Miele Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog Battery Powered Cordless Vacuum

miele triflex hx1 vs hx1 proBagless vacuums are infamous for puffing particles up into the air after they are cleaned.  However, Miele assured that their bagless vacuums wouldn't do that in 2016. Four years later, we got one to try, the Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog.

This cordless vacuum stick is flexible and can be mounted in various forms, like a portable unit. Miele said it was made for cats.

Attaching Miele Triflex  HX1

Miele offers a wall mount for the HX1, which can also hold a variety of accessories. I suppose there's just no sleek place to store the cumbersome handheld brush attachment, so it's got to go to the floor next to the vacuum. In addition to the handheld brush and basic vacuum head, the Miele comes with a crevice gadget, upholstery accessories, and a dusting brush.

The vacuum is called the Triflex because it is designed to be solely handheld or to operate in two different floor types, with the bin close to the floor or up next to the handle. Swapping the various nozzles and brush heads is generally straightforward, but removing the wand that lengthens the vacuum handle often requires many tussles.  

The vacuum weighs around three pounds with the dust bin, the pump, and the charger, the accessories, which don't add too much heaviness. It's certainly manageable, but it might get people bored of having just a hose with an adapter. There's no reason to keep the whole vacuum around while you're using it as a dust buster.

HX1 Max power

The HX1 handle allows you to choose from three power settings. The only sure way you really won't use full strength is on fragile rugs. The max setup lives up to its reputation and sucks everything in sight. The handheld brush will perform pretty well on the cat tree platforms, usually a little tricky to scrub.

The dusting brush and upholstery method would also significantly affect the more complex surfaces, including the cushions where cat fur typically binds. It also needs time and diligence to go around the fur areas many times, but the cat tree will surely be much less hairy after vacuuming.

Besides the cat tree, checking the Miele on the carpet and hardwood floors with various substances, including rice and cereals, will reveal how this vacuum is sufficient. For some vacuums, they ping tiny bits of debris around hardwood floors. This is not the case for the HX1.

The max setting lives up to its name and sucks up everything in sight.

miele triflex proThe vacuum has a standard brush that fits nicely under ordinary bookshelves and console tables, which sometimes are too low for taller vacuum heads. An innovative headlight allows visibility when cleaning dark corners.

It can take approximately 13 minutes to clean a cat tree in full. The HX1's battery can last for around a maximum of 15 minutes. That's a disadvantage, especially compared to some big competing companies, and there is no backup battery for bigger jobs.

In low-power mode, the battery will last about an hour. It takes about five hours to fully recharge the battery, which is typical for cordless vacuum models. Nevertheless, the pro version of the vacuum comes packaged with two batteries.


We usually take the vacuums outside before emptying the bags into the trash. This way, they release a plume of pollen, redistributing the very little dander we were attempting to banish in the first place. The HX1 shows big particles in the bin when you are finished vacuuming, but there is no dust when you open it to empty it. Filters—which you sweep by removing and banging on your garbage walls can be held every month or so—appear to keep all in position.

Everything about the HX1 is pretty impressive, including the dust bin. It has about half a liter of dirt and other waste. Capacity is sufficient enough for apartments or studios but may require regular emptying of larger residences. 

Opening the bin is a little different from most other vacuums. You're going to have to read the manual for the first time to find things out, but you'll find it easy with time. For your convenience, Think Vacuums sells Heavy-Duty Commercial Vacuums and Central Vacuums online. We provide a wide range of vacuum products to cater to all your cleaning needs. Visit us today at W. Sample Rd. - Coral Springs, Florida or call us today at Toll Free 1.800.322.2965.