Perfect Cleaning for Any Job with Miele Vacuums

Have you ever owned a vacuum where at times it felt like you were struggling to get the job done right? If you don’t have a high-quality vacuum or even the right accessories, then your experience will be less than ideal. Even if you’re using the best vacuum cleaner in the world, using the wrong attachment could make the difference between a headache and an effortless clean.

With Miele vacuums from Think Vacuums, you will be able to make an investment in a powerful vacuum that delivers impressive results. You’ll also find that you can clean in any situation, whether you are removing dust from corners, or vacuuming the upholstery on your furniture.

Choosing the Right Wand

Miele Vacuum WandsWhen you buy Miele Vacuums you will receive all the basic accessories to clean your home. However, in some cases, you may find that you want a replacement wand to make cleaning easier. Wands come in different lengths, allowing you to find comfort depending on your height, and you will get better reach or more maneuverability, depending on whether you want a small or long wand.

Miele vacuum wands are made from sturdy metal that reduces static buildup. These are known as non-electric wands. They connect to unpowered attachments, such as air-powered heads that are used for heavy duty cleaning. Miele wands are friction-fit, meaning that you simply need to push them into place to safely attach them to your vacuum hose.

The three available sizes are:

  • 16” – 26” Telescoping Wand

  • 24” – 38” Telescoping Wand

  • 24” – 41” Telescoping Wand

Longer Miele vacuum wands can be incredibly useful for cleaning tall ceilings in large homes. If you use your vacuum primarily in a car or for upholstery cleaning, then a smaller wand will typically be more suitable.

Attachments for Miele Vacuums

Do you want your vacuum to be more versatile, and able to clean almost any surface? Choosing the right attachments will help you to get the most from your investment. Whether you need small attachments for specialty cleaning or even Miele electric powerheads, you’ll find a great selection at Think Vacuums.

One example is the Miele flexible universal brush. This brush has a swiveling neck so that you can easily get your vacuum to clean in hard to reach corners. The bristles are perfect for dusting, especially around bookshelves, mantle pieces, window sills, and other difficult areas. You can also use a Miele vacuums flexible brush to clean hard to reach fan blades. Combine a brush with telescoping Miele vacuum wands to reach almost any area in your home.

Mattress cleaning tools, bristle brushes, crevice tools, and small heads for radiators and blinds are also available. A handheld turbo brush or mini turbo brush could be used for cleaning car seats and other upholstery with hard to reach crevices. For cleaning car and home upholstery, Miele vacuums accessories are essential.

Powerful Home Cleaning with a Large Turbo Brush

If you really want to have the most powerful cleaning in your home and get the most out of your Miele Vacuum, then you can take a look at Miele Air Driven Powerheads. These powerheads include rotating roller brushes that are powered by the suction of the vacuum, providing twice the cleaning potential without using a powered accessory.

There are models for S2000 – 8000 series canister vacuums, as well as S500 – 600 series canister vacuums. When you own a Miele product, the range of available accessories will impress you. Your investment will get better over time, and you can easily mix, match, and replace accessories as your cleaning needs change.

Get All of Your Miele Vacuums Accessories at Think Vacuums

Get the most out of your vacuum with high-quality Miele Parts from Think Vacuums. We offer a range of filters, accessory cases, bags, small attachments, powered and non-powered turbo heads, and Miele vacuum wands and hoses.

With the best accessories, you’ll find that your investment in Miele is even more valuable, giving you the right tools for any cleaning job.