Repair Miele Vacuum

Repair Miele Vacuum

You can repair your Miele vacuum with
Miele vacuum parts in just simple steps

Fix your Miele vacuum now! Miele vacuum parts, vacuum tune ups.

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Bring your machine in today and obtain a complimentary consultation, and if your device requires service, we will provide you with an equivalent Miele vacuum as a loaner.

Miele has been a European household apparatus brand since 1899; Family-owned they have stood by their slogan Immer Besser (Forever Better). When several companies have used third-party manufacturers to produce their machines, Miele has held by their brand, products, and customers ever-evolving to produce better and more efficient ways to make use of our daily household appliances.

Popular Miele Vacuum Repair on Uprights and Uprights:

1. Low suction on your Miele vacuum?

  • Low suction on Miele vacuum apparatuses is almost always caused by user error, with most being related to an inappropriately installed bag or a clog due to the powerful suction these machines have often making us think the pencil, measuring spoon, hairpin or other large obstructions are okay to suck up. Reality check!!! You should never suck up any items that are larger than a penny with your vacuum.
  • The bag holder should always remain in the appliance and often is mistaken to be a part of the vacuum cleaner bag and removed accidentally and thrown out. If removed, the bag will no longer sit correctly, and debris will fill the inner housing of the machine rather than the bag.

2. The bag indicator shows a full bag after the installation of a new bag.

  • Clogs in the vacuum cleaner head assembly, wand, or tube.
  • Remove the hose and drop a penny through it to identify a clog if the penny doesn’t make it through
  • Eliminate wand and drop a penny or look through to see through to the other end
  • If the problem continues, bring your machine into your Miele vacuum center.
Miele Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Servicing your vacuum motor makes your
unit work effectively

3. Loud or unusual noise from appliance:

  • Often caused by an impediment in the head assembly around the brush
  • The motor may require service or replacement. (Miele Motors have a standard minimum 7-year warranty)

4. Debris and dust have filled the inner casing

  • Bag not seeded correctly (make sure the arrows on the bag neck are aligned with the arrows on the bad holder)
  • Usage of non-original Miele vacuum bags that are paper instead of material (Miele suction motors are so powerful that they will often pull dust and debris through the cheaper aftermarket paper bags, which will void your warranty).

5. Motor head-on canister vacuum cuts in and out?

  • If the wand is not seeded correctly or has been used improperly
  • Faulty wand or linkage
  • Faulty head assembly electrical contacts
  • Canister electronic board faulty or shorted because of static electricity or surge.

Beyond these simple and basic vacuum repair, do it yourself tips bring the device to us, and we will make sure all service, tune-up, and repairs are performed efficiently and cost-effectively. We are here to serve the region and its neighborhoods.

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