Miele Vacuum Floor Brush and Powerheads

Regular vacuuming is what most of us do to keep our homes and offices clean. Vacuums remove dirt and debris that enter indoors through shoes or other items that we bring inside. These days vacuums have many great attachments that you can use to not only clean the floors, but also clean upholstery, remove stains, pet hair, and much more. A quick look online or a visit to a store will open your eyes to the enormous variety of vacuum cleaners available. At Think Vacuums, we carry all major brands of vacuum cleaners. In this article we take a look at Miele vacuum cleaners and two of the vacuum attachments that help make cleaning a breeze.

About Miele Vacuums

Started in 1899, the Miele company has always offered the best of German engineering with the best quality materials. Miele has delivered excellent products for consumers such as dishwashers, bikes, washing machines, and kitchen appliances. Since their vacuums have the same attention to quality as their other products, it is no wonder that these vacuums have been winning rave reviews from consumers for their cleaning power and long lifespan. In fact, Miele canister vacuums have some of the best reviews in the industry. Be it upright or canister, at Think Vacuums, we carry both types of Miele vacuums at competitive prices.
Miele Vacuums

Miele Vacuum Floor Brushes

Having different floor brushes can make your vacuuming job much easier. Brushes with bristles are designed to go deep inside carpet fibers and remove all the stuck-in dirt. They also help to remove stains and odors from carpet fibers. Other types of brushes are used for cleaning tile floors. The floor brush attachments trap the dirt and send it directly to the vacuum system unit. This is a much more efficient and effective method of cleaning than using brooms or mops, which just make dirt rise in the air, some of which then settles down on your floors again. Regular cleaning with brushes also helps to avoid dirt buildup, keeping your home cleaner and helping your floors and furnishings last longer without damage from dirt and grime. If your brushes wear out, you can easily purchase replacement rollers at a reasonable price.

Miele Vacuum Powerheads

Powerheads are another essential vacuum attachment that effectively draw up dirt from the ground and into the vacuum by using the power of air. The roller brushes located inside the powerheads rotate when the vacuum is on and suck up all the debris. The non-restrictive airflow allows the rollers in electric power heads to spin at much faster RPMs. This prevents “dust bunnies” from escaping and forces them into the central vacuum unit. The non-restrictive air flow also creates better suction for optimal deep cleaning and removal of dirt, debris, and dust mites, leaving your home or office cleaner than ever! If you have a larger sized powerhead, you can clean a wider area with each pass of the vacuum. This means you can spend less time cleaning. Depending on the type of surface, you can find different types of powerheads. There are also additional features available, such as powerheads with swivel necks that you can easily maneuver around corners and furniture. You can also get protective “bumpers” to put around the powerheads so that your furniture and your powerhead are both safe from accidental scratches and nicks when you are cleaning.
Other than roller brushes and powerheads, Miele vacuums come with a plethora of other attachments that make cleaning easier and less time-consuming. These include Miele vacuum wands to help you clean in hard-to-reach high places, pet hair tools, combo tools that can be used to clean different types of floor surfaces, and crevice tools to clean couches and around tight corners. With all these wonderful tools and the power and durability of Miele products, there is never any need to look for another vacuum. Check out the ThinkVacuums.com website to find more information about Miele vacuums as well as tons of other products that we offer.