Difference Between Different Miele Upright Vacuum Models

Best Miele upright vacuum cleanerThe U1 series is one of the many Miele vacuums that come with the right attachments and adaptations that work perfectly for any household. The different vacuum models come with unique extra features to suit different cleaning needs. They come with all the features that you could wish for in a vacuum cleaner. 

From special task attachment tools, HEPA filters, automatic suction adjustments, and headlight, these vacuums will always come in handy. The Miele S194 is smaller and more compact than other upright vacuums. This mini vacuum helps you clean smaller apartments and tight places that are not easy to clean with other vacuums.

U1 Dynamic Series

Miele upright vacuums are designed to impress and satisfy your cleaning needs. Their quality artistry and easy-to-use functions are why four among the top ten “best upright vacuums” in 2013 were Miele vacuums. The beautiful make and top functionalities make the Miele U1 series a standard-setter in the industry.

Why You Should Own a Miele Upright Vacuum

Miele canister vacuums have, over the years, been known for their excellence in cleaning surfaces. This outstanding performance is also available in the U1 vacuum series. Test results show that the average life of a Miele vacuum is about two decades or more. They come with a 7-year motor and casing warranty.

The automatic suction control feature that comes with the Miele vacuums makes the vacuum adjust the suction power. The sensors increase or decrease the suction according to the cleaning task. This function allows you to continue vacuuming different surfaces effortlessly without stopping to adjust the setting. Miele upright vacuums are the ideal choice for carpet cleaning. 

If your home flooring is mostly carpeted, you need to consider the cleaning properties of the vacuum you purchase. Miele vacuums are carefully engineered to clean all carpets without damaging their fiber, as most vacuums do. The U1 vacuums have brush rolls with soft bristles that clean, soft fiber carpets while removing all dirt. 

Suitable Vacuum for Carpet and Hardwood Floors

The Miele U1 series make switching the vacuum power on or off easy. This is because the power switch is positioned on the handle. The user can use straight suction on hard surfaces to protect the delicate vanish on your flooring and keep the roller brush from spilling debris out of the suction compartment.

Bagged vs. Bagless Upright Vacuums

Miele vacuum storageAnother feature of Miele vacuums that stands out is their excellent filtration. The filtration system takes the suctioned dirt through some stages before releasing purified air back into your home interior. The debris remains trapped inside the vacuum bag while the finer particles get stuck in the filters. The dust bag tight sealing keeps the dirt locked inside to avoid messy disposal.

Suctioned dirt in bagless vacuums is trapped in a dirt chalice. The remaining air then goes through filters, which trap the fine microscopic particles before releasing the clean air back into the atmosphere. Once the dirt cup is full, remove the cup and empty the dirt in your backyard or trash can. 

When emptying the can, dust and debris could be scattered and released back into the atmosphere, littering and decontaminating the purified air. Whether to buy a bagged or bagless vacuum, the choice depends on the homeowners’ specific needs. However, bagged vacuums are better at ensuring the purity of your surroundings.

Features of Miele Upright Vacuums

The roller brush automatically adjusts its height as the user transitions between surfaces. This means that you no longer have to worry about the right brush height for the various floor types. The vacuum flawlessly adjusts its height from carpets to hardwood floors. 

Upright vacuums have onboard tools such as a stainless steel wand, a long hose, a dust brush, an upholstery tool, and a crevice tool. The wand and long hose give you a more extensive cleaning radius and flexibility when cleaning behind furniture. The brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool ensure that the different surfaces become squeaky clean. These tools are easy to access because they are conveniently stored on the backside of the vacuum.

The filtration system consists of a 9-ply cloth bag,  sealed air system, and two filters to ensure that the air released into your home is clean.

With the swivel neck, maneuverability just got easier. The neck allows you to pivot between furniture effortlessly and reach the not-so-easily-cleanable places. 

The powerful vortex motor keeps your motor running for prolonged cleaning periods. The Miele upright vacuums have relatively quiet motors and powerful suction for clean surfaces. 

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