The Best Vacuum for Cat and Dog Hair

Having pets in the home can be frustrating when it comes to cleaning. Dust and debris are often tracked through the house when pets are involved, and hair can easily get attached to carpet, upholstery, and can accumulate on bare flooring.

If you want your home to be clean and healthy, then you’ll need the best vacuum for cat hair and animal hair. The Miele cat and dog vacuum is a great option with some impressive features that make it perfect for cleaning your home.


 #1 Miele Cat and Dog Hair Vacuum:  View the Miele CX1 Cat and Dog

The New Bagless Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog Canister offers powerful cleaning performance with it's innovated Mono-Cyclon Vortex Technology. This model is specifically suited for homes with pile carpeting, bare flooring, and homes with pets. The Cat & Dog Bagless Canister was designed to deeply clean and remove unwanted pet hair from carpets, bare flooring and upholstery. Combined with Mieles high-quality filtration system, floor nozzles, and integrated tools, the Miele Cat & Dog Canister will give you exceptional cleaning results every time. View All Miele CX1 Blizzard Models and Tools



Miele Makes One of the Best Vacuums for Cat Hair

Cat hair and dog hair can be a nightmare to clean if you don’t have the right vacuum. In many cases, you could be left frustrated, using brushes or even wasteful adhesive roll cleaners to remove hair and debris from furniture and carpets. The Miele CX1 cat hair vacuum is the ideal solution, offering powerful suction that has been designed for general cleaning as well as specialized cat and dog hair cleaning.

This cat hair vacuum has 1,200 watts of power which can be adjusted to provide four different levels of suction. You’ll have the perfect amount of power for any cleaning job and on any surface.

Airflow on this vacuum is highly impressive, with total velocity hitting speeds over 62 miles per hour. Cleaning power is as good as commercial vacuums and even expensive central vacuum units. If you are cleaning any room in the home, even without the presence of pet hair, then you will find this to be one of the most powerful vacuums that you’ve ever used.

Of course, its specialty is cat hair vacuuming, so let’s take a look at how this model can do it so well.

The Benefit of a Cat Vacuum Designed for Hygienic Cleaning

Miele Vacuums for Cat HairPet hair can cause respiratory irritation and accumulated hair can become a breeding ground for insects. Standard vacuums with dust collection bags allow hair and debris to sit for weeks or even months, to the point where the bag itself can become a minor biological hazard.

A bagless system like the one found on the Miele cat and dog vacuum eliminates the problem of hair collecting and then staying inside your vacuum for extended periods. The dust canister can be emptied after each use, so your vacuum will never become contaminated. There are other features like the HEPA lifetime filter which prevents allergens from re-entering the air in your home, and the CX1 model even features a self-cleaning option that is automatically activated when sensors inside the vacuum are triggered.

Like a regular vacuum, the Miele cat and dog vacuum can be paired with several helpful accessories that are perfect for cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, tiles, upholstery, and even the inside of your car.

If you want the easiest and most effective way to remove cat and dog hair from your home, then the Miele CX1 is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market.

Key System Features When You Choose This Industry Leading Vacuum for Cat Hair

There are several innovative features in the CX1, some of which we have touched on already. For your easy reference as you are considering this vacuum, here are the top features at a glance…

  • Gentle start motor which slowly applies power and increases the operating lifetime of the vacuum.

  • Overheating protection that shuts the vacuum down when there are blockages or other faults.

  • One touch fast cord rewind for easy pack-down after cleaning.

  • Telescoping wand with anti-static discharge to prevent minor shocks.

  • 360-degree swivel wheels that make it easier to maneuver the vacuum around your home.

  • HEPA cleaning filter which lasts a lifetime and removes 99.99% of particles that could re-enter the air through your vacuum exhaust.

  • Hygienic emptying with a simple-motion dust container.

Get a Better, Healthier, and More Comfortable Home with a Cat Hair Vacuum

If you have pets, then you owe it to yourself and your family to have an efficient vacuum that cleans your home of all pet hair. The Miele cat and dog vacuum is perfect for use anywhere in your home, and it’s the best choice on the market today if you want exceptional cleaning for regular vacuuming and pet hair removal. 

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