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What is a Central Vacuum and
How to Pick The Right One

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners. Canister vacuums, uprights, robot vacuum cleaners, and central vacuums. Now, a central vacuum is a vacuum cleaning system that is installed inside your home. Like central air-conditioning, a central vacuum system offers ease in vacuuming, besides allowing you to clean your house whenever you want with little or no fuss or mess.


Central Vacuum Systems

If you are an avid fan of Hollywood movies, you’ve probably seem scenes when a maid is cleaning one room to the other with just a hose attached to a wall. As the maid starts vacuuming the area, you’ll notice all the dust and dirt getting collected somewhere beyond the wall. That’s thanks to central vacuum systems. Central vacuums are popular and feasible if you have a large home with many rooms, pets, and children. This vacuum system gives you freedom to clean your spaces without hassle and also makes the resale value of the home go up. So, here’s some more detailed information on what you need to know about central vacuum systems and how you can pick the right machine for your home.


About Central Vacuum Systems

A central vacuum system is made up of different parts put together to function as a single, impressive, and powerful unit. The primary part of a CVS is its power unit. The power unit is typically installed in a part of your home that is not used regularly, such as the garage or utility room. The power unit can also be called as the heart of the CVS and if this stops working, your central vacuum system will cease. Then there are the tubes that stem out of the power unit and are placed within most walls of your home. This eliminates the need to carry the entire vacuum with you from one room to another. As you move from room to room, you will just need to pick and carry the hose and the necessary attachments as desired for cleaning the spaces. One end of the hose that has an attachment that goes into the receptacle on your rooms’ wall.


Whenever you want to buy a CVS, the best way to do is by reading central vacuum reviews that give you an honest insight into which CVS to buy. While most CVS eliminate the need to empty out the dirt bag or change it ever so frequently, they also help you save time and effort during the cleaning process. Reading central vacuum system ratings will help you learn if a particular CVS does require certain amount of maintenance etc. Most central vacuum ratings are based on various aspects of the system and we’ll discuss this below.


Why Central Vacuum Systems

When checking central vacuum reviews make sure you read why a particular brand of CVS is the best one to buy and if it does any/all of the following.

1.  Removes dust and dirt from your rooms completely and doesn’t allow it to be re-circulated. This means you’ll have to vacuum at shorter intervals.

2.  Has a very quiet function, allowing you to carry a normal conversation or a telephone conversation without having to scream over the machine.

3.  Promises to deliver easy handling

4.  Is very effective in ensuring that the air in your home is clean, clear, and allergy free allowing for asthmatics etc to breathe easy.

5.  Has a very powerful working action. More powerful than canister or upright vacuum cleaners.

6.  Is efficient, effective, and quick

7.  Helps you save time and effort

8.  Has long hose that allows to clean large rooms without any bother

9.  Comes with money back or exchange/replacement warranty

10. Is priced competitively


Once you have checked these points, you can go ahead and buy a good central vacuum cleaning system. Central vacuum systems are more expensive that regular uprights or canister vacuums because of their features and power output.


Advantages of Central Vacuum Systems

·   More powerful – unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner where you need to carry the motor and suction fan with you from room to room during the cleaning process, a central vacuum system gives you freedom. Since the power unit – fan and motor – are fixed in place, you get more powerful suction from a stronger motor and larger fan. This leads to better cleaning, less effort, and time saving.


·   More thorough – Central vacuum systems are more thorough. The dirty air sucked in by a CVS is pushed out of your house directly or filtered out with an indoor muffler/exhaust filter. This means that the air inside your home is much cleaner and allergy free for longer. Moreover, the cleaning is so methodical that that even the microscopic particles of dust are removed with a sweat. Central vacuum systems are popular as they ensure good health of your family and loved ones, especially babies, children, and seniors.


·   More efficient – Because of their size and power, CVS have a two stage filtration process that makes cleaning more efficient. The first stage ensure than 90% of all the dust is removed from the air by what is known as a ‘cyclone effect.’ The 2nd stage involves the process of using a self-cleaning filter to remove the remaining dust and dirt particles. The debris is captured in a large-sized removable dust container underneath. This container should be dumped out a few times through the year.


What you must remember is that when you install and use a CVS for the first time to clean the carpets and upholstery, you’ll need to dump out the container more frequently as all the accumulated dust and grit is removed with its powerful suction.


·   More quieter – Central vacuums are quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners as they are placed away from the most used areas in your home, like the garage. No longer will you have to scream over the vacuum motor to be heard, nor will you have to turn up the volume of the radio to full in order to hear your favorite songs. With CVS you can talk in a normal tone and be heard without any difficulty.


So, with so many excellent features, a central vacuum is definitely the vacuum cleaner you’ve been looking for!

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