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Household Vacuums - Canister or Upright, Which One Is Right For You

As homes get smaller, household closets are getting cramped. But that nothing to worry about! Some of the latest household products such as vacuum cleaners are designed for compact storage systems, while a few others are a combination of canister as well as upright features. More effective, efficient, and giving excellent cleaning performance, these household vacuums are designed to last and kills germs, besides other promising features.


However, the one question that may bring a frown to your forehead could be: ‘canister or upright, which household vacuum cleaner is right for me?’ Why fret, let’s find out what are the differences between canister vacuums and upright vacuums so that you can buy the right one for your home.


Getting Started

A market that is thriving in new designs, array of features, and a device that hardly resembles the good old vacuum cleaner of before…the going is definitely tough! From Sebo to Hoover to Electrolux, Bosch, Miele, there are many companies that manufactures both upright vacuums as well as canister vacuums. So what do you do? How do you differentiate amongst the wide range to buy the best one for you? Some of the criteria you should consider are:

1..  Size of your home

2.  Types of surfaces to be cleaned (woolen: carpets, fabric: sofas & curtains, wooden floors etc)

3.  Amount of dust in your home (children, pets like dogs, cats, etc contribute towards more than regular amount of dust)

4.  Frequency of use (everyday, alternate days, weekly, etc)

5.  Space available for storing the vacuum cleaner

6.  Price

7.  Features: self cleaning filter, HEPA, etc.


Typically, you will find that a good brand of vacuum cleaner can be yours for within $400.


Types of Household Vacuums

There are more than 2 types of household vacuum cleaners. Canisters, upright, central, robotic vacuum cleaners are the more popular types. However, we’ll discuss the two most popular types – canister and upright vacuum cleaners in this article.


Canister Vacuums

Canisters and uprights have been rivals for long. So far, people who wanted to clean hard surfaces opted for canister vacuums. However, now it’s pretty much a level playing field.


Pros of Canister Vacuums

1.  Today’s canister vacuum cleaners come with attachments that make it easy to clean hardwood, stone surfaces and carpeted floors.

2.  They also come with other attachments that make it easy to clean upholstery, curtains, and stairs.

3.  They are compact, stylish, and powerful.

4.  Canister vacuums can easily get under furniture, around difficult corners etc because of their ease of handling.

5.  They give a quiet performance and don’t hurt the ears.

6.  With a canister vacuum cleaner you only need to move the power-head and the hose around, without moving the entire machine.

7.  They have many valuable features that are worth their price

8.  They have a dual-part design that makes them easy to move within the house

9.  Canisters have a powerful sucking action that allows for removal of dust and dirt even in the smallest of spaces.

10. You can easily dump out the dust bag and not have to deal with the dirt you just cleaned. Some canister models are bagless.

11. Household vacuum cleaners like canisters are more focused on providing customers an efficient and hard working motor.


Cons of Canister Vacuums

1. They are slightly heavier as compared with upright vacuums.

2. The hose and the wand can make storing the canister vacuums tricky

3. They are more expensive than upright vacuum cleaners


Upright Vacuums

One of the most popular household vacuum cleaners; uprights are considered the traditional type of cleaners. They come out before canister vacuum cleaners.


Pros of Upright Vacuums

1.  Most classic or traditional type of household vacuum

2.  They are easier to store

3.  Are small in size and shape

4.  Provide a wider cleaning area than canister vacuums

5.  Excellent for cleaning plush, deep carpets

6.  Household vacuum cleaners like uprights are lightweight and convenient to carry.

7.  Have a very powerful motor action for better suction

8.  High quality uprights have larger dirt bag capacity and thus can hold large amount of dust and dirt with any spill-over.

9.  Comes with long cord, extra tools for different types of cleaning requirements

10. Requires little maintenance

11. Cheaper in price as compared with canister vacuums


Cons of Upright Vacuum

1. Very noisy operation

2. Need to carry entire machine to get work done


Things to Remember Before Buying A Household Vacuum Cleaner

Some of the things you must keep in mind before you pay for a vacuum cleaner are:

1.  Easy to carrying around. Some models may be easier to carry in the showroom, but make sure they are easy to lug around in your home, especially if you are buying an upright unit.

2.  Most vacuums come with HEPA filters. However, double check to make sure that yours has a HEPA filter or not.

3.  Decide on whether you want a bagless or bag vacuum cleaner. Bagless vacuums are more expensive. Bag vacuum cleaners are easy to use as well, and you won’t have to dump out the dirt and dust on regular basis.

4.  Before you buy a vacuum cleaner, you must check out the amount of noise its motor produces. Don’t buy a vacuum cleaner that makes more than 80 decibels of noise as this can be damaging for your ears. Buy canister vacuums to protect your ears.

5.  Price and style. These two have got to be the most important things to look for before buying your household vacuum cleaner. There are many stylish, compact and cheap cleaners in the market. Buy the one that you like and that offers you a good mix of features and quality for a fair price.


The Last Word

If you are not tight for space or money, go for canister vacuum cleaners. Stylish, effective, powerful, functional, and long lasting canister vacuum cleaners are noiseless and make vacuuming the house an easy chore. On the other hand, upright units are preferred for their ease of storage and economical pricing.


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