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Hayden is considered as a global leader when it comes to central vacuum systems. Hayden vacuum products are owned and manufactured by Canplas LLC and Canplas Industries Ltd. Canplas Industries Ltd., and Canplas LLC are both members of the Aliaxis Group, which is considered as a worldwide leader of building materials.


Hayden vacuum products are famous across the globe because of the technology used for making them super-efficient like the SuperPack™ cleaning tools and SuperVac™ cyclonic system. This is not all as Hayden also offers a full range of valves and fittings that work in a dual voltage situation and are known as SuperValve™. Hayden is one of the largest OEM suppliers for manufacturers of built-in vacuum. Hayden’s direct market for vacuum cleaners, parts, and distribution is in over 20 countries across the world.


Top Products by Hayden

Some of the top central vacuum cleaners by Hayden include:


Hayden SuperVac 6000 Central System Vacuum with attachment kit

Hayden offers top-of-the-line SuperVac™ and SuperSystem™ series of central vacuum systems. These systems have been created to provide sustained cleaning power, have low maintenance, and will offer several years of reliable and efficient performance. SuperVac™ technology by Hayden refers to the vacuum power unit and is normally situated in the garage or utility room thus reducing noise. SuperVac™ power unit of Hayden central vacuum consists of a cyclonic separator cone as well as a cartridge filter for enhancing dirt removal.


The Hayden SuperVac™ Model 6000 has a motor that has been designed to run on the regular current. It has been built in such a way that it can perform to its optimal efficiency in a home of any size with utmost ease. The specifications of the Hayden SuperVac™ Model 6000 are:


·  484 Airwatts

·  100 CFM airflow

·  137" Waterlift

·  18L Dirt Capacity

·  VacTrack™ Included

·  Cyclonic and cartridge filtration

·  Pleated cartridge filter included

·  It is recommended for up to 7,000 square feet homes


When buying the Hayden SuperVac™ Model 6000, you will have the opportunity to choose your kit depending on your requirement. You can choose from the following:


·  Power Nozzle with headlight

·  Attachment Holder

·  Vinyl Tool Caddy

·  Hose Hanger

·  Dusting Brush

·  Floor Brush

·  Upholstery Nozzle


Some of the other popular central vacuum systems by Hayden include:


1. Hayden 2400 SuperVac™

2. Hayden 3600 SuperVac™

3. Hayden 6000T Tall Boy Kit

4. Hayden 7000 SuperVac™ Premier

5. Hayden SuperVac™ Premier Central Vacuum Unit



Reasons for buying Hayden vacuum products

Hayden offers some of the top vacuum solutions and products in the world. Here are some of the reasons why Hayden Vacuum Systems are so popular:


Facts of Hayden Central Vacuum System:
Hayden central vacuum systems have been manufactured or built in such a way that it can remove visible as well as invisible dirt and make your home cleaner. Some of the facts of Hayden central vacuum systems include:


·  The power unit will be situated outside your living area leading to zero noise

·  Fine and invisible dust particles will be vented outside your home

·  There will be no recirculation of the dust from inside the home into your living area

·  It will help in greatly reducing the levels of dust mite droppings, which cause asthma symptoms

·  It will be able to efficiently expel any contaminant or gases outside your living area


Hayden's Cyclonic Dirt Separation:
The Cyclonic dirt separation technology enables the Hayden vacuum systems to offer high performance and efficiency. Some of the finer aspects of Hayden’s cyclonic dirt separation feature include:


·  You will enjoy sustained and efficient cleaning performance every time you use the vacuum. Even when the dirt receptacle is full, you will get a high degree of performance.

·  You will never have to change, buy, or replace the filters and bags.

·  The advanced filtration technology offered by Hayden will protect the motor and thus enable performance and increase its life.


SuperVac™: SuperVac is a technology that is an integral part of all central vacuum systems offered by Hayden. SuperVac has a centralized architecture and it promotes advanced filtration, which helps in maximizing airflow. If you are using a Hayden vacuum with SuperVac™ technology then you will never require bags. You will have to simply empty the SuperVac™ dirt receptacle thrice a year. In traditional or conventional vacuum cleaners, you have to change bags or clean them after use each time, which is not the case in Hayden. If you are wondering why SuperVac™ needs filters then the reason is that, these filters help in protecting the motor and the fans from dust buildup.


Two filtration stages: Hayden vacuum systems have two filtration stages, which are dual-cyclonic and secondary cartridge filtration. Dual cyclonic filtration enables the air to be forced into a swirl (like in a cyclone) the moment it enters the vacuum canister. While the air is swirling within the canister, 95% of the dirt accumulated at the bottom of the swirl is ejected into the dirt container. After the dirt falls into the container, it passes through a separator cone, which also prevents the air swirl from reaching the bottom. As a result, the air moves towards the vacuum exhaust while forming a second swirl. During the air exhausting stage, it also passes through another type of filtration known as cartridge filtration. The finer particles of the dust are captured here before being exhausted outdoors. The size of the Hayden cartridge filter is around 7 square feet, which is almost 2-3 times larger than the cloth filter bags found in standard central vacuums. To learn more about filtration...Click here


HEPA: HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particle Arrestor, and some of the top vacuum systems in the world use HEPA filters to enable the removal of invisible dust particles from the indoor air. There are basically two types of particles: visible and invisible. Visible particles can be easily removed by most vacuum cleaners including the portable cleaners but it is the invisible and fine particles that cause more damage to the health. In order to achieve a completely dust free environment, HEPA filters are used in vacuum systems. Typically, indoor air, consist of fine particles that are small enough to even pass through HEPA filters, and that’s where Hayden provides extra protection. Hayden central vacuum systems ensure that these fine particles are harmlessly removed outdoors so that you can have a completely clean environment indoors.


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