Which Canister Vacuum Is Best For Cleaning Your Home between Sebo Vs Miele?

Best German cordless vacuumSpace vacuuming could be thorough, particularly if you have a subpar cleaner. Put in assorted flooring materials like carpet, hardwood, and tile it becomes obvious that you need a versatile, easy-to-use canister cleaner. In this guide, we’ll show you two of our favorite canister models: Miele C2 and Sebo 9679. Both are fine, but we need a champion, so on to the Miele vs. Sebo.

Commodity contrast between Miele and Sebo

Miele C2 canister vacuum review. There is something about the very effective canister vacuum. These vacuums are easy to move around a home and generally come with a large hose you could use to sweep up high and surfaces.

Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Cleaner Review

Sebo vs Miele canister vacuumMiele C2 canister vacuum review It's really the product's second version, and there are many adjustments when trying to compare Miele C1 vs C2.

I appreciate the fact it has a really svelte structure which also packs a very ergonomic carry handle. As well, the handle itself is easy to handle and would not slip while vacuuming.

It not only packs in an effective 1,200-watt engine, but it also has a six-stage rotating selector for vacuum fine-tuning.

The Miele also has an AirClean filter which works nearly as well as a HEPA, and the suction does a fantastic job collecting pet hair and even big particles. Miele packed in two attachments, and the star has a smooth attachment.

It also has a bag with nearly five-quarters dirt and dust particles capacity. This is a tiny vacuum, so it's often called the Miele Ergonomic C2.

This attachment, the extra-large hardwood flooring tool of the SBB 400-3, is developed for floors with tougher texture and assists the Miele C2 vacuum clean deeply.


· The ergonomic handle facilitates mobility

· The C2 is relatively lightweight.

· It has a six-stage rotary selector and built-in tool storage

· Miele vacuum C2 has a powerful suction level 


· Its suction capacity diminishes with time

· There's no complete HEPA filtration.

·  It is incredible on floors but on the high-pile carpet.

Sebo 9679AM Airbelt K2 Vacuum Analysis

Sebo also fitted the 9679 AM with a 20-foot cable that you'll find handy to hit multiple rooms without disconnecting.

Sebo canister vacuum cleanerSebo is a German company that's designed to be durable and long-lasting. The brand is small and strong; it really reaches surfaces and cleans intensely.

When this cleaner model is moved, it would be easy to carry as it only weighs around 12 ounces

This Sebo vacuum cleaner can even let you know when a clog or the bag is loaded.  It's really convenient for those that do not want complications

Miele is ergonomic, but it does not mean the Sebo does not even have a decent feeling of stability during use.

The tool is rather ergonomically shaped and it's fantastic. The individual vacuuming often has access to various onboard equipment during use to handle different household floors. Once you are done for the day, the cable detaches completely into the 9679AM body hence you may put it away without creating a hazardous situation.

Sebo vs miele redditThe vacuum feature on this machine has a flow of 120 cubic feet per minute, which is very efficient compared to other current vacuums.


· Cable is really long to assist clean several rooms.

· At 12 pounds, this is a light vacuum cleaner

· This vacuum has a clog and full bag indication

· The Sebo Airbelt K3 also has three tools to assist combat crevasses and different floors


· Most Sebo vacuum reports say it does not do a decent job removing large particles

· No Sebo vacuum sections are especially suitable for pet fur.

· Hard to vacuum the heavier carpet. 

Which Should You Choose between Miele Vs Sebo: 

So, you are not sure what is better for you? In the roundup between the Miele C2 vacuum and Sebo canister vacuum, the Miele is in several important categories. It manages pet fur even easier and has stronger suction.

Although both are excellent choices, whether you have hardwood floors or want some serious cleaning force, the Miele can't really go wrong. Even, if you want a lightweight vac with lots of cabling, pick the Sebo. Here at Think Vacuum we have both of these and you only need to call us today and we will assist you to make the right choice. Please call 1-800-322-2965 and we will help you.

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