Is the Miele Triflex cordless vacuum worth paying out for?

miele dynamic u1 cat & dog reviewsMiele claims that its Triflex cordless vacuum is the most flexible model due to its modular 3-in-1 nature. The premium edition, which requires a replacement charger, was introduced at the IFA 2019 trade show and is now available worldwide.

The brand has taken its time to create the Triflex – the only big vacuum brand to be cordless. Maybe that's not surprising, as it just began manufacturing bagless vacuums in 2016 when it produced the Miele Blizzard.

But while it finds the cordless vacuum industry to be 'fledgling,' the fact is that it is very well known and highly successful. People will always ask if it is worth spending on a cordless vacuum cleaner?

Miele Triflex: What's Exciting About It?

The Triflex product is a Miele product. It is deceptively elegant and straightforward, with a minimalist style. But the brand claims it is equipped with valuable features and reliable materials. Here are some main features: 

  • 3-in-1 compact design- At first glance, the Triflex follows the famous cordless stick design: a small portable device with a long floor-mode cleaning hose. This can be detached to make a light and easily portable handheld cleaner, but it can also be slid down the tube to remain closer to the surface. This shifts the weight balance to have less of it in your palm and more of a cordless, upright vacuum cleaner feel. This means that you can adjust the Triflex to fit various cleaning activities. Then you will use it in the vertical setting when you clean large parts of the carpet, turn to stick mode when you clean the cobwebs from the light fixtures, and then remove the handheld vacuum when you start doing the stairs.

  • Premium extras- These aren't necessarily new, but we're pleased to see them featured on the Triflex:

  •  Swappable battery – The battery is easily removable. This means you can charge it while storing the vacuum cleaner away and have a spare (included with the top-end model) – effectively doubling your runtime to 120 minutes. Made by manufacturer Varta, the lithium-ion battery gives up to 60 minutes of claimed runtime (120 with extra battery) and should recharge in four hours.

  •  LED headlights – Quite handy for lighting the floor and highlighting dirt and debris under furniture.

How the Miele Triflex compares to rivals

Despite having had years to come up with the idea, there's not much that's new to the Miele Triflex.

The AEG FX9 has a similar adjustable handle design. Many cordless types have had LED lights for several years, and most of the Bosch Unlimited Shark vacuums and the Numatic Henry cordless vacuum have replaceable batteries.

Even for those who don't, luxury models such as the Dyson V11 Absolute and Tineco Pure One also have up to an hour of cleaning time that competes with the reported battery life of Miele Triflex.

miele dynamic u1 twist upright vacuumThe latest features of luxury cordless vacuum cleaners are still absent, such as:

  • Auto-clean mode – both the Dyson V11 Utter and the Tineco Pure One S12 automatically change the suction to maximize battery life and save trouble with switching cleaning modes.
  • Digital monitor and control – these models also have automated touch-sensitive screens that indicate the battery capacity you have left and alert you to the routine maintenance that needs to be done. As far as we can see, Triflex has a slider power, and we can't see a battery life indicator.
  • Weight and capacity – the half-liter dust collection container is relatively smaller than its luxury competitors, and it is still at the heavy end at 3.5 kg.

Miele Triflex range in detail

The three main models in this category include the following;  

  • Miele Triflex HX1 – the entry-level model. Available in grey, white, or red. Comes with a wall mount, a non-turbo brush, a detachable battery, and a multi-surface floorhead.
  • Triflex HX1 Pro – in grey and comes with an extra battery and charger.
  • Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog – in black. It comes with a few extras, including a Hepa filter and a souped-up floorhead that contains bright LED lights to illuminate the way, and a turbo brush.

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