Miele Triflex HX1 – Reviews and Comparison

Miele cordless vacuum cleanerThe Miele Triflex HX1 structure is multi-purpose and advanced in technology. This vacuum is a cordless handheld model that allows you free movement around the room, from one room to the other. There are various models such as the HX1, the Cat and Dog vacuum cleaner, and the HX1 Pro for your different cleaning needs. The Triflex’s compact and cordless design allows easy cleaning for the entire home.

The Cat and Dog is also a cordless cleaner that exhaustively cleans up all pet fur effortlessly fast. The so-called ‘Triflex’ is an exceptional feature designed to reach the difficult-to-clean areas easily. The HX1 Pro has various attachments, such as an Upholstery nozzle. Its wall mount simplifies the storage of the HX1 Pro.

Features of the Miele Triflex HX1

This vacuum model is capable and uniquely designed with:

  • 3 In 1 Design

The unique design of this vacuum cleaner allows you to adjust the power unit. Lowering the power unit makes the vacuum feel lighter in your hand. To clean the tight areas or under the furniture, adjust the power unit to raise it higher. The HX1 can clean the ceiling easily when you remove the wide electrobrush and attach the crevice nozzle.

The broad electro brush that comes with the Triflex design makes cleaning large areas more comfortable and easier. You do not have to press the power button to switch it off because the brush automatically stops, and the light shuts off once the vacuum is placed in an upright position. You are at liberty to move around with the cordless design since you are not restricted by a cord plugged into an outlet.

  • Filtration

Having a vacuum cleaner that takes in all the allergens is very important for every homeowner because it assures you that the air you breathe in is fresh. The filtration system is suitable for allergy sufferers since it takes in dust and all allergens and keeps them from moving back into the air. The HX1 Pro and the Cat and Dog have HEPA filters that capture up to 99.999% of allergens.

The standard HX1 uses the Hygiene lifetime filter that functions almost as the HEPA filter. The Hygiene lifetime filter captures 99.98% of the microscopic particles from your surfaces.

  •  Battery

Cordless vacuum cleaner filterThese Miele cordless vacuums have a rechargeable lithium-ion, which can vacuum for up to one hour depending on the types of surfaces and the attachments you are using. The Triflex HX1 Pro model comes with one extra battery to give you two hours of uninterrupted cleaning. You can also purchase an extra battery to swap in case the other runs out of power midway through your cleaning session. The batteries can be charged separately without necessarily being inside the vacuum.

Unlike other batteries whose power begins fading gradually, the lithium-ion battery runs in full capacity until the power drains out. Using the electrobrush and vacuuming carpets drain the battery faster.

  • Suction Power

For effective high pile carpet cleaning, you need to have powerful suction. The electro brush gives you the suction power you need to capture the dirt embedded between the carpet fiber. The Triflex has a Vortex motor that performs as powerfully as a canister vacuum motor. The vortex motor gives you the required suction for all floor types.

  • Attachments

Triflex vacuums come with different attachments to meet all your cleaning needs, which your average vacuum cannot meet. Its crevice nozzle allows you to clean on shelves, the ceiling, and behind furniture, while the upholstery nozzle is specially designed to clean sofas and other such items. Triflex vacuums also come with an extra-large multi-floor electric brush. This large brush size enhances faster cleaning over large areas. The light on the brush reveals all the dirt in your path. 

The Cat and Dog model’s handheld electro brush cleans up all animal fur. This model specially designed for pet hair has synthetic dust brush that aids in dust removal on all surfaces, including carpets. This vacuum also has a crevice tool and upholstery nozzle.

Get Your Miele Vacuum

Miele Triflex cordless vacuum cleaners are specially designed with attachments that suit your needs, whatever your cleaning needs are. Their design, attachments, and features make the Miele Triflex cordless vacuums an ideal choice for all floor types. Visit Think Vacuums warehouse in Coral Springs to get your vacuum of choice today.

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