Upgrading Miele from a Turbo Powerhead to an Electric Powerhead

Miele canister vacuums are designed to clean your home or business effectively. In fact, these highly-recommended units maintain a clean atmosphere and are great for removing pet hair, dust, dirt, grime, and other elements. At Think Vacuums, we are proud to feature Miele vacuums at affordable prices. This includes canister vacs, along with both turbo powerheads and electric powerhead units. Canister vacuums are great for any home or business, as they ensure optimal power and suction. You also get a variety of cleaning nozzles to make your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning easier and time-efficient.

Whether for hardwood floors, rugs, carpets or literally any surface, Miele is synonymous with dependable performance. Here are some of the benefits of Miele canister vacuums for the home or office.

The Benefits of Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Every Miele vacuum comes equipped with two essential pieces: the vacuum unit and the hose. The vacuum unit has a filtration system, along with an engine and dust bags. The unit also has wheels to make it easier to move around for effective cleaning. The hose ends in a wand, which can easily be attached to different cleaning nozzles. These include:
  • Crevice tools that get into small cracks and corners for optimal cleaning.
  • Upholstery tools great for vacuuming couches and other fabric-based furniture.
  • Pet hair tools to trap and remove any canine or feline hair.
  • Dusting brushes that pick up and eliminate dust, grime, and dirt on floors or other surfaces.

Upgrading from Turbo to Electric Powerheads

Miele VacuumsThere are several benefits of upgrading your Miele unit from a turbo powerhead to an electric powerhead. Turbo powerheads do have some helpful qualities such as the ability to fit into most wands and swiveling necks for better mobility and maneuverability. These features make them great for cleaning between upholstery and around corners. Turbo air-driven powerheads are designed for optimal performance, quieter operation, and superior cleaning abilities. With this in mind, why upgrade to an electric powerhead?
Professionals in the vacuum industry consider electric powerheads as the “Porsche” of central vacuum power heads. They consistently rank higher in performance, because of their deep cleaning ability, user-friendly features, and little to no maintenance requirements. Electric powerheads are also designed to work on low, medium or deep pile carpets with true ease. Similarly, they can easily transition from bare hardwood floors to other surfaces at the flip of the switch. These high-quality powerheads continue to receive great reviews and can truly help you get the most out of your Miele canister vacuum unit.

More Benefits of Electric Powerheads

Miele electric powerheads can expand the reach and cleaning power of your unit. In fact, if you currently have a canister vacuum with a standard size head, you should consider upgrading to a wider electric powerhead for faster, efficient, and easier cleaning. Larger powerheads clean floors with less effort while making bigger passes with each stroke. This saves valuable time – especially when it comes to cleaning more extensive homes or businesses with a lot of square footage. At ThinkVacuums.com, we stand by all our Miele products and guarantee their performance. This is why Miele remains one of the top vacuum cleaning systems in the world today.

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