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Miele Vacuum for Allergy Asthma is available at Think Vacuums. If you struggle with hypersensitivities and asthma, you likely know the fundamentals. Specialists frequently suggest you wipe out covering in your home and take additional consideration to clean and vacuum your floors, upholstery, curtains, and surfaces to evacuate residue, dander, and different allergens routinely.


We regularly notify clients whose allergist, immunologist, or respiratory pro have eluded them to Miele for better Miele vacuum canister.What sets Miele separated from different vacuums is their filtration. 

Depleted Vacuum Air Is Crucial To Your Health

Try to appropriately channel the air with the goal that the littlest residue and allergen particles stay in the vacuum, and wipe air is depleted out. Miele assumed the test of making a progression of vacuum cleaners that offer incredible pull and clean, separated air. Through steady exploration and testing at their office in Germany, Miele built up their licensed 12-Stage Air Clean Filtration. The recommended vacuums beneath will all incorporate the three most significant highlights for respiratory issues: 

  • Miele's protected Sealed System and 12 Stage Filtration 

  • Electric force head and wand for amazing attractions 

  • HEPA and GN AirClean/HyCLean filtration choices 

  • Mieles For Allergies and Asthma – Good, Better, Best 

The Miele S6 Topaz 

This is one of the vacuums that have quality Miele vacuum parts. The Miele S6 Topaz offers all the fundamental components for sound vacuuming without the fancy odds and ends. This permits the unit to be more reasonable than the S8 models underneath. While it doesn't accompany the HEPA channel or Air Clean sack, the Topaz can acknowledge the two choices whenever bought independently. The Topaz is evaluated around $750 and incorporates a 7-year, producer's guarantee on the vacuum packaging. It's a phenomenal "starter" Miele for the individuals who need all the quality segments without exorbitant increases. 


  • More affordable alternative 

  • Highlights an electric powerhead to best clean covering 

  • Incorporates the SBB300-3 – Parquet Twister Floor Tool for hard ground surface 

  • Change Bag pointer light.


  • HEPA channel and GN Air clean/HyClean Bag must be bought independently 

  • Doesn't offer installed embellishment stockpiling – Instead, highlights various cuts that join to the hose.

  • Doesn't include programmed attractions alteration – power must be changed by pivoting the dial to the right setting.

  • Doesn't highlight "Change Filter" marker light 

  • Does exclude the better electric powerhead alternative 

The Miele S8 Kona 

Suggested by Consumer Reports, the S8 Kona includes everything the Miele brand speaks to most extreme sturdiness and life span, the most progressive highlights, a calm vacuuming experience, and a smooth-running machine.The S8 Kona in Obsidian Black highlights some genuinely helpful choices, such as the locally available instrument caddy and the foot worked power settings. It's additionally lightweight and straightforward to move, making it an excellent choice for two-story homes.


All mentioned in the topaz plus:

  • Included HEPA channel 

  • Included G/N AirClean Bag 

  • Installed frill stockpiling cubby 

  • Foot worked + and – permit you to change the attractions power level with the tap of your foot 

  • Ergonomic conveying handle 

    Miele vacuum cleaner

    Display Between The Kona And Marin Vacuum Cleaners


  • 3D guard strip to ensure furniture 


  • Does exclude the better electric powerhead choice 

  • Doesn't include programmed attractions modification 

  • Doesn't include "Change Filter" pointer light 

The Miele S8 Marin 

The Marin is one of Miele's most first-class canister vacuum cleaners. It includes an exceptional "Quietness Insulation" that typifies the engine for an incredibly peaceful run and incorporates the highest level frill; the SEB236 Electro Comfort Electro brush and the SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush. 

If you require a single word to depict the S8 Marin, it's programmed. The Marin naturally manages its pull dependent on the thing being cleaned, consequently goes into backup when the wand is in the park, typically tells you when the channel should be changed, and advises you when the pack should be changed genuinely a no muddle, straightforward vacuum.


All mentioned in the Topaz and Kona plus: 

  • Upgraded, ergonomic, choice handle grasp 

  • Programmed setting capacity will self-direct the pull dependent on the deck 

  • Channel change marker 


Costlier than different models because of the all-encompassing highlights

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