Central Vacuums Made in the USA

Is there truly a central vacuum "Made in the USA"?

CONSUMER ALERT - Some Internet sellers & manufacturers will advertise a product as made in the good ole' U.S.A. but is it really?

With hard economic times many consumers want to better our country and buy a product that is manufactured in the United States. Many feel this will help our country, provide jobs for our citizens, and better the financial structure of our great nation. Don't be fooled! Many products are stamped "Made in the U.S.A." however when you read the fine print, some, if not all of the parts are purchased in China, Mexico, Korea and then shipped back to the states for assembly. Unless it states made and manufactured in the United States it really might not be. A company can be established and based in the United States for many years, but that doesn't give them the right to claim their product is made in the United States when it is only assembled in the states.

Here is an example on how we cannot understand how a central vacuum company that is only based in the U.S. can claim their vacuum is "Made in the USA" when it is only assembled in the states. When you break down a central vacuum unit the metal or plastic construction of the cylinder or canister could be made in another country and imported, the relay board is usually made somewhere in Asia, and most of the other components that make up the remaining materials for the central vacuum such as the motors and other various parts are manufactured in Mexico, China and abroad. Who really knows where the entire machine comes from? (That is definitely not made in the United States.)

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When it comes to central vacuum systems, the better brands are manufactured in Canada. Canada is leading the Central Vacuum industry, producing the best quality and most durable central vacuum units. The quality of the unit and all of its components can easily be judged by the length of the warranty. As a rule of thumb a warranty of 12 or more years can be considered a bench mark of durability. Lifetime Warranties are obviously the best. We at Thinkvacuums.com only promote legitimate companies who stand behind their products. Companies like Drainvac, Cana-vac, Duovac, Purvac and Power Star all offer both quality as well as a great warranty for the consumer. For example, a major player in the central vacuum motor industry, Ametek Lamb, at one time did manufacture here in the USA. Now the motors are, unfortunately, outsourced to China or Mexico. Many sellers of central vacuums would lead you to believe the Ametek motor was “Made in the USA”, when in fact you are buying an imported motor from a US company.

Case In Point these companies offer either life time warranties or limited life time warranties on the housings of the central vacuum units. Many use a European engineered superior Domel motor or the highest quality Ametek motors on the market in the central vacuum industry to date. (Even the motors average 10 to 25 year or even lifetime warranties on the motors alone).

Made in the USA

Trying to be patriotic to make sales off the public, but are these companies really patriotic? If you are in the market for an American made central vacuum you should really investigate and be sure you are not being deceived. Ask questions, do your research and don't be scammed!

Thinkvacuums.com prides itself on offering the latest and greatest leading central vacuum manufacturers in the industry. This means better products, better warranties, and better quality for you to enjoy in your home. We have been in the industry for many years due to the fact we will only offer established legitimate central vacuums.

To learn more about the dangers and pitfalls of purchasing a central vacuum on the internet promoting “Made in the USA” or buying a privately labeled brand click here

Some important information about central vacuum motors.

Domel Motor Company - Located in Slovania, one of Europe's & United States' largest motor central vacuum manufacturers around.
Ametek Lamb Electric Motor Company - American based company now outsources their motors and parts from China and other countries.

In Conclusion

As industry experts we feel it's our duty to inform the consumer of the misconceptions being spread about the origin of these motors which, to much of our disappointment, are no longer "Made in the USA". We wish this was the case but sadly it is not.