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Instructions to Compare Miele Vacuums, Series by Series 

Miele vacuum system

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Miele vacuums are known for their quality development efficiency. The attention on quality control, from creation structure to assembling, has cemented Miele as the pioneer in better own vacuums. How would you choose the best miele vacuum for your home?  

What Is A Series- Miele Central Vacuum? 

Miele identifies its vacuum models by Series. Each Series houses a few vacuums with accompanying  comparative advantages and properties. The Series will likewise contain an assortment of value ranges inside each set.

What Is The Main Difference In Price Between Series –Miele Vacuum? 

As each central vacuum Series will house comparative models, the principle contrasts from series to series will be the inward structure, included highlights, and included connections. For instance, the S2 Miele Canisters won't have Miele's protected Certified Sealed System (permits the unit to be both calmer and better at containing little particles.) The S6 and S8 Series, in any case, have the Sealed System, and along these lines, the models inside these cost more.  .

Where to Start? 

We propose that our clients start first with an assortment of ground surfaces in their homes. Decide early how much coverage your home has and its thickness. For instance, if you have low heap territory mats, and for the most part is hard surface ground, you won't have any desire to squander cash purchasing a Miele with an electric rug apparatus. If your home has covered a few rooms, offer an idea to how thick that rug is. You should pick a standard floor covering apparatus, an electric rug device, or an upstanding model. Ultimately, think about your financial plan. 

An Introduction to Best Central Vacuums Miele Series

The  Miele S2 Series 

The Miele S2 Series had been suspended until April 2017. The Miele S2 is regularly referred to as Miele's "early on arrangement." This is because this Series contains the most economical Miele models. The S2 models are intended to house a bigger residue sack, permitting you more vacuum hours with fewer pack changes. In any case, the bigger size additionally makes for more big and bulkier units.  


An extraordinary decision for a mortgage holder looking just to buy a quality unit without the extravagant accessories.


These models don't have Miele's protected Certified Sealed System, so we don't prescribe these units to mortgage holders with sensitivities or other breathing issues. They additionally will be more reliable than models with the Certified Sealed System (however still calmer than numerous contenders.) The S2 Series will be more substantial than other Miele canister vacuums.


  • 4.76 quart Miele Air Clean dust bag with fold for without dust expulsion (1 provided) 

  • 29-1/2 foot working range 

  • Dust bag change pointer 

  • Programmed rope rewind 

  • Security shut-off on overheating 

  • Miele Rotary Dial 

  • Vario Tool Attachment (devices cut onto the hose) 

Contrasting each model is merely utilizing our Miele S2 Series Comparison Chart.

The Miele S4 and S5 Series 

The Miele S4 Series highlighting the Polaris and Neptune together with  S5 Series of canister vacuums have been stopped. 

The  Miele S6 Series 

Best central vacuums

S6 Series Miele Vacuum

The Miele S6 Series offers models highlighting Miele's Certified Sealed System. This framework has been demonstrated by independent research center tests to be over 99.9% successful in catching and containing dust, dust bugs, pet dander, and particles known to trigger sensitivity and asthma indications. This extraordinary development permits clinical experts to prescribe the S6 Series to property holders around the globe.


The S6 Series is like the S2 Series except for quality development. The Certified Sealed System is really what sets the Miele vacuum separated from your standard vacuum. It's this element that has made Miele an innovator in the business. 


While offering Miele's Certified Sealed System, the S6 line doesn't provide the model highlights you'll discover in the S8 Series. The chimes and whistles on the S6 models are essential.


  • Licensed 12-Stage Certified Sealed System 

  • Quart F/J/M Airclean dust bag with fold for without dust evacuation (1 provided) 

  • 33-foot working sweep 

  • Dust bag change pointer 

  • Programmed line rewind 

  • Security shut-off on overheating 

  • Miele Rotary Dial 

  • Vario Tool Attachment (instruments cut onto the hose) 

  • Discretionary HEPA or Charcoal channels acknowledged 

The S6 Series incorporates the Quartz, Onyx, and Topaz. The distinctions between each are the included floor connections. 

To look at each one of the models, visit our Miele S6 Series Comparison Chart. This graph will show the critical contrasts between each of the three models and help you pick the best of your fit.

The Miele S8 Series 

The Miele S8 line of canister vacuums is, without a doubt the best in class of Miele models. The S8 vacuums include Miele's Certified Sealed System, which has been demonstrated by free research center tests to be over 99.9% compelling in catching and containing dust, dust bugs, pet dander, and particles known to trigger hypersensitivity and asthma side effects. Notwithstanding the quality development, the models in this Series will likewise incorporate remarkable highlights not found in some other Series, for example, LED lighting, further frill for cleaning, and programmed attractions settings.

The S8 Series is one of the best central vacuums. Browsing this Series guarantees you're getting all the nature of a Miele and some genuinely original additional items, as well.


The models inside the S8 Series will be more costly than numerous models from the different Series.


  • Licensed 12-Stage Certified Sealed System 

  • 4.76 quart F/J/M Airclean dust bag with fold for without dust evacuation (1 provided) 

  • 33-foot working sweep 

  • Dust bag change marker 

  • Programmed string rewind 

  • Wellbeing shut-off on overheating 

  • Foot Control Settings (except for the S8 UniQ) 

  • Included extras put away inside the unit 

  • Park framework for wand 

  • 3D guard strip to secure furnishings 

  • Quiet protection 

Highlights Unique To Some S8 Models: 

  • Control settings situated in the handle 

  • Smart Automatic Suction Setting 

  • Change Filter marker 

  • Programmed Standby Switch in Rear Park 

  • On/Off Control of powerhead from the handle  

  • Focus on Handle 

  • Underbody Lights 

  • Hand-Held Turbo brush

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