Miele Canister Vacuum Buying Guide

Miele lightweight compact versionAre you prone to having asthma or allergies, your vacuum cleaner can either be your best friend or your worst opponent. If you're contemplating a Miele vacuum, but you're not convinced which type is most desirable for you. 

This is where our Miele vacuum cleaner purchasing guide comes inconvenience. In it, you'll find a comprehensive categorization of characteristics that permit you to coordinate the things you desire in a vacuum cleaner with the right set of Miele models to determine from. 

When you acquire a Miele vacuum cleaner from Think Vacuums, you can breathe easier, knowing that you'll undergo the most allergy-friendly vacuum cleaner accessible. As they say at Miele, anything else is a compromise.

Vacuum With HEPA Filtration 

Miele vacuum cleaner with AirClean FiltrationResearches have concluded that when utilizing a  conventional vacuum cleaner for your vacuuming operations, it increases the fraction of allergens released in the air. 

Rather than eliminating them, most vacuums capture microscopic allergens that are in the flooring and carpeting as well as redistribute them into the atmosphere you inhale while vacuuming. 

What's more, most conventional vacuums cannot seize allergens. A paper dust bag is very insufficient as well, and HEPA filters that contain low quality can deceive you into supposing your home environment is cleaner than what your vacuum accomplishes. 

Most people often fail inadequately at this duty, even those with HEPA filters. We promote vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, and even better,  we provide vacuums with a certified sealed system and a HEPA filter. Miele uprights and canisters utilize the HEPA filtration pattern to the next level. 

Because of their sealed planning and construction, Miele HEPA Filtration Cloth central vacuum bags capture 99% of all particles as small as less than 1 percent microns in size. This rate surpasses the HEPA standard. 

Average household allergens can frequently be as concise as numerous microns in extent. Miele eliminates them entirely and efficiently, and once they've been extracted from the air lingering through the vacuum, they are confined and grasped by the HEPA filter. 

These HEPA central vacuum bags are beneficial for allergy and asthma victims because HEPA filtration confines dust, dirt, and allergen bits that trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

Comparing Miele Vacuums With Other Brands

All Miele vacuums emphasize sanitary self-sealing, Intensive clean, or AirClean dust bags that benefit you from avoiding exposure to allergens. The AirClean series use a spring-loaded flap to seal the filter bag as you change or remove it, while the Intensive Clean series uses a slide to seal the opening and trap allergens.

Once extracted, you cast the bag in the trash with no chance of allergens and dirt leaving, a well-known advantage over bagless vacuums. Ultimately, that is one of the most notable differences between a Miele vacuum and other trademarks. With any other vacuum, you are solely cleansing for appearances. 

The floor resembles to be washed when you are through; however, you clean not just for impressions with a Miele, but more distinctively, you are cleansing for your well-being.

Miele Canister Vacuum or Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filtration?

With the Miele upright vacuums, many of the corresponding excellent characteristics made the Miele canisters in much demand, including Miele's HEPA filtration, quiet performance, and versatile technique combined into a truly adaptable, dynamic, and eye-catching assortment.

Like their canister equivalents, the Dynamic U1 uprights emphasize the powerful Vortex motors plus Sealed technology. Numerous suction settings, brush roll control, Automatic height adjustment, and an elegant handle are also incorporated with each model. 

Additionally, the flexible, crush-proof tubing offers an unmatched range and makes it more natural to clean on stairs, beneath furniture, and the stubborn to reach sections of your residence. A fashionable Swivel-Neck design permits them to the corner and turns freely. Simultaneously, accessories that snap directly into the back of the vac mean not caddies or misused time exploring for the proper tool.

Best Miele vacuumThe Miele H1 Swing is a stick upright vacuum cleaner that comes standard with the AirClean sealed system and filter. This lightweight option to the full-size uprights can evermore be improved with an available HEPA filter and configured various ways from stick upright to handheld vac.

Long the Miele trademark's centerpiece, the Miele canisters emphasize the truly best Miele has to contribute. Unlike conventional canister vacuums, they are just as capable of cleaning all types of flooring.

In general, Miele canisters are lighter weight, more convenient to store, more customizable (in terms of accessories and cleaning heads), and come in numerous colors with more numerous characteristics than we have the range to list. 

Regardless of whether you are looking for a canister or upright, for the longest-lasting vacuum, perfect best allergen control, and a cleaner and healthier residence, Miele has what you are looking for. 

Which Miele Canister Vacuum Is Right For Me?

In addition to this, there is the upright stick vacuum and exclusive in-store Miele models, known as the HomeCare line. The HomeCare line has one representative model from each of the four primary lines of Miele vacuums. Some are built for carpet, some for smooth floors; some have HEPA filters, some have AirClean filters. To view or learn more about these models, stop by our Think Vacuums showroom or call.