What is the difference between all the Miele upright vacuum cleaners?

The Miele upright vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning cat and dog hairIn Think Vacuumstrue Miele fashion, the U1 range offers various models to accommodate different cleaning requirements. Each model presents extra features the model previously did not have. Whether it is a HEPA filter, headlight, other specialty tools, or suction controls, each process gives users higher cleaning ability. 

Please relate to our comparison chart found on our product pages to see the advantages of each model. Miele also makes a smaller compact mini upright vacuum. The Miele upright vacuum is ideal for tight quarter cleaning such as motor homes, RV's and smaller apartments.

Miele Upright U1 Series Impression

Miele upright vacuum has an upholstery nozzleThe first time you vacuum with a Miele upright, you can't help but be fascinated. The quality craftsmanship and smooth operating functions leave slight doubt about why Miele has four upright models in the top 10 for Best upright vacuum's consumer report. 

Silken design, combined with top of the class purification capabilities, set the Miele U1 series apart from the rest of the competition.

Why should I buy a Miele upright vacuum cleaner?

Even though Miele is world-renowned for its excellent canister vacuums, they have transferred that technology and feel into The U1 vacuum line. A multiple-year motor and casing warranty guarantee accompanies each machine, but Miele determines the average vacuum life is closer to 20 years or larger after the severe experiment. That's a long time of Miele quality purification from one vacuum.

What Makes Miele The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

The top Miele upright vacuum model has a feature called automatic power control. This is a function Miele has built sensors within the airflow component going through your vacuum and automatically adjusts the suction power to harmonize your doing's cleaning task. 

This makes for smooth transitions between drape cleansing and carpet cleansing. These are two distinct cleaning duties, where very different suction levels are sought.

Miele Uprights Is Your Ideal Solution For Robust And Heavily Used Carpets

There is no doubt that if your residence has regularly carpeted, the ideal style vacuum cleaner is upright. Some carpet companies void warranties when particular brands of vacuums are used on them. Miele has taken record and combated this problem with precise engineering.

The U1 vacuums have a soft bristle brush roll that guards even the most precious carpet fibers while still eliminating debris. For the consumers who have to spend a lot of money establishing quality floorings and carpets in their residences, this is something to consider.

What if I have mostly carpet with some hardwood flooring?

All the Miele U1 categories have a switch on the handle to transform the brush roll on and off. This permits users to utilize upright suction when cleaning their hard flooring surfaces. This feature guards the sensitive finish on your flooring and keeps the spinning brush roll from scattering debris out of the pull zone.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Bagged vs. Bagless

Miele vacuum has cat and dog vacuum featuresMiele is known for its outstanding and unique air filtration among anything else. When dust and dirt are accumulated up in a Miele vacuum, it travels through various processes before purified, clean air is discharged back into your residence.

The dust is then left confined in the vacuum bag, with microscopic particles becoming trapped within the filters. When the bag is discarded for disposal, a spring-loaded top concludes, sealing all the debris inside, guaranteeing none gets released into your residence.

In bagless vacuums, debris and dirt are engulfed up and then gets trapped in a dirt cup. The excess air is then run through filters before clean and filtered air is discharged back into your residence. When the dirt cup gets full, you remove the container and discharge it in the trash can or wherever you determine. 

During the emptying process, dust debris and particles are released back into the air, essentially undoing some of the refinements that just took place. There is no suitable explanation here, but just diverse requirements and aspirations. However, bagged vacuums will always be more distinct and control your vacuum waste more sanitary.

Upholstery Nozzle And Other Miele U1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Features

Automatic height adjustment indicates you never have to calculate which height framework is suitable for the surface you're vacuuming. High pile carpet to low pile carpet, your vacuum will self adjust, removing all of the doubt and guesswork.

On-Board tools begin with all upright vacuums. A long tube and stainless steel wand will provide you a reasonable cleaning radius for your particular cleaning requirements. The dust crevice, brush, and upholstery tool store conveniently on the vacuum back for instantaneous convenience.

Top of the quality filtration, a sealed air system, a cloth bag, and two distinct filters guarantee quality air gets cleared into your home. The swivel neck design has taken maneuverability to a new level. Turning and pivoting between furniture is no longer an issue. This allows you to easily clean places that may have otherwise been a hassle.

Think Vacuums have a variety of Miele vacuum cleaners to suit the taste of each consumer that walks through our doors. To view our shipping locations map, visit our website today.

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