Miele Dynamic U1 PowerLine Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Introduction Of  Miele Dynamic U1 PowerLine Vacuum Cleaner

miele dynamic u1 cat & dog reviewsMiele has been famous for developing and making household goods since 1899. They created their first vacuum cleaner in 1927 and observed the 100th anniversary of its founding in June 1999. Their products are world-renowned for their strength, longevity, and efficiency.

The Miele Dynamic U1 PowerLine upright vacuum illustrates its dedication to develop and produce excellent vacuum cleaners. Like all Miele goods, all of its sophisticated technologies and immense strength are harnessed inside a genuinely stunning piece of art.

Key Features Of The Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Swivel Neck allows fast handling

When making this upright model, Miele decided to give it optimum mobility so that you can comfortably access more areas of your house. To do this, a unique Swivel Neck was designed to be fixed at the vertical body base. This helps you quickly adjust the vacuum by rotating the handle and the vertical body from side to side.

When you do this, the base with the washing nozzle rotates from side to side, directing the vacuum in an intended way. Tiny, soft wheels mounted just behind the nozzle's opening will spin 360°, allowing the vacuum to rotate smoothly. These unusual steering actions are fluid, simple, and almost effortless.

Automatic Height Adjustment

The tiny, soft wheels described above also ensure that the nozzle rides well above the bare floor while cleaning them. Broad, smooth wheels positioned at the back of the base carefully tuck below it as the handle is lowered, leading to the vacuum's automatic height adjustment and rendering the front wheel lighter so that it adjusts the height to fit that of the carpet.

Adding to this is a unique brush roller floating feature that lets the roller be raised automatically and lowered inside the cleaning nozzle to accommodate the carpet's heights washed adequately.

Convenient Electronic Motor Power Control

The Miele Dynamic U1 PowerLine vacuum is also fitted with an electronically controlled program that enables you to automatically adjust the power level of the suction engine from 300 watts to 1200 watts, allowing you complete control while cleaning. A knob on the front of the vacuum helps you quickly pick the suitable suction to wash everything from draperies to carpets. Lowering the suction protects curtains, fabric, and luxury materials and rugs from being unintentionally dragged onto the washing nozzle.

Multi-Layer Filtration System

The Miele PowerLine vacuum cleaner includes a multi filtration device that improves the high filtration air filter's life. The air flows through the high filtration of the AirClean Bag and the secondary electrostatic filter before meeting the special exhaust filter.

Each layer of filtration captures more pollutants as the air flows through it. Ideally, multi-layer filtration increases efficiency by maintaining adequate airflow into the filter.

The Miele Sealed System

miele dynamic u1 twist upright vacuumUsing the Dynamic U1 and the Miele S7 series upright vacuums differs from your typical home vacuum cleaner due to the higher filtration capacities and Sealed System.

This means that the micro dust particles you pick up are not blown out through the minute fissures around the exhaust filters like in many competing cleaners but instead will get to the exhaust filter. The dustbag is designed to automatically close its opening as you remove it from the vacuum for disposal to protect you even more.

High-Performance AirClean Dustbag

Miele's innovative new AirClean dustbag provides unparalleled benefits that improve the efficiency of Miele PowerLine's upright vacuum cleaner. First, the new and unique technology that makes up AirClean dustbags has had tremendous improvements in filtration efficiency: due to its intricate network of three-ply random-spun polymer fibers, many more small allergens and dirt are stored than in traditional dustbags.

This alone contributes to a decrease of up to 55% of dust bag pollution, based on already inferior levels. This secondary vacuum filter and high-efficiency exhaust filter would also be kept cleaner, offering excellent cleaning results with decreased airflow resistance. The spring-loaded door on the collar of the bag shuts immediately as you empty the bag, minimizing the chance of dust puffing up your mouth.

High-Efficiency Filters

Miele also included a HEPA AirClean Filter that follows the rigorous HEPA 13 specification for those with dust-related allergies or asthma.  It has been proven that this technology has trapped more than 99.99 percent of the dust particles. 

It can be replaced roughly once a year. A special "Timestrip" gives a visual hint of when the filter should be removed. The SF-HA 30 HEPA AirClean filter is bundled in a white case and brings clean air to an even higher degree. It replaces the former SF-AH 30 HEPA filter in a light blue case that follows the "HEPA 12" standard. At Think Vacuums, we stock quality Miele Dynamic U1 Powerline Upright Vacuums and a lot of accessories to improve your cleaning experience. Call us today at Toll-Free 1.800.322.2965 for more information about our services.

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