How to Add More Versatility to Your Miele Vacuum

By adding a larger variety of tools and attachments, you can achieve more versatility with your Miele vacuum cleaner. Specialized tools allow you to do so much more than what you first thought upon purchasing your vacuum, and Miele’s powerful motors provide more suction and cleaning ability to any and all tools you might use.

You can add the following items to your set of upright or canister vacuum attachments:

  • Improved floor brushes
  • Advanced vacuum hoses
  • Powerful electric powerheads
  • Air-driven turbo powerheads
  • Miele combo tools
  • Miele small attachments
  • Telescoping wands

Compared to other brands of vacuums, you can truly benefit from a Miele vacuum as all their models possess unique features that increase their functionality. Adding any of the following gives you a cleaning edge over other brands.

Floor Brushes

Miele floor brushes are highly maneuverable for hard floors of all types, including these:

Tile Marble Slate
Terrazzo Linoleum Bamboo
Stone Laminate Hardwoods

They are among the best brushes available for upright and canister vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum Hoses

Non-Electric Hose Electric Hose

Quality Miele hoses are unmatched by other vacuum manufacturers for durability. It’s rare for one of them to break down within a few years, and some last 20 years or more. Choose from a variety of electric and non-electric models to fit your vacuum and household budget. Electric hoses have the added advantage of being able to turn them on and off at the handle.

  Electric Powerheads

Have you ever wondered why electric powerheads are necessary for your home? Well, wonder no more. They contain long bristles that reach down deep into carpet loops and fibers. This attachment loosens more dirt and particles that are picked up by the vacuum’s suction power. It also raises and straightens the loops and fibers, leaving your carpets with a freshly groomed appearance. The model SEB228 shown here is extra wide to extract more stubborn dirt quickly.

Air-driven Turbo Powerheads

Miele air-driven powerheads operate without electricity by harnessing the suction power of your vacuum cleaner. They are easy to use and maneuver to clean deeply without a motorized brush. Miele incorporates the latest designs and technology to create a quieter and more powerful powerhead. Additionally, they test all attachments for canister vacuums for the equivalent of twenty years of durable use!

Miele Combo Tools for Canister Vacuums

Combination floor tools are ideal for homes with smaller floor areas and several types of floor materials. They turn a canister vacuum into an all-purpose cleaning vacuum and can handle all floor types. These tools are easy to use around and under furniture and transitioning from carpets to smooth floors. Just give a quick tap on the foot rocker switch, and you’re ready to go. All combination floor tools we carry in stock are reasonably priced for any size home.

Miele Small Attachments

Some vacuuming applications require smaller attachments to reach small and tighter places that standard tools can’t reach. Choose from this list exactly what you need for those areas:


  • Hand-held turbo brush
  • Flexible mini turbo brush
  • Reduced-size dusting brush
  • Flexible crevice tool
  • Mattress tools
  • Radiator tools
  • Blind tools
  • Extended crevice tools
  • Extra-wide upholstery
  • Flexible brushes – large and small sizes

These specialized tools let you give special attention to places you may have previously overlooked. Now you can combine these attachments and tools with your standard set to achieve optimal vacuuming efficiency. All tools mentioned in this section are affordable, convenient, and efficient, and will last decades with normal use.

Telescoping Wands

Miele telescoping wands come in electric and non-electric configurations in sizes from 16” to 38.” The extension tools allow you to reach tall and awkward areas without standing on a stool or ladder. Each wand is high-quality stainless steel and operates with a touch-button slideable expansion. The electric wands connect directly to Miele electric power brushes. The non-electric wands are compatible with Miele’s turbo brushes and vacuums that use straight suction only.

What You Should Know About Miele Vacuum Cleaners and Tools

Founded more than 114 years ago in Germany, this award-winning company has been manufacturing high-quality and durable residential and commercial products for more than a century. Today, its reputation has propelled it among the three best vacuum companies in the world. Its core values have passed the test of time, including:

  • Customer peace of mind
  • User-friendly products
  • Durable and reliable products
  • Warranties that rank among the best

Miele vacuum cleaners are cost-effective for all home and commercial uses. You get highly-efficient air filtration features that make them ideal for those who suffer from allergies and asthma conditions. There are many models of upright, canister, and backpack vacuums from which to choose. Selecting the right attachments, tools, accessories, filters, and bags is vital to total cleaning success. If you have questions or need help selecting the right unit for your home, talk to one of our specialists at Think at 800-322-2965.