Miele Upright Vacuums Will Meet Your Home Cleaning Needs

Whether you are about to make your first vacuum purchase or are looking for a replacement, you should consider why so many people are using Miele upright models. Miele is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and accessories. Their inventory includes models with special features and a variety of tools and attachments.  The two models shown below are among the leading appliances customers seek after.

Dynamic U1 Fresh Air Upright Vacuum Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog White Upright Vacuum

Miele makes the highest quality filters, belts, bags, wands, floor brushes, hoses, and parts on the market. When you need additional or replacement tools or parts, order this brand because they always fit correctly and promote efficient air flow. Pet owners will also be excited to know Miele carries a model made especially for them.

Miele vacuums are engineered and manufactured with ultra-durable materials and provide outstanding 140 cubic feet per minute suction. They clean any type of carpet and flooring and contain the industry’s leading filtration process. Additionally, the U1 series provides a secure, stable base which allows users to park the vacuum without fear of it tipping over.

Why So Many People Choose Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Miele upright models offer features that set them apart from other brands made in both America and Germany. It is well worth your time to examine each of them:

  • All models offer the innovation and practicality you desire.
  • They feature a six-inch tall profile for easy vacuuming under furniture.
  • Their cleaning power does not reduce your carpets’ luster.
  • Removing hair, string, or items from the roller brushes is a simple task.
  • Floor heads automatically shut off if blocked to prolong the vacuum’s life.

All these features make Miele an outstanding vacuum, but don’t stop reading yet because there are even more benefits to these cleaning marvels. Many models have a simple control to turn off the roller brush when going from carpets to smooth floors. Each one also has a quick release hose, and an adjustable wand to reach any height or depth in your home or office. The U1 Dynamic vacuums are ideal for motor homes, RVs, and small apartments. Watch this video to see just how versatile they can be.

All U1 models are easily maneuvered because they pivot on a point at the base which enables users to easily turn to the right or left. Their secret is a low center of gravity that allows the unit to slide under furniture and chests that are just six inches off the floor. You can see why so many people choose Miele upright vacuum cleaners. Read these tips for information on maintaining your vacuum cleaner.

These Advanced Features Will Awe You

If you have never used a high-end vacuum before, you will be in awe after using a vacuum cleaner that is ergonomically designed and packed with so many unique features.  Most homes have carpets, hard floors, and rugs that are different heights. Miele vacuums can be adjusted easily for varying thicknesses for the best performance. There is also a unique switch for starting and stopping the brush roller that is very convenient when transitioning from carpet to wood flooring. Many brands do not incorporate this switch for use on smooth floors, which results in ineffective pick up of the dirt that is spread across the floors. However, the Dynamic U1 models have two motors, one for suction power and one for controlling the brush roller. You will also like the lower decibel rating that makes them quieter than other brands.

Anyone with allergies, asthma, COPD, or other respiratory issues will appreciate the filtration systems of Miele uprights. Those equipped with HEPA filters hold 99.95% of debris particles 0.5 microns and smaller. You will also enjoy the ability of HEPA filters to fight odors that accumulate in bags or canisters more than other types of filtration.

Additionally, when it comes time to clean your house or office, you can get more done faster with the wide 55-foot operating radius made possible by Miele’s power cords and hoses that are typically longer than other brands and traditional models. Don’t forget the extended warranties that provide peace of mind and reduced repair expenses.

Choose From These Five Superb Models

Think Vacuums stocks five models of Miele vacuums to meet your home’s cleaning needs. Each one has some unique features that set it apart from each other and the competition:

If you’re not sure which model to buy, talk with one of our experts at  1.877.904.9273 today and get all your questions answered. Also, take advantage of our sale going on right now and enjoy free shipping on some items. We’re here to serve you, and we know you will be happy with our products, prices, and customer service.