TurboCat Powerheads

 TurboCat Vacuum Powerheads by Vacuflo

The powerhead is the part of your vacuum cleaner system that delivers suction power to the hose. The innovative VACUFLO powerheads are designed with an exclusive low-profile design with smooth airflow edges, allowing them to easily maneuver under furniture, in tight spaces, and close to walls. This allows for better overall cleaning performance than competitive systems with bulky housings that push the dirt around. Rewrite this sentence so it talks about how these features help them clean instead of what they can't do.

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 Most Popular TurboCats by Vacuflo


Red Powerhead

TurboCat Pro

#1 Air Driven Powerhead

The next generation of the Turbocat® Series has just arrived! Engineered with exciting HOT NEW FEATURES and CANDY APPLE RED STYLISH PROFILE the Turbocat Pro was also designed with exclusive Z-tech technology. What makes the Turbocat so popular? Simply put millions and millions of consumers have been satisfied. New and improved and over 60% more powerful than its closest competitor’s air-driven turbo nozzle, nothing cleans deeper and faster than the Turbocat Pro. Lighter in weight and equipped with a low profile design the Turbocat Pro provides easy to use operation.

The TurboCat Pro Turbine Powerhead is engineered with the exclusive Z-Tech, low profile design and is ideal for the regeneration of carpets. This powerhead is ultra-quiet and is more powerful than other turbine powerheads in the market today. It features a flexible brush roller and supplementary air intake valve, the TurboCat Pro is ideally equipped for optimal cleaning on many different carpet types. 

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TurboCat TP-210

Comes in Black or White

Turbocat TP210 Air-Driven Powerhead in White (8695)The Turbocat TP210 is a sleek and powerful air-driven turbine carpet attachment that uses the suction power of your central vacuum to provide a deep, detailed clean for your desired space. The Turbocats high-speed turbine harnesses the suction power of the central vacuum then begins to spin at a high RPM, the rotation of the turbine with the suction of the vacuum generates the airflow needed to produce exceptionally clean.

With its DeepSweep brush roller, the Turbocat TP210 effectively agitates the carpeting bringing all dust, dirt, and debris to the surface. The bristles of the brush roller are designed and placed on the roller assembly to enhance cleaning performance by separating carpet fibers. The TP210 also uses an ultra-durable cogged belt providing continual performance that surpasses the conventional flat belts. The Turbocat TP210s low profile design allows this turbo nozzle to be extremely maneuverable and versatile. The T shape of TP210 by Turbocat allows for the nozzle to make its way around furniture and molding with ease, and its 13" inch cleaning path lets you vacuum larger areas in half the time. The Turbocat TP210 is by far one of the most reliable air-driven central vacuum carpet nozzles on the market.

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TurboCat Zoom Blue Sapphire

Manufactured to increase cleaning performance, the Turbocat Zoom has a sleek, low profile perfect for reaching under tables, beds, and other furniture. The Turbocat Zoom is also very light, making it easy for the user to maneuver while cleaning. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Turbocat Zoom Powerhead Information 4 Star Rated.

Turbocat Zoom is a powerhead that comes equipped with easy-glide front wheels which help maneuver around corners and tight spots much easier. Dirt and dust particles can't hide anymore! With its sleek new design, the Turbocat Zoom was created to go under many places like your bed, tables, chairs, dressers, and even under your kitchen cabinets. Run-Silent Bearing Isolators cover the powerhead to reduce the vibration and make cleaning much quieter. The Turbocat Zoom does not require any additional power cords, batteries, or electricity. Installation could not be easier and any homeowner can operate this powerhead. 

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