The Definitive Comparison of Dyson Vs. Miele

Central vacuum tune-upDyson and Miele come from a long lineup of high-quality vacuum cleaners. With excellent suction and consistency, Miele aims at specializing in corded, bagged vacuums.

On the other side, with washable filters and bagless dust containers, Dyson points for better comfort. There is a great suction for all Dysons, but their cordless vacuums are the strongest in the world.

Cordless Dyson Vs. Miele 

Miele triflex hx1 proThe demand for cordless vacuums is continuing to increase, as fast-paced lives significantly boost the need for effective and fast cleaning. Cordless models are offered by both Dyson and Miele, although Dyson actually takes the cake here.

A robot vacuum, the Scout RX1 or the updated RX2, is the only cordless vacuum for Miele. It is not exactly comparable, therefore. The Miele Swing H1, though, is a corded vacuum that has a shape factor that appears like a stick vacuum.

We have Dyson cordless vacuums on the other hand and a huge variety of cordless stick vacuums in the Dyson V-Series.

Stick Vacuums of Dyson Vs. Miele

Dyson is in the playing field pretty well protected if you are in the search for cordless stick vacuums, but it is not to say the Miele is down and out. The Miele Swing H1 stick vacuum, the comparable stick vacuum from Miele, is a lightweight, corded alternative that might still be worth taking a look.

A stick vacuum that also functions as a mobile handle is the Dyson V11 Torque Pump. It has a run time of ~60 minutes and a lifetime-washable filter is used. A range of devices and adapters come with the Dyson. And, allegedly, the battery lasts for the life of the device.

The Miele Swing H1 Fast Move is a corded stick vacuum with a bagged canister and 2-in-1 style. There are two-speed devices, the crevice machine, and a carpeting brush, and it comes with two dashboard instruments. Furthermore, it comes with a cartridge, so it'll cost you a little when it's necessary to update the filter.

Bagless Vacuum Contrast: Dyson Vs. Miele Blizzard

The upright Dyson Multi-Floor also comes with a design that has a different body shape, but identical functionality. This head-to-head matchup would compare Miele Blizzard CX1 Electro vs. Dyson Multi-Floor Canister. Both are bagless, corded styles.

Best For Pets: Miele Cat and Dog Vs. Dyson Animal

For Dyson and Miele's best pet cleaner, two versions stand out in front of the pack: Miele U1 Cat & Dog and Dyson Animal 2. Both are strong uprights providing multiple features for pet owners and sophisticated systems created to assist manage pet fur.

Dyson Animal 2 is a bagless upright, using clarity to show just what's going on and how it's sweeping. Naturally, this simple style makes it a bit easier to see what happens when things go bad and easy to see when the dust container is finished. Dyson Animal 2 is a lifetime washable HEPA filter and a lighter/smaller version.

The Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog is a bagged upright, covering up the mess for a clear aesthetic, modern type. The bagged machine will help minimize allergens and tiny pet dander from spreading, but it also involves increased repair costs over Dyson Animal 2. Moreover, the Cat & Dog has no conventional HEPA filter and is a heavier/larger version.

Dyson 360 Vs. Miele Scout 

Miele cordless vacuum cat and dogEveryone dabbles in the robot vacuum marketplace, Dyson and Miele, but neither product really has a foothold.  Presently, Miele has two versions, the Scout RX2 and Scout RX1   

360-hours and Dysonn's 360-eye Dyson. Both have limited distribution and a high price rate. The Dyson 360 Eye seems to be being discontinued. 

Hardwood Floors: Dyson vs. Miele 

Searching for the perfect wooden floor vacuum? For hardwoods, this head-to-head analysis looks at Dyson vs. Miele. 

Here at Modern Castle, we are strong believers that measuring it is the only way to know how good a vacuum cleans a specific floor form.

Based on the precise sort of vacuum you're searching for each brand tends to have its own price. It is important you make the right choice. Here at Think Vacuum we have a variety of them and you only need to call us today and we will assist you. Please call 1-800-322-2965 and we will help you.

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