SEBO ET-2 Powerhead
#9250AM and #9259AM


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White SEBO ET-2 Powerhead (#9259AM)

Red SEBO ET-2 Powerhead (#9250AM)

White Sebo ET-2 #9259AM Powerhead great for cleaning carpets and hardwood floors.

Green Label Approved by Carpet & Rug Institute!

Carpets & Hard Floors!

White Sebo ET-2 #9250AM Power Head

Price $319.00

SEBO ET-2 #9259AM
Color: White


Dimensions: 14 ¾" wide, 13" Cleaning Path

Product Description: The SEBO ET-2 Powerhead aggressively cleans carpets and hard floors. The brush roller may be turned off to clean delicate rugs & hard surfaces. Along with its ability to deep clean floors, the SEBO ET-2 Powerhead is equipped with the most amazing steering capabilities that provide easy maneuverability around furniture. A smart “L-shaped” head is designed specifically to make edge cleaning effective and easy!


Also included, is a convenient clog removal door & an orange warning light with automatic shut off for brush roller obstructions. Warning light remains illuminated during use if brush height is set too high or when the brush roller should be replaced because of wear.
Brush Roller Replacement:  Replacing the Brush Roller on your SEBO ET-2 Powerhead is quite simple. SEBO engineered the brush roller housing for easy removal. Also they have performed years of quality and durability, longevity & overall deep cleaning.

Sebo ET-2 Powerhead Replacement ET-2 Brush Roller

Price $41.00
SEBO ET-2 Brush Roller
Replacement (#2838AM)
Central Vacuum Wand Adapter This item is necessary if you are looking to use this power head with a central vacuum cleaner.

SEBO Central Vacuum Wand Adapter

Price $30.49
Central Vac Wand Adapter
Item No: #2780AM

We also sell SEBO Power Heads for Central Vacuums

SEBO ET-2 #9250AM (RED)
Red Sebo ET-2 #9250AM Power Head

German Precision Motor Engineering
German engineering Powerhead motors.

 Price $319.00
SEBO ET-2 Powerhead
Color: Red


Deep Cleaning

Sebo ET-2 Powerheads offer deep cleaning of your carpets that only a thorough brushing can offer. For a real groomed carpet look the SEBO ET-2 Powerhead makes your carper look new again. Fantastic for pet hair, pet dander, dust, dirt, dust mites and their eggs.


Wider "L-Shaped" Head (14 ¾" Wide)

Wider head allows for optimal cleaning and maneuverability around furniture, under cabinets, & the extension side of the head cleans & brushes right to the edge.


Brush On/Off Switch

The green "power" light positioned on top of the power head is also an on/off switch. By pressing it, you may manually turn on or off the brush on the power head for cleaning hard floors or carpet.


Brush Roller Obstruction - Auto Shut Off

If the SEBO ET-2 Brush Roller is obstructed, the power head will shut off in 3 seconds, the amber light located on the top of the power head will illuminate, and the brush roller will stop rotating. The Overload protector reacts quickly to shut off and protect the belt and motor if jammed. When the clogging object is removed & reset button pressed, vacuuming can resume.


Manual Height Adjustment

The SEBO ET-2 power head brush height may be adjusted for high carpet (dial setting 4) & progressively lower to bare floors (dial setting 1). The amber light located on top of the power head will illuminate if the height setting is too high.


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