Why Miele Vacuums Are Highly Innovative Cleaning Machines

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that is efficient and innovative in its technology and accessories? A Miele upright or canister model will do an effective job for all your home, office, or business cleaning needs. Many models are available to fit your specific cleaning situations that are easy to use and maintain.

These vacuums have Vortex technology that is so powerful they have airflow suction of more than 100km/h. Even the finest dust and dirt particles are picked up to leave sparkling-clean floors and upholstery, and thefiltration system is so advanced it keeps those fine dust particles from escaping into the air when you empty the machine. Additionally, the ComfortClean function is hygienic and self-cleaning to please even the most discriminate user.

Some models let you adjust the suctioning power with a rotary dial on the body or a remote control to meet the needs of various floor surfaces. The Blizzard CX1 Comfort model has an on and off option as well as a suction adjustment right on the handle, and the cat and dog model has an innovative and effective TurboBrush for removing pet hair and lint from carpets and rugs.

If all that sounds like a lot, hold on because that's not all! Every model is put through rigorous testing before being shipped from the factory to dealers, and each vacuum's housing, motor, and accessories have enduring quality for reliability and durability. Watch this short video to see why Miele vacuums are so popular around the world.

Why Customers Like Miele

Miele vacuums are one of the best vacuums in the world and carry rock-solid warranties to assure you of their performance. Current customers are enjoying these benefits, and so can you:

  • Choose your model from a wide variety of vacuums
  • Special features are available that add to their effectiveness
  • A large assortment of tools and attachments make cleaning easier
  • All models have advanced air filtration systems that clean the air better
  • Customers like the high-quality hoses, floor brushes, wands, bags, belts, and filters
  • Models are made especially for dog and cat owners
  • Parts and accessories for discontinued models are available

Miele vacuum cleaners are made to the highest standards in the industry to give you many years of problem-free use. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes and high-quality materials are used to create durable and effective machines. You simply can't go wrong with a Miele for any size home or cleaning purpose.

Upright Models Are the Standard

Upright models have been around for decades and are considered the standard for household use. They are easy to store and come in smaller sizes and shapes. Additionally, uprights provide a wider cleaning area than canister vacuums. These vacuums are ideal for cleaning deep, plush carpets with their powerful motors.  Users frequently tell us they find them lightweight and convenient to carry.

Uprights have large bags that hold a lot of dust and dirt without any spill-over. Fewer maintenance requirements and lower prices than canister vacuums make them even more appealing. A Miele upright vacuum is a wise choice for any home.

Canister Models Are Increasing in Popularity

Canister vacuums come with attachments and tools that make it easy to clean all types of floors. An assortment of accessories is available to make cleaning furniture, curtains, stairways, blinds, ceiling fans, and tight corners almost effortless. You can even get under furniture and around difficult corners that upright models just can't reach.

Another benefit of a Miele canister is that it is quieter and won't bother your ears like an upright. You also need only move the wand and attachment or powerhead around instead of the entire vacuum. Their motors are powerful enough to pick up the tiniest particles from any surface. Both bagged, and bagless models of canister vacuum are available from our vast inventory.

If You Already Have a Miele, Do You Need Parts or Accessories?

We stock the right accessories and attachments for any current or discontinued Miele model:

  • All types of floor brushes and tools
  • Handheld turbo brushes
  • Radiator and crevice tools
  • Mattress tools and dusting brushes
  • Hoses, bags, filters, and more

Also, you can count on us to conduct a search to find hard-to-get items for older models.

Reviews of This Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Check out the top-rated Miele upright and canister vacuums here. You won't find a poorly rated model in any online review because they are among the highest quality machine made today. Miele vacuums are the machines of the future for all home and office cleaning needs.

We Have the Model to Meet Your Needs

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