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The SEBO Felix
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SEBO Felix Vacuum video ReviewThe SEBO Felix, unlike any other vacuum in the world. Designed and manufactured in Germany, this amazing vacuum is packed with features you won't find anywhere else. Clean faster with the stylish vacuum that's both powerful and smart. Today's vast flooring choices demand a different more versatile kind of vacuum. The problem is, hardwood, delicate carpets and rugs require straight suction provided by SEBO Canister type vacuums but, most carpeting requires the aggressive brush roller action of a SEBO Upright Vacuum to lift debris and restore the pile.

The Felix is designed to clean all kinds of flooring from hardwood, tile and vinyl to carpets and area rugs. Part of its uniqueness is its ability to switch from powerful Brush Roller action for carpet to straight suction for hard surfaces with the push of a button. As you move from carpet to hardwood, simply push the brush roller power button. The brush will stop spinning and you can then vacuum using straight suction only. No switching vacuums, just push the button and continue cleaning.

The SEBO Felix Power Head has four levels of adjustment and a censor that tells you when you've reached the proper height for optimal cleaning. For more floor cleaning options the power head can be removed and specialized heads can be attached like the Premium Parquet Nozzle included with the Felix.

SEBO Felix Classic Video ReviewReplaceable Stationary Brush Strips gently clean hard floors, sweeping up dust and debris while the rubber coated wheels help protect your flooring. The swivel neck of the power head and specialty heads moves from right to left, vertical to horizontal and everywhere in between. The SEBO Felix fits around, in between and under furniture. Rotate the housing out of the way to vacuum around furniture legs. Lower the vacuum flat to the floor to fit under beds.

SEBO Felix Ice Blue Video ReviewWith edge to edge cleaning ability the Felix cleans fast and efficiently but, that's not all this amazing vacuum does to make your cleaning easier. Slide in the adjustable handle, remove the head and the Felix transforms into a lightweight powerful suction unit that can be carried wherever you need it... Easily cleaning stairs, upholstery, blinds and car interiors. To use the attachment hose just pull the hose handle out. No need to shut off the vacuum or change parts. SEBO Attachments are easy to insert and remove.

The variable slider mounted conveniently on the adjustable handle lets you control the amount of suction. Power it up for deep cleaning and for removing pet hair. Slide it down for delicate rugs, curtains and upholstery. The Felix alerts you to clogs, full Filter Bags, a worn brush, and improper height adjustment. If a brush roller jam occurs the motor will shut off protecting the motor and prolonging the life of the vacuum.

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