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SEBO Duo P Carpet Cleaner

SEBO Duo P Carpet Cleaning Machine:

This is the perfect addition to your SEBO vacuum!  The Duo P by SEBO lets you dry clean carpets and upholstery without the expensive cost of a cleaning company.  Have the freedom to spot clean whenever necessary!


This SEBO Accessory is an easy to use carpet cleaning machine that effectively cleans large or small carpeted areas. SEBO Duo Cleaning System removes stubborn stains from carpets & upholstery. Do it yourself and quickly clean high-traffic areas and stairs!

Built-in fiber protector, eliminates dust mite allergens, no detergent residue...

Carpet Cleaner

No need to move furniture, no carpet shrinking or mildew, no detergent residue,
Price $599.00

SEBO Carpet Cleaning Powder Duo PSEBO Duo P Carpet Cleaning BrushStop Dirt in its Tracks
Easy to use. Fast and effective. Alleviates House Dust Allergies. The carpet cleaner that removes virtually ANY kind of stain*

So easy to apply
To remove even the most stubborn stains, all you need to do is…

  • Spread a small amount of duo-P powder onto the soiled area

  • Gently work the powder into the carpet using the brush provided within the SEBO Clean Box 

  • Leave it to do its work.

If you want to clean larger carpet areas, you can save time and effort by using the SEBO duo brushing machine, which opens the carpet pile enabling the duo-P to clean around each separate fiber.

So easy to remove
Once the duo-P powder has absorbed all of the dirt after approximately 30 minutes (you can tell because the area will be dry to the touch), simply vacuum over the area to leave your carpet looking beautifully clean.

An added advantage in using Duo-P powder on your carpet is that once applied, a built-in fiber protector will help to protect against future damage from soiling or duo-P Carpet Cleaner staining. Of course, older or more stubborn stains may require further treatments. All you then need to do is simply repeat the process until the stain is completely removed. *will not remove stains that dyed the carpet fiber

What you should know:
In a long-term study performed by the German Association for Allergy Research (GAF), it was shown that 6 months after a single treatment of duo-P, 7 out of 10 carpets proved to be free of dust mite allergens.

You can clean only what is dirty. How much of your carpet actually gets walked on? if you are the average household or business, only 40% of your carpet gets walked on to a large extent. If you use a wet cleaning method, you have to clean every edge of the carpet. With the Duo, you can clean what is dirty -- traffic patterns, hallways, doorways, etc. and the Duo can blend in your other areas without having to clean wall to wall.

Refills Available
The SEBO Duo-P Clean Box is an environmentally friendly refillable container- when you have used the contents, you can replace the inner bag with an inexpensive refill pack of duo-P powder.

Duo P Refill Bags

SEBO DUO P 5.5 lb. Refill Bags (5 x 1.1 lb. bags)

SEBO DUO Carpet Cleaning Powder Refil Box - 5 Refil Bags!

Includes:  5.5lb Box covers 1,100 sq. foot. | Package contains 5 1.1lb packs

This amazing powder cleans carpets or upholstery to like new con- dition and removes even the most stubborn stains! It is made of polyurethane granules moistened w/ a cleaner and is environmentally friendly and safe to use. And, unlike other cleaning powders, no "pre-spray" is needed. (Tightly seal partially used packages after opening to maintain moisture.)

5 Refil Bags

Price $44.99

The Perfect Team: The SEBO duo Brush machine and the carpet cleaning powder duo-P.
Sebo duo Brush Carpet Cleaning Machine The dry cleaning system of SEBO is excellent for both spot cleaning and cleaning larger areas. And you can walk on the carpet during the process. SEBO brings hygienic freshness to your carpet.

SEBO Duo P Clean Box

SEBO DUO P Clean Box (1.1 lb.)

Why Use Dry SEBO Cleaning Powder? - Dry Clean Box

Includes: 1-Pack of Powder & Hand Brush Spotting Kit covers 110 sq. ft

Wet cleaning methods inject water and detergent into the carpet pile under pressure, and an extractor is used to collect the liquid and dissolved soil. It is impossible to remove all of the water and dissolved soil from a wet carpet. Many machines only remove 50% of the dirty water, so much of the remaining water soaks into the pad, potentially causing carpet damage and mold spores to grow.

1.1 lb Clean Box

Price $18.99
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