5 reasons why people switch manufacturers when replacing their central vacuum

If I'm replacing my old central vacuum, am I stuck with the same manufacturer? Can I get one from a different manufacturer?

Central vacuums all use the same diameter piping and low-voltage wire for all their connections and have been doing so for the last 35 years, so when replacing your old central vacuum unit, any model from any manufacturer will be compatible with your current installation.

Some of the Horror Stories We Hear Daily

Here's 5 reasons why people usually switch
manufacturers when replacing their central vacuum:

1. My builder didn't install the proper unit for my size home giving me insufficient power. My builder took a shortcut and picked out a cheap unit that also didn't last long.

2. My current central vacuum unit is incredibly loud, and vibrates through the walls throughout the house.

3. My current cyclonic central vacuum seems to be leaking dirt to the outside and not keeping it in the waste basket. When I go to clean out my central vacuum, it's a disgusting mess inside. I don't need to look at my dirt and have it get all over my hands and face when I'm dumping my canister. I regret going into my basement/garage for that reason.

4. My hoses keep clogging because my central vacuum isn't powerful enough to suck things through all the way.

5. I shouldn't have left it up to my builder and purchased a better quality, more powerful and quieter vacuum myself. Please help me decide on a better quality vacuum!

* The average time to swap out your old existing central vacuum system with the new one, installation and all, should take approx. 15-20 minutes and can be done by any person or handyman. It's pretty easy to do, but if you have any problems please call us any time to speak to one of our experienced technicians.