SEBO Electronic 370 Owner's Manual
Owner's Manual for the Electronic 370 Vacuum


Technical Details

Vacuum Motor - 8.6 amp Voltage: 120 volt Airflow (at motor) - 117 CFM
Filter Bag Capacity - 5.3 liters Brush Motor: 1.4 amp Brush Width: 12 3/4 inches
Brush drive: non-slip drive belt
   w/electronic overload protection
Brush strip: replaceable Height: 48 inches
Width: 14 inches Weight: 16 lbs  


Important Safety Instructions

When using an electrical appliance, basic precautions must always be followed.

To reduce the risk of electric shock, this vacuum cleaner has a polarized plug; one blade is wider than the other. This plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician to install the proper outlet. Do not change the plug in any way. Connect only to the outlet type specified on the serial number plate underneath the machine.


WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury:

  • Do not leave vacuum while plugged in. Unplug from outlet when not in use and before servicing.
  • Do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces.
  • Do not use near small children or pets. Do not allow to be used as a toy. Use of this product by children should always be supervised by an adult.
  • Use only as described in this manual. Use only manufacturer recommended attachments.
  • Do not use with a damaged cord or plug. If vacuum is not working as it should, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, take it to a SEBO service center.
  • Do not pull or carry by cord, use cord as a handle, close a door on cord, or pull cord around sharp edges or corners. Do not run vacuum over cord. Keep cord away from heated surfaces.
  • Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug, grasp the plug not the cord.
  • Do not handle plug or appliance with wet hands.
  • Do not put any object into vacuum openings. Do not use machine with any openings blocked. Keep openings free of lint, hair, and anything that may reduce air flow.
  • Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all parts of body away from openings and moving parts. Do not place fingers or other body parts under vacuum unless unplugged.
  • Do not puck up anything that is burning or smoking, such as cigarettes, matches, or hot ashes.
  • Do not use without dust bag and/or filters in place.
  • Turn off all controls before unplugging.
  • Use extra care when cleaning on stairs.
  • Do not use machine to vacuum up flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline or use in areas where they may be present.
  • Machines can cause a fire when operated near flammable vapors or materials. Do not operate this vacuum near flammable fluids, dust or vapors.
  • Maintenance and repairs must be done by qualified personnel.
  • Use only identical replacements parts. See instructions for Servicing of Appliances
  • Do not use machine as a step.
  • Do not leave machine in one place with machine turned on, for extended periods.
  • Do not use handle in the dust bag housing cover to carry the machine.

Important Safeguards

Accidents due to misuse can only be prevented by those using the machine. To guard against injury, basic safety precautions should be observed, including the following:

Read and follow all safety instructions.


This vacuum cleaner is designed to be safe when used to perform cleaning functions. Should damage occur to electrical or mechanical parts, cleaner should be repaired by SEBO or authorized SEBO dealer before using in order to avoid further damage to machine or physical injury to user.

A damaged power cord could cause electrical shock and/or fire. To minimize this possibility observe the
following precautions:

  • Do not run cleaner over power cord.

  • Avoid closing doors on power cord, pulling it around sharp edges, or placing sharp-edged objects
    upon it.

  • Wind cord no tighter than is necessary to retain it on the cord hooks.

  • When disconnecting power cord from electrical outlet, grasp the plug. Pulling it out by the cord itself
    can damage cord insulation and internal connections to plug.

Your vacuum cleaner creates suction and contains a revolving brush. To avoid bodily injury from suction or
moving parts, vacuum cleaner brush should not be placed against, or in close proximity of loose clothing, jewelry, hair or body surfaces while cleaner is connected to electrical outlet. Cleaner should not be used to vacuum clothing while it is being worn. keep children away from machine when in operation or plugged in.

If used on plush carpet or carpet with thick padding, turn off unit when handle is in upright position. When using accessory tools, keep floor brush off carpet by keeping handle in locked position and lowering handle with one hand to raise brush off floor. Operate accessories with other hand.

Always plug your cleaner into a standard wall outlet. Use of extension cord or light socket with inadequate
rent-carrying capacity could result in electric shock or fire hazard. Disconnect cleaner from electrical outlet before servicing, such as changing bags or filters. You could receive bodily injury from moving parts of machine should switch accidentally be turned on. Disconnect cleaner from electrical outlet before detaching power head.

Do not use your vacuum cleaner in areas where flammable and/or explosive vapor or dust is present to avoid possibility of fire or explosion. Some cleaning fluids can produce such vapors. Areas on which cleaning fluids have been used should be completely dry and thoroughly aired before being vacuumed.

To avoid fire hazard, do not pick up matches, fireplace ashes, or smoking material with cleaner.

Keep your work area well lighted to avoid picking up harmful materials (such as liquids, sharp objects, or burning substances) and avoid tripping accidents.

Use care when operating the cleaner on irregular surfaces such as stairs. A falling cleaner could cause bodily injury and/or mechanical damage. Proper storage of machine in an out-of-the-way area immediately after use will also prevent accidents caused by tripping over cleaner.

Store your vacuum indoors in a cool, dry area not exposed to the weather to avoid electrical shock and/or
cleaner damage.

Exercise strict supervision to prevent injury when using vacuum cleaner near children or when child is allowed to operate vacuum cleaner. Do not allow children to play with vacuum cleaner and never leave cleaner plugged in and unattended.


The quality, condition, coating, texture, age, and manufacturing technique of all floor surfaces vary. Therefore, upright vacuums with rotating brushes, including your SEBO, may damage some floor coverings or surfaces. High-gloss hardwood floors, Berber carpets, cushion vinyl, and some wool loop carpets are particularly vulnerable to damage by rotating brushes. When possible, consult the materials supplied by your floor's manufacturer for information on proper upkeep and cleaning. To ensure that your new SEBO vacuum cleaner is compat1ible with your floor, please test the vacuum cleaner on each type of flooring surface in a small inconspicuous area to determine if any damage occurs. If damage occurs, stop using vacuum cleaner immediately!

As with all vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes, holding the vacuum cleaner in a stationary position on the floor for an extended period of time may damage any type of flooring. Therefore, use a normal, continuous, back-and-forth motion when the vacuum is in use. When using the hose and attachments, make sure the handle is in the upright, locked position, and watch that the brush roller does not remain in contact with the flooring surface. Also, do not tilt the powerhead on to the floor when using the hose. These situations can cause marking or damage.

Do not re-use bags.
Do not wash filters.
Do not remove any screws.
Do not leave machine plugged-in when not in use.
Do not place brush head (powerhead) over rug / carpet edges.

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Operating Instructions

In addition, to the safety instructions, you should be aware of specific limitations of your machine.

Because of your machine's aggressive cleaning power, do not use the machine on long shag, delicate or hand woven carpets. These fine carpets may be damaged by the brushes.

Please try your machine in an inconspicuous spot of each kind of flooring it is supposed to be used on to determine whether the flooring is likely to face physical damage. If so, don't use machine.

Before turning on your machine, ensure that you have a firm hold on the handle grip to keep the machine from moving forward.
1. Turn the quick release cord hook in the up position.
2. Release the power cord plug from the power cord and lift the cord off the upper cord hook.

NOTE: To reduce the risk of electric shock, this machine has a polarized plug; one blade is wider than
the other. This plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet,
reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician to install the proper outlet. Do not change the plug in any way.

3. With the switch in the "0" (OFF) position, plug the polarized power cord into a 120 Volt outlet located
near the floor.

NOTE: Only connect to the outlet type specified on the serial number plate underneath the machine.

DO NOT plug in if switch is in the "I" (ON) position. Personal injury or damage could result
DO NOT use outlets above counters. Damage to items in the surrounding area could occur.

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Vacuum Maintenance

Always unplug the vacuum from outlet before dismantling any part of the machine.

Assembling the vacuum cleaner
Put the power head (9) on the floor with swivel neck (26) and support lever (27) upright. Turn the locking catch (10) on tile filter bag housing (20) to the left and place it carefully on the swivel neck and the support lever. Then turn the locking catch back. To lock the handle turn the handle catch (16) at the handle joint of the filter bag housing (20) forward, then slide the handle assembly (2) in as far as possible and lock it with the handle catch. Insert the attachment tube (19) into its storage position on the side of the machine. The attachment tube handle (15) must be placed on the projection (24). Slide the proper end of the hose into the tube (19). To connect the hose with the filter bag housing insert the black hose end into the connecting tube (25) and slide it in completely. To unlock the hose press the retaining ring (13) at the projecting sections.


Brush control
The electronic brush control monitors the operation of the brush.
Green light: Brush correctly set and running.
Green light and red light: Adjust the brush setting by turning the Pile adjustment knob (23) to a lower number. If the lights still show at position number one the brush strip is worn out and must be replaced.
Red light: The brush has become blocked and is not turning. Switch off. Unplug from the outlet and clear the blockage.

Filter level indicator
If warning light (3) comes on, check
a: is the dust bag full?
b: is there a blockage in the hose or power head?

Swivel neck latch
To release the machine from the upright position depress the foot pedal (11).

Changing the paper bag
If red light (3) shows, change paper filter bag. To do this first pull cover release latch (5) forward and lift the cover from the dust bag housing. Slide the dust bag sealing plate (28) from the holder (29). Slide the sealing plate (28) of a new bag into the holder and push firmly in. Insert cover into dust bag housing. Push it forward then lock it in place by pushing down the cover release latch.

Changing the motor filter
Hospital Grade Filter (30, Part-No. 1875) needs to be replaced after using 20 filter bags to maintain HIGH GRADE FILTRATION. Lift the front of the filter slightly and slide it out of its slot. Insert a new Hospital Grade Filter. N. B. The Hospital Grade Filter is not washable.

Changing the exhaust filter
Change the exhaust filter (31. Part-No. 1878) always with the motor filter (30). Press the button and slide the exhaust cover (6) to the side. Never use the machine without correctly attached filters.

Clearing blockages
Blockages in the hose can be cleared by taking the hose off the machine and reversing it in the connecting tube (25), holding it upright with one hand blocking the top and switching on the machine. If necessary rapidly lift your hand on and off the end of the hose.

Changing the brush strip
To replace brush strip: Remove brush strip cover (32). Turn brush roller so that the brush strip can then be pulled out. Ensure that the new brush strip is fully inserted. Replace the brush strip before the bristles wear down to the level of the support rod.

CAUTION - Maintenance and repairs must be done by qualified personnel.
WARNING - To reduce the risk of electric shock - unplug before cleaning or servicing.

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Schematics and Parts List

See the Sebo Electronic 370 Schematics.

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