Did You Know Miele Canister and Upright Vacuum Cleaners Are Top-of-the-Line?

You may not be familiar with the Miele brand of canister and upright vacuum cleaners. Most retail stores stock other brands because they are priced lower and create a lot of sales. However, the old adage “You get what you pay for” is certainly true for vacuum cleaners. If you want one that is powerful, reliable, and durable, don’t buy a “cheap” model or you may be replacing it every few years. Spend a little more and get a lot more with a Miele canister or upright vacuum cleaner.

Why Miele Vacuums Are Top-of-the-Line Cleaning Machines

Miele Blizzard CX1 TurboTeam Bagless

Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog White

To start, Miele vacuums have the best motors in the industry that provide powerful suction, use tough and durable housing, contain long-lasting wheels, and come with well-made tools. One of the most attractive benefits of this brand is their 5-year warranty on parts and labor and 10-year warranty on motors and casings. In general, this is a superior warranty compared to other brands.

Since 1899, the Miele Company has never stopped its imaginative and innovative approach to reaching new heights in the vacuum cleaner industry. They design all their products to deliver exceptional quality and durability. The company’s promise to its dealers and customers is “Forever Better,” and they continue to live up to it.

According to consumer reports, Miele canister vacuums never let their customer down because they meet the highest standards of performance and convenience, and management of the company refuses to make any compromises on the quality of their products. This German-made brand of cleaning machine delivers cleaning power unsurpassed by the competition. The vacuums not only work superbly, but they also radiate the appearance of luxury and quality.

Canister Vacuums

Miele top-of-the-line vacuums equate to the best appliances on the market today. They differentiate their many cleaners by their sizes, features, and prices. The canister series includes:

  • S2 Series – These products offer high power at low cost. They use bags, feature three controls and rotary dials for adjusting the suction power, and contain a vario clip for the tools and attachments.
  • S5 Series – These vacuums offer an electric powerhead for higher performance on carpets. Many models use a HEPA filter for superior air cleaning. They feature from three to six levels of suction power with either rotary dials, foot pedal controls, or controls on the handle. Series S5 models cost more than series S2 but deliver more suction.
  • S6 Series – These models offer more advanced features than the previous two. Their filters operate at 99.99% efficiency, which allergy sufferers appreciate. Their motors are powerful, and the vacuums are very lightweight and easy to transport. They have six suction power levels, a floor brush, a turbo brush, and a parquet floor brush.
  • S8 Series – The S8 series provides the highest performance and convenience of all models. Users enjoy their light weight, efficiency, and quietness compared to other series machines. They come equipped with HEPA filters, six power suction levels, and foot pedal controls. Customers like the dynamic drive wheels that absorb impact, the 3D bumper, and the handle spotlight.

You can’t go wrong with a Miele canister vacuum because they are made for today’s cleaning needs. They set the standards for floor care and all-around household and office vacuuming.

Upright Vacuums

You find two series in Miele’s upright vacuum lines, the Dynamic U1 and the H1 series. There are a lot of similarities to their canister models, but the differences are worth noting.

These upright models are easy to maneuver to the left and right and can lie flat to go under chairs, furniture, and other household items for masterful cleaning. This is made possible by the unique pivot point at their bases that gives them a low center of gravity. Users welcome this feature because they can reach and clean farther than ever before.

You can adjust these uprights to match many different carpet thicknesses and hard floor materials for thorough cleaning. An ingenious switch engages and disengages the brush roll to meet your needs. Additionally, Dynamic U1 vacuums contain two motors, one to control the roller brush, and the other to create the suction power. This feature alone makes them superior to some other brands and models. Miele’s upright vacuums are typically quieter than other leading brands, making them less disturbing when in use.

The Swing H1 Tactical Stick Vacuum is made for low-pile carpeting and bare floors. Its lightweight and compact design is easy to use and features an AllTeQ combination floor head. Its bristles can retract with the press of a button for bare floor vacuuming. It also comes with attached onboard essential tools for general cleaning.

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