare floor hallways sparkling without disturbing office personnel. And our easy-to-use extractors quickly clean up spills and other accidents common in carpeted cafeterias and meeting rooms.
From improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to ensuring the floors are deep-down clean, you can trust Sanitaire to solve your most challenging cleaning needs.

Use what the professionals use!

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*All commercial uprights, canisters, and backpack vacuums are non-refundable. Please note Sanitaire models SC6070, SC6080 & SC6090 canister carpet cleaning machines, as well as 6003, 6005, 6010, 6015, 6020, 6025, 6030, 6035, & 6045 floor machines cannot be returned once purchased. Used or unused, there will be NO refunds due to special drop-shipping from company. 

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