Best Miele Vacuum for Pets

Best Miele Vacuum for Pets

Miele Vacuum It’s no secret that we’re fans of Miele’s canister vacuums; we take them on most works that don’t explicitly need vertical vacuums, and we’ve taken the time to review approximately every canister they currently have on the market. Nevertheless, Miele also makes upright vacuums, and one of these–the Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog–is marketed as the upright equivalent of our preferred pet vacuum cleaner, the Complete C3 Cat & Dog. We’ll save you some time and let you know that the Complete C3 Cat & Dog is a far superior device for dealing with pet fur and dander; though, it also costs several hundred more than the Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog. Consequently, today we’re going to compare the Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog to the Compact C2 Electro+; both costs just under $600, and both are marketed as capable, do-anything equipment. Which is the best vacuum for pet care below $600? If you’re in a hurry and ready to purchase, it’s the Electro+. If you can stretch your budget to $900, it is the Complete C3 Cat & Dog. Read on to discover why.

Reasons to Purchase the Miele Compact C2 Electro+

It might seem strange to have a canister vacuum that’s not specifically marketed as a pet-focused vacuum cleaner compared to an upright that is, but we couldn’t in good conscience recommend the Dynamic U1 for the money when we knew that there were devices that did a significantly better task while also slotting into the same price range. The Compact C2 Electro+ is a simplified version of the Complete C3 Cat and Dog, which is the vacuum cleaner the Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog unsuccessfully tries to emulate. What this means is that you’ll get most of the performance of the C3 by purchasing the C2 instead of buying the U1. How do we recognize this? We own all three and utilized them together when writing this review.

For beginners, the Electro+ distinguished itself from the Dynamic U1 by greater levels of reliability. Instead of attempting to figure out why suction had dropped for the umpteenth time, we just went on our way cleaning. We cleaned St. Bernard kennels. We cleaned households with Irish Setters and Wolfhounds. We cleaned pet-friendly hotels with all types of cats, dogs, and exotic parrots, and it didn’t skip a beat. It didn’t clean quite as well as the Complete C3 Cat & Dog; we had to make a few more passes in specific areas because the electro brush in the Electro+ (the SEB 217-3) wasn’t quite as effective at pulling fur from medium-pile carpeting as that in the C3 Cat & Dog (the SEB 228). We also noticed a huge difference when tackling pet dander and fur in high-pile carpeting (this was possible in the C3 Cat & Dog but a frustrating experience in the Electro+), which made sense because the Electro+ isn’t recommended for high-pile carpeting while the C3 Cat & Dog is. Though, aside from these issues, it was clearly the superior equipment compared to the Dynamic U1; it worked as well in most surfaces and was far more dependable in the long term.

Which is the Best Vacuum for Pets Below $600? The U1 Cat and Dog or C2 Electro+?

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pets We recommend the Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog with care. It’s competent, but in most respects, flawed vacuum. If you’re searching for the best vacuum for pet hair, we’d wholeheartedly recommend the canister counterpart to the U1, the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog. Nevertheless, it costs several hundred more, which makes it a difficult upgrade if you’re set on spending under $600 (although we’d argue the savings are more than worth it in the long term).

If you’re unconditionally set on spending less than $600, we’d honestly recommend the Compact C2 Electro+. While not explicitly marketed as pet equipment, we found it did much better work in handling fur, dander, and overall cleaning. To put it simply, it’s a better designed and more effective device for the money. We’d only recommend the Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog if you absolutely required an upright vacuum.

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