Miele Vacuums are Perfect for Small Homes and Apartments

Not everybody has extensive cleaning needs that require large vacuums or even central systems. If you live in a small home or even an apartment or condominium, then you can often get by with a relatively compact vacuum cleaner. Of course, choosing something small shouldn’t mean sacrificing quality, reliability, or suction power, and Miele vacuums are perfect examples of great things coming in small packages.

With modern styling, excellent features, and reasonable cost, Miele canister vacuums, and upright vacuums are worth considering for your next purchase.

Miele Vacuums with Two Different Design Approaches

Miele VacuumsAt Think Vacuums, you will find that Miele Vacuums are available in two different configurations. Some of the most popular are the Miele canister vacuums. In addition, there are also Miele upright vacuums. Both perform the same type of cleaning work but are suitable for slightly different scenarios.

A canister vacuum features a modern design where you will pull the vacuum along behind you while cleaning. This type is what most people have been familiar with since the late 1980s. Upright vacuums are more traditional, and for that reason, many see them as having a type of retro appeal. Miele upright vacuums use bags instead of canisters, so in some ways, they are not quite as convenient.

Whichever type you choose, you can expect powerful cleaning with strong suction and some impressive features.

Filtration with Miele Vacuums

By the very nature of their design, vacuums help you to clean by moving air at a high velocity. Also, by nature of design, this means that air eventually exhausts from the back of a vacuum cleaner. In some inferior vacuums, this air can be contaminated with fine debris and dust particles.

Both Miele upright vacuums and Miele canister vacuums approach filtration and hygiene in a slightly different way, and both types are highly effective, especially when compared to older vacuums with basic designs.

Miele vacuum bags are used in upright systems to collect dust. The bag itself is part of the filtration system, along with a dedicated filter that cleans the air before it is ejected back into the atmosphere. Miele filters are modern in design and are intended to leave your home with clean air that is free of dust and other contaminants. After all, the purpose of a vacuum is to clean, so an inefficient filtration system would only recycle dust back into your home.

Miele canister vacuums don’t use bags, as dust is collected into a reusable canister. This helps to prevent waste and it is also a slightly more hygienic collection method. You can quickly and easily empty the contents of the vacuum after every session, so you will have less risk of dust reentering your home every time that you power the vacuum on. Canister systems also use Miele vacuum filters to ensure that the finest dust particles cannot reenter the air.

Whichever type you choose, the air leaving the vacuum will always be cleaner than the air that goes into it. Miele vacuums are engineered in Germany and use the latest filtration technology, ensuring that your home will be clean, healthy, and free of air contaminants.

What Type of Cleaning Do You Want to Perform?

A mid-sized home or apartment would be best served by a canister vacuum. These are easier to maneuver and operate over long periods of time. Upright vacuums can take slightly more work as you will be moving the complete unit any time that you make a pass with the powerhead.

The best recommendation is to choose an upright vacuum if you want something for a smaller space, or if you need a secondary vacuum in your home for light cleaning. For everyday use in slightly larger spaces, a Miele canister vacuum will be much easier to manage.

Get Miele Vacuums, Accessories, and Parts from Think Vacuums

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