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DID YOU KNOW: Even the United States White House and Buckingham Palace use SEBO Vacuums?

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About SEBO Vacuum Cleaners:
SEBO Upright Vacuums were founded in 1978 by a team of German engineers. Since then, SEBO has become the largest producer of high-quality commercial upright vacuum cleaners and SEBO Canister Vacuums worldwide.


Throughout the design and manufacturing stages of the various SEBO vacuum cleaners, the company focused on providing customers the key benefits of ease-of-use, reliability, consistent cleaning, and high filtration. The Sebo Vacuum has a flat profile to clean underneath furniture.

International Recognition & Product Accolades!

SEBO Five Year Vacuum Warranty

SEBO has the world's most reliable vacuums!

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SEBO five year vacuum warranty on the SEBO Automatic X Vacuum

SEBO is so confident about the quality of its vacuums, they offer a warranty of 5 years on both non-wear parts and labor, and an extended warranty of an additional 3 years is also available.
SEBO's AUTOMATIC X includes a lifetime warranty on the belts.

SEBO Filtration
3 Step Process

SEBO 3 step filtration process

You're Making The Right Decision To Purchase SEBO Vacuums!

Bags are better for your health and surrounding environment! Top-fill, SEBO offers three and four layer bags as an integral part of the SEBO filtration system. These SEBO Vacuum Bags hold virtually all dirt captured by the vacuum. Not only does this improve the effectiveness of SEBO Vacuum Filters, it extends the life of them as well. SEBO Bags promote strong suction because dirt enters from the top, deposits at the bottom, accumulates upward, and air finally exits through the sides. This allows uninterrupted airflow as they fill to capacity. SEBO Bags can be sealed when full, so no dust ever escapes into the air around you during disposal.

In contrast, a vacuum without bags, the microfilters on these vacuums quickly clog from large amounts of dirt build-up and require replacing more often. If the microfilters on bagless vacuums are not replaced frequently they will create loss of suction and cleaning effectiveness. On a bagless system, dust and other harmful allergens become airborne when empting the dirt containers. Finally, bagless microfilters are quite expensive, usually costing more than a multi-year supply of SEBO filter bags.


SEBO Vacuums are built, shipped, and run environmentally friendlySEBO Vacuums Are Built, Shipped, and Run Green! SEBO Vacuum America, LLC., is doing their part to reduce the carbon footprint from the initial design stages of production. SEBO takes into much consideration the importance of ensuring products pack into the smallest possible cartons, and that carton sizes let the maximum number of SEBO vacuums fit on each pallet. Nearly all SEBO packaging is made from unbleached recycled cardboard, and waste paper from the SEBO offices is shredded and reused for packing. To go one step further, even deliveries are carefully planned to make sure delivery trucks are operating economically & filled to capacity. ThinkVacuums is proud to work with such a great company!

Even the White House Uses SEBO Vacuums

SEBO - A World's First!

Sebo was the world's first vacuum manufacturer to introduce & develop many features found in vacuums today. SEBO was originally a high end commercial grade vacuum company but, the durability of SEBO vacuum cleaners naturally led to increased demand in the consumer market. Since its debut, SEBO Vacuums have satisfied millions of customers around the world (Asia, Africa, Europe and North America) and became one of the most highly renowned vacuum brands available. In excess of a billion dollars in sales, SEBO has proven the quality & durability of their vacuums.

SEBO Vacuums First to Introduce:

  • Integrated suction hose on an upright vacuum cleaner.
  • A timing-belt-driven brush with clutch protection.
  • A dust bag that fills from the top, followed by micro filter & then the motor
  • An electrostatic micro filter.
  • An electronic brush control and safety shut off.
  • A soft bumper on a canister vacuum, which protects furniture and walls from damage.
  • An electronically controlled automatic height adjustment, S-class filtration, and a detail wand with telescopic hose. To this day, the most modern vacuum cleaner in the world!

Good Magazine:


September 17, 2010 issue, chose the AUTOMATIC X5 as "Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaner" (among uprights) and noted its low profile for easy under-furniture cleaning, excellent barefloor and pet-hair cleaning, and good embedded-dirt pick-up. See Product Testing/HEPA-vacuums Section.

September 17, 2010 issue, chose the AIRBELT C3.1 as "Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaner" (among canisters) and noted its good embedded-dirt and bare-floor performance, excellent pet-hair-removal performance, and its extended nozzle for under-furniture cleaning. See Product Testing/HEPA-vacuums Section.

Consumer's Digest Magazine:


October 2009 issue, chose the FELIX 1 Premium as “Best Buy” for the bagged upright vacuums. They reported it to be nimble and the easiest to handle during use. They also mentioned the excellent maneuverability of its 180-degree swivel neck and that its 6-inch profile fits under furniture. See pages 25 to 28, and page 67.

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine:


May 2008 issue, chose the AIRBELT K2 as an “Editor’s Pick” and noted its strong suction, its bumper that prevents damage to walls and furniture, and its stylish design. See page 88.

New York Times Style Magazine:


November 4, 2007 issue, displayed the FELIX Fun on the front cover. There was also a brief article called "Inside the Box," on page 114.

02138 Magazine:


November/December 2007 issue, chose the FELIX Premium Classic for the “What is on Your Gift Wish List?” The featured photo appears on page 42.

PLUS X Award:


May 24th, 2007, Berlin, Germany, awarded the PLUS X Seal to the AUTOMATIC X4 in the category “Innovation.”

May 24th 2007, Berlin, Germany, awarded the PLUS X Seal to the AIRBELT K3 in the category “Ease of Use.”

May 2006, Berlin, Germany, awarded the PLUS X Seal to the FELIX in the category of “Ease of Use.” The award was showcased in the Hall of Fame at the IFA Show, Berlin, September 2006.

Domino Magazine:


March 2007, the AUTOMATIC X4 made “The Green List,” and it mentioned it lies flat to get under the sofa. See page 61.

April 2006 issue, awarded “Five Check Marks” each for the AUTOMATIC X4 upright and the AIRBELT C3.1 canister. The X4 is considered industrial chic to the max. They also noted that it self adjusts to different carpet heights and bare floors. The C3.1 is considered to be sleek and have intense, but quiet, suction. See pages 114 and 115.

Real Simple Magazine:


September 2006 issue, gave the FELIX the “Product Spotlight,” and mentioned its solid and quiet performance, on pages 251 and 254.

Time Magazine:


December 2005 issue, placed the FELIX in its “Best Products of the Year” issue, on page 50.

SEBO Number 1 Dealer in the nation is

On February 10, 2013 - CEO, John Van Leuven of SEBO America, LLC Recognized

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