SEBO ET-H Powerhead
#9257AM and #9256AM


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Red SEBO ET-H Power Head (#9257AM)

White SEBO ET-H Power Head (#9256AM)

Two sided edge cleaning Red Sebo ET-H #9257AM Powerhead

Red Sebo ET-H #9257AM


Color: Red

Dimensions: 11 ¾" wide, 11 ½" Cleaning Path

Product Description: The SEBO ET-H Power Head offers an advanced “T-shaped” head. Unlike the “L-shaped” head on other SEBO ET Series models, the “T-Shape” offers two-sided edge cleaning with variable brush pressure adjustment that provides optimal cleaning of carpets including hard floors.

The SEBO ET-H Powerhead #2758AM Brush Roller cannot be manually switched off. The SEBO ET-H has 180° maneuverable steering mechanism helps to easily clean around obstacles and furniture.

Two sided edge cleaning White Sebo ET-H #9256AM Powerhead

White Sebo ET-H #9256AM


Color: White

Dimensions: 11 ¾" wide, 11 ½" Cleaning Path

Automatic Shut Off Protection: If an obstruction begins to jam the brush roller, an orange warning light, located next to the green "power light," illuminates and the brush roller immediately stops spinning.


This prevents the belt from breaking and protects the German made motor and your carpet from damage. Similar to other ET models the SEBO ET-H Powerhead #9257AM & #9256AM also have easy brush roller removal and a convenient clog removal door.

SEBO Replacement Brush Roller Set #2758AM

Sebo ET-H Brush Roller Set #2758AM

Price $31.99
SEBO ET-H Brush Roller
Replacement Set (#2758AM)
Replacing the ET-H Brush Roller on your SEBO Powerhead is quite simple. SEBO engineered the ET-H Brush Roller housing for easy removal. Also they have performed years of quality, durability, longevity and overall deep cleaning tests.
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