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Learning About Central Vacuum Systems

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We know that every customer has different needs and that is why Think Vacuums created our DIY Knowledge Base and Learning Center. You've made the decision to start shopping for a central vacuum, currently own a system, or like doing things yourself. Whether you need technical assistance, want to be better informed, or would like to speak with an expert, we've done our best to include all the helpful central vacuum information that you may require. 1.800.322.2965

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Top 5 Vacuum Questions & Topics
Learn About Household, Commercial, and Central Vacuums

  1. Why Buy a Central Vacuum
  2. Advantages of Backpack Vacuum
  3. What Are Commercial Vacuum
  4. Household Vacuums, Canisters or Uprights; Which One Is Right For You
  5. What is a Central Vacuum and How to Pick The Right One

Learn About Central Vacuum Manufacturers

Helpful Central Vacuum Links

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Eureka Central Vacuums

Filtex Central Vacuums

Hayden Central Vacuums

Honeywell Central Vacuums

Hoover Central Vacuums

NuTone Central Vacuums

PowerStar Central Vacuums

PurVac Central Vacuums

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Simplicity Central Vacuums

Vacuflo Central Vacuums

Zenex Central Vacuums

Troubleshooting Your Central Vacuum

Central Vacuum Quick Installation Tips

Central Vacuum Definitions

Compare All Central Vacuums

Recommended Central Vacuum Systems

Venting A Central Vacuum

Central Vacuums: Bag vs. Bagless

Truth About Cyclonic Vacuum Systems

Going Green - Drainvac Central Vacuum Systems

central vacuum installation example

Central Vacuum Videos from ThinkVacuums.com

Bagged or Bagless Central Vacuum

Select The Right Central Vacuum Pipe

THINK GREEN - Central Vacuums in Your Home

Example of a Bad Central Vacuum Motor

How To Install A Central Vacuum System

Installing A Central Vacuum System: 1 of 2

Installing A Central Vacuum System: 2 of 2

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