Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Pro Powerline Vacuum Cleaner

electric brush electro compactThe Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Pro Vacuum excel at catching undesirable pet fur and removing unwanted odors, making it the perfect vacuum for pets' houses. The Complete C3 Cat & Dog encourages you to minimize overall energy consumption thanks to its 890W engine, but combined with its AllTeq floorboard replicates the efficiency of a 2000W model that lets you handle all your fur, dirt, and dust.

Other features that make it the best option for pet homes include an Active AirClean filter, Miele's first-floor turbo brush, and HyClean dust bags that ensure high performance and lower production.

The Best Buy Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Pro vacuum cleaner has regularly won the Best Buy award number and is One of the best vacuums ever reviewed. 

Cleaning with the AllTeq Floor Head

High engine strength on its own does not guarantee effective washing. With Miele, a variety of interface characteristics connect in the most effective way possible.

Turbo-Brush Floor Tool

The Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog collects all unnecessary pet fur, fluff, and fibers from nearly all cloth floor coverings without removing any carpet threads with the Turbobrush STB 205 .

The Air-Clean Filter System 

The exceptional filtration of Miele vacuum cleaners is based on the multi mechanism. It consists of an advanced Miele HyClean dustbag, a Miele exhaust filter, and an engine safety filter. The presence of these components means that more than 99% of the fine dust is filtered.

Active Air-Clean Filter 

The Active Air-Clean filter incorporates charcoal that removes all of these unpleasant pet odors and is built to provide a TimeStrip reminding you to replace it after a year.

Foot controls and cable rewind

The consumer will quickly adjust the vacuum cleaner's power setting for every cleaning job by merely pressing the foot button. The comfort cable mechanism (with a radius of 11 m) enables the cord to be rewound with only one press.

Wide Operational Radius

Cables, suction pipes, suction hoses, and hose extension units combine to have an operating radius of up to 12 meters. This helps you span a circular area of more than 450 metre squared without regularly turning sockets.

Handy lock system

miele full size power nozzleFloorhead, suction tubing, and handles lock one another with a click. They work together tightly but can be conveniently removed with the click of a button so that other vacuuming accessories can be added, for example.

A wide range of products

Miele vacuum cleaners are fitted with three high-quality, necessary fixtures: crevice nozzle, nozzle upholstery, and soft natural brush.

HyClean Dustbag

Mieles HyClean Dustbags with 3D functionality are now equipped to accommodate an extra 20% dust and dirt. The auto shut system ensures that the dust bag is closed when the vacuum is opened, ensuring no dust escapes.

Serving the Miele Large Turbobrush STB 205-3

You're going to need:

  • Phillips/Flat blade screwdriver for the first move

  • A T10 Torx screwdriver for body screws, at least 5cm in length.

First of all, remove the blade/ bumper assembly-the component you're expected to clean periodically. The two orange screws can be separated quickly, and then you draw the top towards you to remove them.

Bumper/Blade Assembly

First, it's time to remove the body of the unit from the machine. There are four screws next to the wheels, two of which were hidden by the part you just removed. Here's where the T10 Torx driver comes in very handy. Remove the screws and softly wiggle the shell before the device is disassembled to the top/bottom.

The Housing of the Rotor/ Cover

miele turbo brush manualNext, you'll have to detach the screws that tie the rotor casing together. Be patient as you do this since you want to see what it looks like when it's in the correct place.

Cover Off

We want to take the rotor out with the cover off. Be cautious not to loop the belt; you should pick the unit up and wiggle the white bearing/suspension component through the belt to take it out.

Belt and Brush

Do what you need when you're there, remove the cordage and brush the extraneous dog's fur. This is not an ordinary repair job since the device is kept together with plastic screws-if it was built to happen frequently, metal bushings and the like would have been used.

Simply Use T10 to Remove It

Reassembly is the opposite of disassembly, be very vigilant that the white bearings are correctly aligned and that the components are kept in place by the different orientation parts (you'll see that they match together). When reinstalling screws, make sure that you do not cut a new course, but follow current threads in plastic. Wiggle the rotor/brush head every time you make a transition, to make sure that it travels freely-you don't want to go too far and then realize that you have to pull everything out.

Miele Vacuum Turbo Brushes are available at Think Vacuum stores. You can contact our technical support team at Thinkvacuums.com for your order or ask any vacuum-related queries for smooth running of your machines.

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