Miele Canister Vacuum Buying Guide

What is the difference between C2 and C3 Miele vacuum?If you have asthma or allergies, your vacuum cleaner can either be your worst enemy or your best friend. You’re thinking about purchasing a Miele HEPA vacuum cleaner, but you’re not certain which model is ideal for you.

Our Miele Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide applies here. In the guide, you’ll find a complete breakdown of aspects that permit you to match the features you want in a vacuum cleaner with the correct set of Miele models to pick from. When you buy a Miele canister vacuum cleaner from us, you can rest assured that you’ll get the most allergy-friendly cleaner available. 

The Miele Canister Vacuum Series

There are four basic series or lines of Miele vacuums. Of the four, three are canisters, and one is the upright line. Here’s a quick outline of each series.

Complete C3 Canisters: These are the best Miele canister vacuum cleaners. They normally come with HEPA filtration and features you won’t find in the other product lines. They are host to some of the most common Miele’s available but all come with a higher initial cost than the others. They are also the biggest of the three canister lines vacs. To see a comprehensive breakdown of this line, visit our website.

Compact C2 Canisters: These are a midsize canister, and consequently, they take a somewhat smaller dust bag and have no HEPA filter (non-compulsory, so can be topped to any C2 model). Additionally, this means that the price point is below that of the C3 models. Similar to the C3’s, they are very noiseless but are lighter in weight. 

Classic C1 Canisters: This was formerly known as S2.It is the most elementary of the Miele canister vacuum cleaners. Whereas their size is nearer to the C3 line, they all have no sealed system, and the only ones available come typical with a HEPA filter (non-compulsory for all). They do not have the sound insulation of the others, however, liken them to any other product of canister and they’re still noiseless. The capacity of the C1 is the same as that of the C1, but the value point is the finest among all canisters. 

Dynamic U1 Uprights: Previously known as S7. With this model, you get all of the advantages of an upright cleaner with the features and power common to a Miele canister. The uncomplicated way to think of these vacuum cleaners is as a top canister changed into an upright make. The prices differ fairly broadly based on the model but they have the biggest dust bags and general cleaning range of any Miele series.

Miele Filtration: Why are they the Best Allergy Vacuums?

Which is the best Miele vacuum cleaner to buy?According to recent studies, vacuum-cleaning with a typical vacuum cleaner normally raises the number of allergens in the atmosphere. Instead of taking them away, most vacuums take tiny allergens that are on the flooring and are in the carpet then redistribute them back into the air you inhale as you vacuum. 

On top of that, most typical vacuums do not have the capacity to trap allergens. A paper dust bag is sadly insufficient, and HEPA filters of meager quality can fool you into trusting that your home is cleaner than what your vacuum is essentially delivering. Even those fortified with HEPA filters frequently fail miserably at this job. We do endorse vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, but in addition to that, vacuums with a sealed structure and certified HEPA filter.

All Miele canister vacuums consist of self-sealing, hygienic, Intensive Clean, or Air Clean dust bags to assist you in avoiding exposure to allergens. The AirClean products use a spring-loaded fold to seal the filter bag as you remove or change it while the Intensive Clean sequence uses a slide to cover the opening and capture allergens.

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