Changing The Miele Filters In Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaner

 Crucial vacuumDid you just buy a Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaner?  Want to know how to easily and effectively adjust the exhaust and motor filters? you've come to the right place.

How to Change the Miele Motor Filter Canister

  • Open housing - In order to access the internal housing of the Miele C1 Turbo, take the cover off the dust pocket on the front of the canister.
  • Change the Compartment Filter- The engine filter sits behind the Miele FJM self-closing fabric bag. In order to remove it from its housing, you should pull the red plastic protection case forward. When you do so, you are free to remove the dust filter pocket and take out a new filter by merely following the scissor lines.
  • Replacement of the dust compartment filter- To fix it, take your new motor filter and put it next to the red plastic protective case. Press the filter housing softly until it is in place.

How to Change The Miele Canister Exhaust Efficiently 

Air Clean from the interior housing once you pull up on the compartment lid. To remove it, push the charcoal handles gently. The top cover should open wide, revealing the AirClean filter. Like the motor filter, remove the old exhaust filter and cut out a new one by following the scissor lines.

  • Replace Filter and Close Housing- Take your new filter and replace it with the old one. Then proceed to close the top of the filter's housing and press down firmly so that the new filter stays right in the correct position.

How to Change Exhaust Filter In Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless vacuum cleanersEach Miele vacuum you buy comes with an optional HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is capable of collecting tiny, micron-sized particles. To be more accurate, a HEPA filter will catch 99.95 percent of the dust and pathogens that pollute the air. It's best to upgrade your HEPA filter once a year.

  • Remove Active AirClean 50 filter- As soon as the interior housing is opened, draw it tightly onto the carbon filter to remove it from the holder.
  • Install HEPA Filter- Remove the HEPA filter from the box and place it in the specified compartment. Please ensure you press down tightly to hold the filter in place. When you insert it, you can hear a few scratching sounds.
  • Activate Exhaust Filter Change Indicator- The Exhaust Filter Change Indicator lets you know whether you need to change the exhaust filter. Similarly to driving, a green light means that you're ready to go, while a red light means that you have to break and replace.

How to Change Exhaust Filter In The Miele Upright Vacuum

  • Open Filter Housing and Dispose of Filter- The Miele SF-AA50 Active AirClean 50 Filter can be located when the exhaust filter compartment on the motorhead is softly opened. Using the thumb and forefinger, push the filter out of its slide-in place and extract it. Once out, softly tug on the carbon handles and open the top cover to expose the AirClean filter. Same as with the engine filter, strip the existing exhaust filter and cut out the new one by following the scissor outlines.
  • Replace Filter and Close Housing- Take your newly cut filter and put it where the old used to sit. Then close the top of the filter housing and press it down tightly to hold the filter in place. Finally, slip the charcoal filter back into the exhaust filter compartment and close the door to the compartment. 

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