Sebo Vs. Miele – All That You Need To Know

Sebo vs Miele-Compare German vacuum cleaner brandsAre you planning to order a vacuum cleaner and have two options – Miele or SEBO? You'll be in a great place to make your decision after reading this analysis. SEBO and Miele are among Germany's best vacuum cleaner brands. SEBO produces its products in Germany and is known for manufacturing the best pet vacuum cleaners on the market. 

Miele sells a more extensive range of appliances as well as vacuum cleaners. There are parallels and variations in the product selection of the two firms. For instance, both brands sell only bagged vacuums. However, the Miele vacuum bags offer more extended warranty periods than Sebo vacuum bags.

Weight of Vacuum Cleaners

People generally equate Miele vs. SEBO for the canister vacuum cleaners. Canister vacuums are the most common type of vacuum cleaners manufactured by both brands. Canister vacuums are known to be lighter and a little more efficient. Weight is an essential issue when working with a vacuum cleaner. You need to push or drag the appliance along with you in the whole vacuuming process. Canister vacuums for SEBO and vacuums are as follows:

SEBO D4 Airbelt first 

 This appliance weighs just 15.9 pounds, so it's not too heavy for a heavy-duty canister. It's easy for most people to shift the model around and maneuver it as per their vacuuming needs.

Uniq Canister Vacuum Cleaner 

 A popular Miele model weighs 28.2 pounds, a sharp distinction between the two brands. This, however, does not impede its work and is very reliable.

So if we equate SEBO and Miele in terms of weight in the case of a canister vacuum, SEBO wins and would thus be a better alternative.

Quality of Vacuum Cleaner

SEBO uses s-class hospital-grade air filtration devicesBoth brands have come a long way and have continually grown and come up with the most appropriate solution to the grooming problems. Over time, both brands have increased their consistency. Having said that, while both are similarly complex in terms of quality, Miele is a little overvalued for that quality. Still, often consumers believe it's not worth the investment when they could have the same quality product at a lower initial and long-term cost.

Vacuum Cleaner Filtration

Filtration is another relevant point to remember. Both brands use various approaches, which will thus be an essential point to assess each vacuum cleaner accurately on the scale of your particular needs. Miele is famous for the HEPA filters eliminating up to 99.97% of air pollutants.

On the other side, SEBO uses s-class hospital-grade air filtration devices. This multi-layer filtration device will eliminate up to 99.9 percent of contaminants down to 0.3 microns in surrounding air without the need for HEPA filters. This helps cold and clean airflow through the motor, thus raising the average life expectancy of the SEBO vacuum cleaner. Suction Power of Vacuum Cleaner

The six suction control settings of the Miele canisters are labeled with a pictogram that aids in a quiet activity. SEBO's suction control settings are found on the hose handle there, making it impossible for people to guess which rate is optimal on a specific surface. Some SEBOs do not have different settings; for example, SEBO D4 Airbelt is equipped with one adjusting set with a +/-switch.

Operating Radius of Vacuum Cleaner

The SEBO Airbelt D has a cleaning area of 52 feet in comparison to 37 feet from Miele. The Miele vacuuming range radius is 29 to 36 ft. So here, SEBO takes the lead since you could clean up more room with less energy.

Cost of Purchase and Maintenance

The cost of SEBO vacuum bags and filters is about half that of MieleBoth brands sell durable vacuum cleaners that will last for decades. These machines are known to be something of an investment. The initial cost of the two types is more significant. Comparing SEBO D4 Airbelt with Miele Uniq in terms of price, SEBO emerges victorious in both initial and long-term costs. 

Initial Expense 

Miele Uniq costs $1500, no matter where you purchase it, and is much more costly than SEBO D4's $899.

Maintenance Cost

The cost of SEBO vacuum bags and filters is about half that of Miele. The operation cost of SEBO is even smaller than that of Miele. The explanation for this is the basic structure in the design of SEBO vacuums. The design of SEBO is optimized to conveniently service and maintain. At the same time, Miele needs an approved service center due to its complicated nature. For instance, SEBO cord repairs can be performed easily at home.

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